Cancer and Virgo..what to do neext??!!

  • Basically I'm a Cancer and the guy I love is a Virgo. We've dated (courted never bf gf title) for about 9 months then he says he needs to fix himself emotionally and doesn't want to hurt me in the midst of it all. Okay cool. So basically we've been keeping in touch still and so I asked if wed start back up again (waaaaay after the break which was in December) and he replied that he doesn't know he wants me in his future but he doesn't know if as just a friend or a wife. What should I do leave him be or just stay where I am technically I'm waiting but I still have options. I read some of these forums where women waited years and he never came around. Also I read an article stating that the person need to show the Virgo that he is ready for a relationship and for one with that person is that true? Do I really need to find a way to show him that his feelings for me should be allowed to grow? And if so how? Because honestly knowing how Virgo men are he likes me a lot or really cares about me because his feelings still haven't changed. I'm just trying to figure what my next step should be

  • Do not wait. Go on with your life. I assure you, if he decides he wants you in his life romantically, he WILL pursue you. With these guys sometimes they need to lose you to appreciate you. Sucks yes, they definitely play by their own set of rules.

  • This is not about you, it's about your friend not being able to handle his feelings for you, being out of touch with dealing with them. That's why he's not sure how he feels about you or if he thinks of you as a lover or just a friend. Leave him alone because your presence confuses him. Go about your life as normal and, if you meet someone else, then the Virgoan has learnt that he 'snoozed and he losed'. You should never put your life on hold for someone who promises you nothing but expects you to wait while he sorts himself out.

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