Feel hopeless.. need guidance please

  • I hate myself and the bad people I attract in my life. I try to compensate for my self-hatred by accumulating material goods, but at the end of the day I feel just as empty and hopeless, clutching on my material things that can never bring me comfort. I'm getting older and feel useless, and fear I will never advance in my career, get married or find a genuine partner who will accept me for who I am and not for their pleasure or "arm candy". I feel my beauty is the only thing I have, and I feel it is fading and when it's gone, no one will want to stick around for my personality. I want to change my life, but I feel so weak and helpless. I just want to know... what can I expect to come and what are the steps I need to take to change my life for the better.

  • I Am no expert but I'll give you my two cents. The first thing you have to do is LOVE YOURSELF, If you do not love yourself you will always feel unworthy. You are 'BELOVED." by GOD, UNCONDITIONALLY! He/She does not care what you did, what happend to you, what you may/ or may not allowed to happen. Self worth is the first step. Write down where you think these thoughts stem from? Child hood?

    The things you buy will never compensate for loving yourself. Remember all of life is choices and thoughts, your thoughts create your reality, If you think you will never reach where you want to be in life, then you won't. It's all a choice, CHOOSE JOY, BE THANKFUL FOR ALL THE GOOD IN YOUR LIFE AND FOCUS ON IT. Remember it can always be worse, we always don't get what we want until we learn the lesson we are supposed to learn so we feel stuck and the cycle continues. Change your attitude, thoughts and your life will change, try it.

    I'm getting older too and you to be Hot stuff I think I still am, If you loved yourself you won't care what anyone else thinks and do you want someone to love you for yourself r to have Superficial Love that won't last anyway. The clock is ticking, it's time to appreciate what you have now!

    I send you love and light and pray that you find the real you, try Meditation it will change your life and your outlook. Forgive yourself and Love yourself.

    Take Care!

  • P.S. As you start loving yourself you will stop attracting bad guys and be careful about who you ALLOW in your life. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • Hi Dmick!



  • P.S. I'll shut up now, forgive everyone who has ever hurt you it is such a healing!

  • Dear Poetic,,,, If you in a heartfelt way forgive the many peoples who have hurt you and many others along the way,,, in their voyage on this earth and you have made many attempts to reconcile each and every time and now they are back in your life with their controlling evil ways again. I am actually speaking of family members who seem to always try to bring me to their level They have a way of making you feel " THAT YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH " I have a terminally ill brother ,he is presently in her home, She has control of all things and is constantly wanting to fight with me.I have a small simple home, I live a simplistic life, I am concentrating daily on being Enlightened and totally feeling a strong sense of SPIRITUALITY coming over me for some time now. I absolutelly LOVE THE FEELING. I am really not wanted in her home and of course I am saddened by the fact that my brother is there so HOW DO I HANDLE THIS SITUATION . I am speaking of a sister , and brother-in-law, many many things they do is dishonest, manipulative, distructive,cruel verbuly,,,, and criminal and violence. They have survived and done finacially well with all I have told you. I feel as if their home is an evil place and I often have left there wishing I had never gone as I am crying , very upset with how I am treated and what I see. I have other siblings and they feel the same although they do not know that I have been concentrating on my enlightenment ,and they would not be interested,,, Can you offer any suggestions to help me in my situation.I would be so grateful.

    P.S. We are all seniors....I am feeling very sad today about my brother as he has no knowledge of what is really going on.

  • I am still waiting for some guidance from any one who feels they can advise me I probably should have started my own post . I AM JUST NOT THINKING CLEAR TODAY. BUT I AM STILL HOPEFUL.

  • leinda,

    i totally agree with poetic, you first have to start by loving yourself, believing you deserve the best, bieng the best, your karma will atract what u send out, the law of the universe, what u reap is what u saw, i am delighted to hear you say you are moving forward spiritually, i am also a senior, i am sixty four, and every day, is anew experience, every day i learn something new for life is a school, and even from the young we learn i have a grandson who is eighteen he teaches me at times, sometimes i teach him, i suggest not to long ago, the captain release four different articules all based on the laws of the universe, if you are interested in reading them just click under her name and it will show you her topics, i personally learn alot more frmom these articules, which come from a spirtual book, and believe it you need to forgive, we allow things to happen in our lives, we must forgive our selves and others, and then move on,

    enjoy the years you have ahead of you, for we are on borrow time, and life is the greatest gift the universe has given us, just the joy of looking at the freshness of the world or the smile of a baby gives great joy, live, enjoy, and reward yourself with bieng happy, each and every second of your life,


  • True and beautiful words Ramonita, I love your words, they always move me so much. You are a gift, we all have something to contribute whether we know/realize it or not. Sometimes just our presence can change the energy in a room.

    Leinida- The first thing is that WE can not change other people, they are who they are and have THEIR own lessons to learn and if they don't learn them, the cycle will continue for them. I've learned to "Detach" from them Mentally, surround yourself always in a ball of light, don't own their drama, forgive them anyway, try not to judge them. I know for me the biggest trials come from your own family members, I was just reading the Aquarian Gospels of Christ yesterday, and he could never get any kind of recognition from the people who knew him best.

    There is that worthy thing again: NOT GOOD ENOUGH! NOT ONLY ARE YOU GOOD ENOUGH, YOU ARE LOVED UNCONDITIONALLY! For me that is most hugest gift in the Universe! Who can judge me, NOT MAN. They cannot bring you to their level unless you ALLOW them to. Don't give your power away, they can't do anything unless you allow them to, I live with someone who I believe is a troubled soul, several personalities, I am the most forgiving person that I know, doesn't me sometimes the pushed buttons won't get a retaliation, we are not perfect, but we know better, inside. I totally withdraw when I see/feel the negative vibes, I don't even hear him. Know one can tell you who or what you are, only you know that. YOU have all the power over your SELF. The next time they start at you, That Feeling as you saw withdraw, "DETACH." Don't let that negative energy grow, could be a test, a test I know you can overcome.

    I'm praying for your brother he knows more than you think he does "Soul Wise." Can you leave?

    Maybe you are there to give them light, lead by example, say you know I'm not going to participate in any drama and detach from it, they will get the point. Sometimes it's good to let them know how you feel about they way they make you feel.

    I have relatives who are intent on destruction, pain and suffering, all I can do is pray for them and their souls, In your mind Imagine ArchAngels Sword of Lights and Flames and cut away all the cords that are attached to you, every time we have any type of Negative Interactions, feelings etc, Cords attach to our bodies and theirs that ties you together, mentally cut those cords, invoke the Angels to help you and they will and believe that it is already done.

    One of my relatives and I will never have a good relationship, I like you have tried over and over and I'm done trying, I pray for her and her soul, but I release her to God, I'm not the savior, I will always love her but she is beyond my help, gotta know when to let go, do what's best for you, sometimes you have to be selfish to save your own self, ask God for help.

    When I went threw my period of purging and forgiving and trust me the list may have not been short, including the men who molested me, forgiving my mother, so many issues, I wrote it all down, forgave and released them and set it on fire and asked God to take it from me and Poof it is gone.

    We are here to learn lessons and as we learn them we grow spiritually and otherwise. Think about what is the lesson in this, grow from it and move on.

    Know that you are worthy! Never give your power away to anyone. This too shall pass, don't it always?? I'm here anytime for anyone.

    Invite Peace, Love and Light into your being and life constantly. It works, BELIEVE!

  • Excuse my bad grammar I'm always rushing! I send you love, light and Peace. Ask for help and help will come! "Be Still."

  • Archangel Michael and the Swords of Light

    Both the Standard and the Ultimate Swords are directly connected with the Archangel Michael the Guardian Overlord of the Angelic Host, the Elemental Kingdom and the Humanity. From the original creation of the Swords of Light, Archangel Michael has guided the evolution of these instruments for his work. These swords are charged with the subtle healing energy of Archangel Michael.

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    He shall not fold his Cosmic Wings about him to return home until the final Angelic Being is freed, the last man is redeemed and the last Elemental returned to its perfect state. This is the love of Lord Michael.

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  • Unfortunately the only thing you can do is take some time work on you. I used to feel this way. All men saw when they looked at me was a pretty face and nice body. I discovered the first thing I had to do was stop living for what the world thought of me and live for myself. It was incredibly hard to do but it gets easier when you reach rock bottom and you have no where else to go but up. I wish you the best of luck but trust me a man isn't the answer to this problem. I didn't date for almost two until I felt I was emotionally in the right place. The best investment you can make is in yourself (not materially) but emotionally take the time put in the work and it will get better. Honestly from where I was 3 years ago to where I am today its literally like 2 different people. I wake up everyday feeling so blessed and beyond happy. I wish you the best of luck. This isn't psychic advice but I've been there I know what it is like.

  • Dear Poetic Thank You for all your blessed Enlightenment, I have overcome the situation with the help of prayer and meditation ,,,but your thoughtful words and concern for my temporary loss of my own convictions about Earth's School,,,, Wisdom , Knowledge, which brings forth,, LOVE FORGIVENESS,PATIENCE,, Well I veered off my path for a day and now I am back on track .

    IT FEELS SO GOOD and I am very grateful for your response to me . When I think of our Creator I take a huge breath and I breathe HIM IN . Leinida

  • ๐Ÿ™‚ We all have times of doubt, self or otherwise.

  • Well firstly, all of the comments you've received here are correct: You need to love yourself and appreciate yourself and all you have achieved, both materially and otherwise.

    Secondly, I feel that you have received many compliments and encouragement for your looks, with little said about who lives inside of that facade. Take a look at what your parents praised in you. Half the time, what was said to a child sticks like mud and scars for life. I'm not accusing them of being the reason why you feel you have become so superficial, but it could be a contributing factor.

    You have some real depth in you, otherwise you wouldn't be posting this! I have a strange suggestion which may help to a degree: If you don't have a pet, get one! This will offer you unconditional love and might start to open your heart up to what it truly desires: love without strings or conditions.

    Now lastly, I can see you benefiting from letting go of some of the work commitments you have, and you have many if my senses are correct. Then move into doing something voluntary or creative or both! Visit aged care facilities; spread some joy there. Believe it or not, beauty will always make an old person smile, so use it to some advantage and you will receive so many smiles, good feelings and appreciation, that you won't believe it. Tell them stories, listen to theirs, and you will find someone amongst the elderly who went through what you are now.

    You have lived everyone else's life thus far; this is why you are jacking up and saying "no". You want more out of life, and that is fair enough. You have forgotten to stop and smell the roses, as that adage goes. Take a holiday, wear trackpants and sloppy shirts for a while. Loosen up. Accept your NATURAL beauty instead of the painted face the world has been seeing.

    You owe this to yourself; no-one else. You have given and given until you have nothing left. What the?? I hear you say! Yes, you have given. You have given by maintaining that beautiful, but fake, facade for all to enjoy. Except you. Take off the make-up, look at the face looking back at you and see if it really is that bad it needs to be covered up. I bet it isn't.

    I sense a beautiful soul in you; one struggling to be seen and released. Let your true self out, and even if sometimes it scares you to do so, you will slowly develop into the person you are meant to be.

    And by the way: you will ALWAYS be beautiful, so long as you allow yourself to BE.

    I reckon if we met, I'd want to be your friend. You have so many beautiful aspects to your soul and personality that I'm picking up here.

    And no, you don't have to sell your material things! You've worked hard for that, so keep it all, give away what you really don't want, and enjoy!

    Good on you for reaching out. This is how things truly begin.

    Good luck to you my friend ๐Ÿ™‚



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