• I'm currently having issues with this girl who says she's my best friend. But she's dating this guy who dosen't like me and has said very mean things to me before. I don't know what I should do. I want to keep her around,because we've been friends for almost 7 years. And I don't know where everything is going to go. Should I just let go or keep her around?

  • Your friend is torn between pleasing this guy and being your friend. I don't see her resolving the issue while she is with him, so it may be best to put some distance between you. I don't feel she will be with this guy for long and she will probably want to be friends again with you after it's over. You will have to decide if you want such a 'fair-weather' friend in your life. After all, the true test of friendship is how you stick by your girl friends even when you have a boyfriend.

  • Thank you Captain. This did help alot.:) I will be making a choice about weither I still want to be her friend or not. She's seeming to try and come back and talk to me more,but I don't believe things will ever be like they were.

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