Wes Annac: The Pleiadian High Council: The Gifting of Technology and Revelations

  • The Pleiadian High Council: The Gifting of Technology and Revelations – Part 1/2

    Wes Annac, via email, Aug. 2, 2012

    Our consciousness and the consciousness of the craft in which many of us take home, are quite linked. We have built our craft in our Divine image and imparted upon it the consciousness that sees it able to perform many duties without our Guidance. We have not programmed our ships to do the jobs which are needed throughout our endeavors in helping the Earth, rather we work with our technology to produce the results that we desire.

    Upon entering and getting used to flying our craft, you all will become much better able to understand the effect that each and every thought and impression will have upon the direction and intention of the craft and where the craft will be headed.

    A very key part of our initial landings and giving of technology will be letting you dear souls try out flying around in our craft. This will be coordinated in a safe manner as it is understood [by us] that you will be familiarizing yourselves with such craft, and this will be done in a way that will ensure no crashes or destruction as you familiarize yourselves with our craft and the general way that they operate, as well as the fact that they are genuine consciousness which will respond to your thoughts and impressions.

    For example, one who is feeling and holding negative emotions within would not resonate with the energies of our craft, and our craft would likely wish to be removed from the vicinity of the individual based on the sheer energy and emotion that the individual would be bringing forth.

    This is because our craft are much like us, in that they are ascended fifth dimensional souls who do not resonate with the lower dimensions. We say not to worry of angry souls affecting our craft in negative way upon our giving of such craft to you, because [by the time the crafts are given] the overall collective energies would have vastly grown away from such lower densities and negativity that would hurt our craft, energetically and emotionally as well as directionally.

    You will be introduced to our craft in a way that is not too overwhelming, and we will first have our craft set to what you would best understand as the ‘autopilot’ feature whenever allowing you to test them out.

    By this we mean that we will not at first be giving you the features of the craft which will immediately respond to every thought and impression that you give, as much of humanity has not yet Mastered their emotions and impressions enough to be able to handle the sensitive and rapid nature in which our craft respond.

    Though the Light quotient will again, be much purer upon our showing of our craft to you and our allowing you to fly around with our craft, it will still be important to ensure safety as many will still be undergoing the most intense phases of their ascension processes as you are all exposed to truths and revelations that will change you and bring you away from your former third dimensional Lives.

    We anticipate already, the willingness in many of you to fly around in our craft and we can feel that this anticipation is being felt as many absorb this communication. We say that the showing and giving of our craft will be one very small facet of the technology and revelations alike that will be given.

    You are to be given portable, handheld free-energy devices which will also respond to the thoughts and impressions given. There will be an easy process of adjusting and integrating your own personal energies into this technology, in the same manner that we integrate our energies into the consciousness of the craft which we Create.

    We note that many of you Love personalizing and stylizing your cell phones and your various other handheld technology, in ways that show your specific signatures. We say that our technology will [allow] the ultimate form of your doing this, as you will literally be working with this technology by funneling an aspect of your own consciousness within it.

    Upon finishing this process, you will find your technology responding immediately to the thoughts, feelings and impressions that you give out, and you will find that as it is imbued and endowed with your energy, it will instantly know your favorite places of travel among many other things, and will be able to transport you to such places.

    Methods of transport with our technology are far from sparse.

    We are going to offer you a very wide range of ways to make your travels, including stargate technology that could be considered quite ancient in the face of other technology. There will be the stargate option for those specifically interested in stargates, and there will be the option for one to own a craft which one will increasingly become used to as one’s personal energy is endowed more and more within such craft, and there will be as well the handheld, free-energy based technology that will be given to all and that will itself be a fragment and aspect of your overall soul-consciousness.

    This device which has been discussed before, will enable you to make holographic or video phone calls, will allow you an instantaneous travel with [built in] technology similar to that of the stargate, and will be able to do a plethora of other things that the ego-limits of our scribe are simply not allowing us to explain, due to the sheer difference in reality that such features are and will bring.

    Your perceptions are to be shattered in bold ways that are to see your realities expanded exponentially, and the giving of our technology will fill you with the very same Lighted and free energy that our presence upon your surface is to bring.

    You have been following updates on the ongoing financial situation on your world, and you have long heard of the temporary new financial system that is in place for during and after the fall of your current system, which has been based only in debt and in a feeding of the elites as they have given themselves gross sums of money by manipulating this former system.

    We expect difficulty to be very small and short-lasting, but how events play out specifically in relation to the fall of your current financial system and the implementation of the new, temporary one, will depend on how the collective of humanity reacts when greeted with such issues.

    Many have made the call for you dear, beautiful incarnate Lightworkers to do all that you can to quell the fear and chaos that could be garnered in the immediate period ahead amongst the unawakened populace, as we intend for one truth and perceived ‘leak’ to cause a cascade of truth and Light. What we mean by this is that we intend for one strong, intense event that is going to get the collective’s attention, and as this attention is garnered we intend to use the manifestation of such an event to segway into the many truths of what has been done on your world.

    The fabled announcements will be ongoing for some time and while there have been many planned broadcasts and discussions, both pre-taped and live as things are being explained, we cannot go into specifics at this time about the nature of these discussions or how they are to be presented and brought about, as the events surrounding the announcements and the methods in which we are bringing them about must be kept in secrecy at this time.

    This is why you have not heard much talk [as of late] from channeled sources on the actual commencement and planning of the announcements, as they are a small and needed facet of your overall awakening and collective enlightenment and while they are important, they must be kept in secrecy at this moment as we explain instead very many other angles and facets of the giving of truths and technology to your world.

    (Continued in Part 2)

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