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  • Thanx Istaria and Paddifluff!

    As an Aquarian we build our walls and don't let those who are not worthy (in our prospective) past a certain emotional barrier. At a very young age I could see her interaction with others and quickly know I would not let her to far with me, protecting myself. But my Cancer moon keeps begging for her approval. I am in a constant battle fearing to become this vulnerable.

    I know if I understand her better I will feel better. Thank you for confirming this! I love getting help from others that understand ☺

  • Paddifluff...thank you for that. I do think that is pretty acurate. We do have a pretty strong friend connection with a very strong attraction. Don't know if it progress any further. Take it as it comes lol.

    it is still so new, so we will see.

    I do like reading what everyone posts about taurus and their traits etc. This helps me learn more about a sign I know very little about.

    Thank you all for sharing!

    blessings of spirit be with you!

  • Sagi, the "Here goes anything goes"thread on Anything Goes is riddled with us bulls and might provide you with some valuable insights!!

  • Thank you 🙂

  • Im a scorpion who has a taurean boyfriend he is possibly the most laid back man i have ever met, we share a lot of the same traits which is cool. but i admit at times i get frustrated with his inability to discuss his emotions, he will only admit that he loves me and wont speak about anything else. For me i think patience and perserverance is a must with this man as i dont want to loose him he is the sexiest man i have ever met xxxx

  • Hi ! Taurus here, a youthfully chaleneged one, 2nd of 5 siblings (3 brothers, 2 are pisces,1 a cap., and a sister , a year and 5days younger. Oldest brother a pisces (my hero) myself and sister inthe middle. We are born of 2 pisces parents, Dad was the authority figure and had a sense of humor that we all share. I was his rebel as I've known a lot like him, pisces asc. aquri moon.I was his comic and used to ask me to imitate our favorite comedians for his friends. Did it for him, even being self-concious. I had 4 kids, a Leo son, a Gem. daughter, adopted at 2 mos(pased 1 1/2 yrs ago), a Taurus, the an Aquari. I see myself in all my daughters and even know my son's Pisces moon. I have 11 G.Kids and remember all their 3 signs. I have been an Astrology buff for yrs. and it really helps a lot when on has something to begin with knowing their strengths an weeknesses. I have been a foster parent for 12 yrs. now and pretty much peg these kids to start with. I usually rememberpeople by their signs and sometmes forget thei names. Being a Taurus takes a long time to grow up.(for me anyway). I deffinately know my sense of humor has kept me going, and I get talking with my girls and sister andwe can laugh to tears. There is a lot of talent in our big family with singing and seemed o gt even stronger through to the G.Kids. I am a lot more flexible the past years, love animals,my 19 yr. oldcat lets me live with him, have hd many animals over the years a love the beauty in nature, I have sketched portraits and painted, write and can pretty much grasp any thing I try if it is hands on , both hands work well, I am deffinately comfortable alone, but my door is always open. I am still in the process of writing my Numerrology that interests me more. I can build a lamp, change a tire, drive crcles around my brothers as my nephews tell me, but do not know a darn thing about how this ' Tech Monster ' works at all. Although I do NOT quit until I finish learning something. That's where the Taurus comes in and I do have thoughs abou throwing things out the window when they do not work right. I a awidow as of 07' , 8 yrs. to a Cap. Alone for12 yrs. after a 25 yr. marriage to a Sag. Both were a real trip. I don't thing some me can put up with independent women, even when they get the love a true Taurus can give. As you can see, I enjoy writing. Thanks for the time if you've read this, keep smiling . : )

  • Taurus mom here, I have an Aquri daughter and can't get enough of her, she has a 9 and 8 yr old, she delights me with her airy spacinous andhere laugh when I say, " earth to


    I seem to think that she may have forgotten how to let someone in----even you, is their some way to reach her, as in letting her know that you won't reject her attemt to try to show love to you.

    Just a thought, as I do feel bad when families are not close, and do feel your need, hang in there, people do care.

  • I just joined the form discussing the traits of a Taurus. Well check this out for good news I am a Taurus woman, my 6 year old son is a Taurus as well, my mother and my little sister all are TAURUSES. I love my sign; and I have no problems with it, although I have had relationship problems with men because they say I am overly serious when I should lighten up more and be a kid, I exclaim NO!! I feel like stability, security and honesty, plus faithfulness is what makes me a WOMAN, A TAURUS WOMAN. I am strongly opinionated though I don't have many bright ideas on any one thing, but I will be there to play the part that tangibleness to the realtionship. Now I have been dating a Libra man whose from Nigeria, boy! boy! it is a lot to talk about there. Just know it is not easy because they are waivering, indecisive signs, who can never make their minds us. I love everything about him only because I see his heart is like me when it comes to working, and taking care of the important details, bills, groceries, and the like. He is very determined like myself though he is the money maker in the household serving in the Military Iraq at I speak. I have been faithful to him every since I have met and begin a love story with him. But I am confused because I have this feeling of insecurity which TAURUS WOMEN AND MEN have that overshadows our relationship and I accuse him of cheating on me everyday and it is bothering me and him. This is been going on for some time. Like I want to be with him even marry him, but he is getting to the point where he is ready to walk if I don't stop accusing him without proof. But as A TAURUS woman I have strong physchic instiutions that gives me feelings he is cheating. Remember we are distant, he is in Iraq until June 11' and I am in Saint Louis now. I need some advice from A Libra female or Taurus male. On what I need to do to keep my love strong and lasting. Thank You!


  • I am a libra female with moon in libra and sun in aquarius. I am seeing a taurus man who has been waiting for me to decide that I become his girlfriend. When I asked him what he thinks about relationships, he said he doesnt want something serious. I said ok. But his actions speaks otherwise I guess? I dont know Im confused. Because he wants to see me everyday, expresses that he find me endlessly interesting, has began talking to his friends and parents about me, would spill to me all his deep unusual thoughts and beliefs, has told me his not so good childhood and life experiences, and would fall like a baby in my arms when we start to kiss. We havent had sex yet so he would drag me at any secret corner he sees and we make out to let go of that passionate animal in him. I am testing his patience. There are times too that he will just hold my hand and not say anything like he is in outer space. He is still a mystery to me and I like him in a magnetic, unexplained way. When I finally say yes to him (to become his gf), what kind of girlfriend will I be to him, I mean for real? Will he become the loyal taurus, or the bad taurus who will just walk away once he find someone else more interesting? An insight from a taurus will defnitely help. Thanks 😃

  • @Prettybox05: I have dated a libra man for a long, long time, and sadly they do cheat when their egos are hurt. Well not all of them but the libra man I dated cheated out of frustration about something. I discovered and told him how stupid and immature he was. Instead of fixing the problem, he just took a break from cheating and when back to the players field months later. So from the start do not bruise their ego. Be gentle to them if you need to confront about something. Maybe things would not turn to worse if gentle words replace harsh, angry fights. And one sure thing I have proven to stop a libra man from cheating (if they really love you) is break up with them and make them feel you mean serious business. When they love someone so much and realized they have lost that person, they come back to their senses full of remorse and will never ever cheat on you again...ever!

  • 04/24...not sure time...have been reading others comments. Now my life seems to make a bit more sense. The love of my life is a scorpio, he was also a married man, what a mess!! I am a loner, mosty of my choice because I have no tolerence of close minded ppl. Anything to do with the outside, that where you will find me, even if it just sitting in the sun, with mind somewhere else.. My dream would be to have enough $$ to travel at a snail pace. I have been divorce for 8yrs, & cannot imagine being married again, just like to do my own thing, whether its staying in bed all day (lazy side of taurus) or drive 2 hrs to get something to eat. I don't like to be bored, so I make everything I do a adventure. I also have a knowing, and ppl think I am a snob, but I totally not, just don't like gossip, & these ppl world is all about things & status, I don't care what ppl think of me, maybe thats why they think I a snob. I am a hard worker, trustworthy, and when I love someone they know their loved. Yes I am very stubborn but only when I'm right, & I do listen to others, & have changed my mind. In other words have all the Taurus traits good or bad, but I do love being me!! Now loving a Scorpio man is a whole other story, but the sex is the best I have ever had, I'm thinking probably ever will...but he is married & now can no longer have sex, the chemistry is still there...but sometime the stuff that come out of his mouth blows my mind...I think (just me) ! could write lots more but enough for now! T

  • im a libra woman married for 9 years to a taurus man.. it has been a roller coaster ride... but after reading some post here.. i understand a bit better... my husband loves me and wants to leave me all in the same day!!!!!!..... during our marriage every time theres conflict he resorts to "this marriage doesn't work, i think we should separate"... he has a dooms day outlook on things when he is in the negative... and he doesn't shake that attitude easy....whats up with that??? he has never actually left, but has me living in insecurity hell for weeks..... as a libra we will avoid conflict as much as possible, but once u push us to the edge we go and never comeback.... it takes sooo much for me to make a decision, that believe me , once i do its cause i know its the best.... now, having said that , let me tell you im head over heels inlove with my husband.. i just need to understand better this hot cold thing that he has going...

  • Hi, I'm sagittarius male, Rising is Libra, Moon in Aries, Mercury in Sagittarius, Venus in Scorpio, and Mars in Capricorm.

    I would like to know if I'm compatible with Taurus Women, if any of you guys have experinces with Sagittarius - Taurus relationship, boyfriend - girlfriend, or husband and wife, please share.

    Especially what are the things / quality in your partner that make you get attracted to each other, and if something bad happen in your relationship, like the ups and downs, how do you guys take care of it / to solved it, thank you.

  • Taurus males, please give me some advice! I am desperately in love with my Taurean guy. It had been a 6 month passionate love affair (i am libra female) .We loved each other so much. It has been long distance and difficult due to other factors, and now I am free to move foward with him, he has broken all contact with me. This has happened before, but I won him back with persistence & declarations of love & understanding. Now he has done it again, but it feels more final this time. I am not willing to let him go without a fight. It has been 3 weeks since he txt me not to contact him anymore. Please, if there's anyone out there who can give me a clue how to get into his heart again, I would so appreciate it. He is the most sensitive man I have ever met, hurts very deeply, wants to avoid pain & stress, I know but... he is moody & depressive, and suffers from epilepsy, when he is high he's so wonderful. I would see him through anything.I am heartbroken. this man rules my hear & rocked my world. Should I persist, or just leave him alone now, I know I can't force him, rush him, change his mind, but he loved me with a passion up to quite recently.Last time he told me 'you have me hook, line & sinker' It's that hot & cold thing. What IS that all about? Is he likely to contact me ever again?, I didn't hurt him, it was just complicated. I would rather have some contact with him as a friend than nothing at all. He's unique. But his traits are certainly true to other Taureans. Thanks so much..if I could just understand and ease things along....

  • A Taurus party? Where's the keg--the food--the music? My Taurus traits? Artistic, articulate, intuitive, a brick house, work horse. Do not rush me--ever! Passionate to the max but feet planted firmly on terra firma. Love the garden--can grow even the saddest thing back to health. A builder with strong shoulders sturdy legs. Endurance--fast learner. Impatient when it comes to cutting through the "bull". A shopping Goddess. Will hunt down the best bargain like nobody else! Temper? Slow but yes lethal---choose my battles so you folks who think we are too quiet at times it's to keep from saying something too sharp so we say nothing. Children magnet. Sensual--we feel it all. Love the best of life--apreciate perfection but have no patience with hotey totey bull--keep it real. Animal lover--always room for pets--specially dogs! Excellent cook. Always redecorating or building in the house. Home is sacred! Need my space. Need my peace. Did I say never push? Unless it's for our own good as yes stuborn is as stuborn does and change can be scary. The balance, I am fearless. A leader. A Poet. An artist. A musician. Follow the beat of my own drum. Not easily led astray by fads or hype---so again for you folks who find us slow at times we are being cautiouse. Slow to make a descion? Sometimes, specially if we feel others thinking for us--it will send us into silent retreat--phone off the hook. Jelouse? Not unless you truely give me a reason--but who would dare be that crazy? Possesive? Somewhat--love my favourite things! Do not move them! Still, things are things--hate hoarding of any kind. Believe in apreciation--gratefulness and taking care of beautiful things. Spiritual, Psychic, Healer. Blessed!

  • A taurus party im up for that ,

    My taurus traits are , i am a warmhearted , kind and loving person , i am trustworthy and loyal to my family and friends , i am easy going it takes alot to get me angry , i have to really be pushed to the limit to lose it .I am down to earth and practical like the suit of Pentacles in the tarot. On the down side i am easily offended and take things to heart, and i am a grudge bearer i never forget a being wrong done by and occaisionally the green eyed monster does tend to rear its ugly head , but as for being stubborn i dont honestly think i possess this trait , though my husband thinks otherwise . I enjoy every minute of being a mother , but i also enjoy spending time in my own company now and then .I am a homebody i dont like to travel much, basically i am petrified of anything that moves .


  • I have read and am still reading all of these comments. I hear all about the character traits of Taurus people..what I , as a Libra woman long to hear MOST, is about the Taurus in relationships/LOVE. How do you like for them to start, progress, endure and possibly end? We want to know what warms your heart and starts your juices to flowing...set your mind adrift about your mate or love interest. Please share ❤

  • I'm a sun Taurus, moon Cancer, mercury Gemini, venus Taurus, mars Cancer, jupiter Gemini.

    I tend to fall in love quickly, and easily if the person is (astrologically) compatible with me. I find it ideal to start a romantic relationship as friends. I like to know from the getgo where I stand with a person, whether we're official, and what we consider right and wrong in the relationship. I'm highly unsatisfied by one night stands and casual relationships.

    The most important things in a relationship for me are honesty, open communication, loyalty, and trust. If any of those things are missing, the relationship crumbles. I love manly men, especially facial hair. I happen to be dating a taurus man, and it's pretty ideal since I know all about being a taurus and therefore can relate to his persona.

  • I'm a Taurus

    Born April 22nd

    I am a walking contradiction.

    I'm shy, secretive, private and introverted...but can be very vocal and opinionated when defending my loved ones, speaking on the injustices of the world, when I feel like I am being bullsh*tted, controlled, or pushed in making a decision!

    Yes. I hate to be rushed.

    I am hilariously funny, but at times can appear very standoffish.

    I'm generous to a fault.

    I love to cook...and nurture...and nuture...and nurture.

    Relationships bring out the best in me, but at times, because I'm distrustful, I can keep those at arms length.

    I'm very sexual. Yes. It's bad...very over the top. I crave physical contact. Hugs, kisses, and lots of PDA! I'm a very sensual person, and love the energy that sex brings.

    A man has to be a man. Yes, I still do support traditional roles. I'm old-fashioned.

    I crave financial security. I will avoid pursuing a relationship unless I am financially secured. Yes. This means acquiring my OWN money. Not his!

    Aquarians, although we're not compatible...totally get me!

    I love to look nice, dress nice, and smell nice.

    I love to paint, draw, and collect beautiful things.

    I'm a homebody.

    Don't get me wrong, I love to go out, but it has to be some place appropriate and respectable, jazz festivals, art shows, fashion shows, games, hiking, running, dancing, and etc.

    No clubs. No drinking .....or drama.

    My man is MY MAN! Yes, I am possessive, and find no problem marking my territory. His lips, kiss, and d**k is mine....MINE MINE MINE! LOL!

  • Are all Taureans struggling with work and careers.?

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