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  • @kbl, you would just be a rebound, so unless you'd be content with that, dont bother just yet.

    i watched my taurus ex move from girl to girl after me, but he was still really in love wit me. i knew this because the minute i would go soft on him, he would come to me at a drop of a hat.

    Even if my intentions were only to be friends.

    How long were they together for ? i personally dont think you should unless you don't mind a quick fling.

  • ** so sorry for all my typos, its so annoying but im too lazy to backspace !! 😞

  • Makes sense, I'll keep it in mind. They were together for 3 years, I never thought they would actually break up to be was the longest relationship he's ever had so yeah it makes sense to give it a while like you said.

    Thank you, it definitely helps to have someone talk some sense into me at times lol!

  • the best medicine-forgive and forget instantly all hurts done by both parties to each other/misunderstandings.the older should lead an example to the young.

    stop acting&dramas.go to him and love him, take care of him.stop neglecting him.NOW


  • ask your lover personally wat to do..NOW!

    NEVER be apart from your lover EVER!

  • hope people gets it not go for pisces by the way..scary//

  • "NEVER be apart from your lover EVER! "

    Jeeez, solitude doesnt kill, every so often.

    You've got to be comfortable in your own company first, before expecting someone else to remain comfortable in yours.

  • I'm fairly typical for a Taurus. I'm involved in the arts as a painter/mixed media artist. I also teach art as a career. And I'm a singer, too! And food? Hell, yes! I love to cook AND eat. I love nature, so hiking, camping, and beach trips are tops on my list of things to do.

    My moon in Aquarius helps me create art that is "out there" and spirtually-based. And my Leo ascendant gives me the courage to perform music on stage, as well as a very outgoing personality. I'm quite happy with this combination. 🙂

  • o.m.g I am married to a cancer, and let me tell you it has been the most dificult thig I have ever had to do!!!!! it's like having an extra child, i always say I have two kids my daughter and my husband! l.o.l. but that isn't the half of it. with it bieing the year of the tiger and my also bieing a monkie my life has been a living hell!!! an dthats no joke!


  • I need to it the general opinion that Sag's and Taurus do not go together well?

    I met a hot Taurus man (I am friends with his brother and his brothers wife), and while he is sexy I was attracted to his goofy side and he seemed very down to earth. We enjoyed each others company a lot but he lives across the country and may be moving back here within the next year. We exchanged #'s and text occasionally.

    I admit that I know very little about Taurus and never really dated one or had Taurus friends that I know of...

    Any insight that anyone can provide would be much welcome.

    Thanks all.

  • @yuyu78 i'm a Taurus involved with a Pisces at the moment, and yes, it has its challenges but i wouldn't change it for the world. i love my little sensitive fish.

  • Me !! I am a Taurus !! I can be stubborn and flexible at the same time !! lol Actually, i usually cave, and then let everyone come to their senses !! lol

    That's all for now....

  • Hello 🙂 I started dating a Taurus around 3 months ago, we seemed to have an instant connection, and was all going well, we flirted and teased and two weeks ago even sharded a bath together, thats something I have never done with a man before, that weekend seemed great, then I texted him on the sunday, to say I enjoyed our time together and... well and nothing, I texted later in week still no reply, I went up to seem him at the weekend and he had flu, I asked him how he was and why he had not replied, and he stunned me out the blue wit saying he did not know what he wanted or what he wanted to do regarding us. I left him to it and texted him a few days later, he told me to come over to see him. I did this and he was very cold almost towards me. And again, he blocked me out, I left it a week this time, and sent him a text this morning asking how we went from having a bath together and seemingly enjoying each others company to this, he as yet not replied, but that in its self does not surprise me as Taureans are well known for taking thier merry time over things, but im at a loss as to what to think regarding us, if we had fallen out or had arguments I would of understood the complete turnaround, but nothing like that happend. Do I walk away and consider it finshed or is there more to this than I can see. I like him a lot and want to give him time but at the same time I do not want to turn in to a bunny boiler and pester him, so do I walk or wait?

  • " so do I walk or wait?"

    I would walk....

  • It makes me sad to think I finally meet someone I can at last feel comfotable with and fate as other ideas, I think deep down I knew I would have to walk, but it is still a wrench to do.


  • The universe has other ideas because it knows what is best for you.

    Trust the universe. there is always a reason for everything and the reason makes sense after a while.

    There is someone else out there for you, someone who will make you very happy.

  • I would like ask a question......

    I am an Aquarian. My mother a Taurus. Our relationship is always something that has bothered me.

    I know she has feelings for me, but I feel she is so judgmental. I can't think of one time in my life that she has said she was proud of something I have done or who I have become. She rarely states that she loves me either. Every thing from what my kids wear to how I decorate is judged. And her comments are rarely positive. She is not "giving to me" or sympathetic to my hardships. She had the same hardships in life and lived through them so is so cold in her suggestions like "Well I was divorced with 2 kids too and I was 10 years younger". Is this supposed to be inspiring? She will help a stranger a the drop of a hat but make me suffer. I don't expect the world, just want a mom.

    Is this typical for a Taurus? Do they seem to distance themselves from their children? Push them away emotionally?

  • Hi fellow bulls, nice to be here!

    Aqua I would say no it is not typical for a taurean to be like that, they (me) are really very maternal and family especially children is usually number 1. It is difficult to cut the threads to let our little babes out to venture on their own. I guess your mum suffered some serious traumas in her own life that make it impossible for her to be openly emotional. Taureans are really open and like straight talk so why don't you ask her. My youngest is an aquarian and I hope we never have too many problems though I am sure she will go through her "you hate me and I hate you" phase.

  • Saqiqueen, just had to reply! I had a saggi boyfriend before I met my husband and I swear I was in absolute awe of his beauty. He was like an adonis. He was/is also a very very wonderful person. But he wanted to travel, to move about, we were very good friends but he never really let me inside his heart. But my word did he have the body of a god (lol). I have read that taureans and saggis compliment eachothers' sense of humour but for me they are no-gos.

  • Hello Aqua,

    My Mum was a leo and was much the same as your mum, I am an aquarius also, she treated me much the same as your mum did, looking back now, I think her motives was not because she did not love me, but because she did. My mun being a leo was a very strong and often opinated woman. She found it very hard to say I love you and like your mum found it easier to express things to strangers than to her children. I used to think she hated me. But as time went on I think she had been through so much heartache she wanted to make us so strong that we could face anything, and that strentgh came in to play later in our lives, without it I would not be where I am today.

    I have children of mine own two of which are twins Aquarian girls, I do tell them I am proud of them and that I love them, I also balance it out with allowing them to make mistakes without me stepping in to give them a balance of both, something I wish my mum had done.

    Sadly my mum passed away 3 years ago but happily I understood her a lot more by then, and now I would give anything to here her voice no matter what came out her mouth. I miss her oppinated remarks more than I thought I ever would. And shamefully when I look back on what she used to say I have to admit she was often right than wrong.

    Sometimes parents tell us what we need to hear, not so much of what we want to hear, I finally understood that in the end.

    I would do as the other person said, try and talk to her with out agressisson or pre-conceived second gussing of what you think she might say and listern allow her to talk before you jump in.

    I wish you the best and I hope you sort it out. x

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