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  • I am a Virgo in a relationship with a Taurus/Gemini cusped male. It's interesting, a lot of the descriptions of the Taurean temper don't really apply to him, because his Gemini side softens that. But stubborn? Good Lord, talk about an immovable object. Then again, so am I, so we just sit stubbornly and sweetly together. 🙂

  • I'm a Taurean female in pursuit of an Aquarian male and I feel like I'm on a damn roller-coaster.

    So I'm feeling your pain. : )

  • thats really interesting that YOU'RE the one feeling as if you're on a roller coaster. Our situation is in opposite form (I'm the female aquarian) I wonder if he feels that way about me thing's for sure it can definitely be frustrating and I lack terribly in the patience department.

  • I've never found that Taurus men were lazy... typically they are good workers... usually the more practical type though.

  • I'm a taurus old gal of 70.........I've always been lazy.....but since my pisces husband of 32 yrs died,I'm not only lazy but depressed and don't want to get out of bed.He was ill since 1992,and I was his caregiver.It got very bad the last few yrs.He was in a Nursing Home for his last year and I felt so guilty for having to place him there.I visited every other day, But on the day he died,I was signing in at reception.He died of pneumonia and Parkinson"s like desease. He was 82 and couldn't walk....I just can't(or won't)do any housework.and hardley leave the house except for church or when my sister makes me come 0ut.I have a very good Son who has moved back home and does everything for me.He is 50 and does not think he will ever marry.He has lots of friends and likes his job.He's a Virgo and I hope I'm not holding him back. I've usually been a positive person,and my friends don't understand how I turned into a hermit,but I have.

  • i have one very bad experience with a taurus man. He was a stalker i initially thought was a friend.

    And i recently dated a taurus not for very long as he turned out to be a bit of a magician.. the card i pulled when we were dating and it turned out to be true.. little trickster. I' m steering clear of them now 😞 and am trying my luck with a scorpio.....

    pisces Kez x

  • Taurus men or people with experiences,

    why are taurus men always being hot and cold? When they're 'hot' towards you, they're all passionate.. makes you feel so loved and really, it's so easy to fall for a men like that. But when they're cold, i don't even know if he is alive or not?

    I know how Taurus people are, loyal and sensitive all.. But i just don't get why they're appear fickle minded to people who have to receive them. It's driving me nuts, i think all day long what exactly does he want. I even wanted to break all contact with him, but then he appears being all charismatic again.

    Is it simply the contrast of the hunger of wanting a emotionally close relationship and the fear of being hurt?

    Help please.. i've been seeing others asking this question around, but can't seem to find an answer.

    Thanks guys..


  • I'm a cancer, (for the taurus wondering how to deal with them),I get what your saying, I like to think I'm more nurturing then not, I've yet to meet another cancer I click with, if their hard to deal with or complain a lot they may not even realize their doing it, just hypersensitve, especially if they feel like theyv'e had a hard way to go, I always responded well to taurus' approach, mabe they will too.

  • Hello, I am virgo, in a relationship with someone similar to you. I don't understand all of his traits, insight would be helpful. I would like more communication or is this a bad match. Hope you can help.

  • I'm a Taurus and I don't have the patience of a Taurus though.

    I'm the least patient person I know.

    If I want something or want something done,I want it yesterday not today.

    I'm not lazy cause I live with 2 lazy ppl so if I don't get things done,it won't get done.

    I'm a Taurus with a Cancer rising and Pieces moon.

    I'm 1 moody

    I'm stubborn to a point. I find other signs more stubborn then me.

    Like Sags,Aquarians and Gemini's.I find them more stubborn then me.

  • Male Taurus/Aquarius/Aquarius here-

    Caycayenne -

    In general, those with Taurus influence need constant reassurance that everything is “ok” and their love is/will be received equally. If they don’t have that absolute trust in the partner they will lock themselves away for fear of getting hurt. A Taurian who has gotten his feelings hurt in the past quickly learns to keep things inside until he’s good and ready, which can be a long, long time. Honest communication is the key to getting through to him, but in a way that doesn’t feel imposing – it’s a fine line you have to walk when coaxing the bull.

    Also, the sun sign is only a fraction of a person’s essence. Along with other natal influences, external factors i.e., environment, social upbringing and the fact that he’s a man contribute greatly to the personality. My guess is that, assuming there are no other significant external negative factors and/or fears in your relationship, he’s probably as confused about as you are about him.

  • I'm a Taurus.

    My ex is a Cancer.

    I don't see how you think we click.

    I mean, we never argued but he was just so hard to deal with. He is the type to never talk about himself so I had to come up with something to talk about. After a year and three months it just got tiring so we broke it off. I did fall in love with him though and I did want a future with him.

  • As a Gemini, I too have been involved with a Taurean Man for 12+ years. Met 32 years ago in college and reunited while doing research at the school he was teaching.

    Whenever, I do not want to continue the relationship, he wants to keep it going.

    I wonder what it would take for this Taurus to realize we are destined to be together?

    We are both extremely passionate individuals, many similarities, far too many to mention.

    I have both moon and venus in Taurus and he has venus in Gemini. We mesh like nothing I have ever experienced and/or seen before. Moving on with my life without him and vice versa is something neither one of us can imagine. What worries me is stumbling upon someone new and when he realizes what he has lost, well, lets just say that is a scenerio I would not want to be a part of.

    Is this a mystery I will take with me to my next life or will I unearth this man's soul before it is too late? All responses welcome. thank you for your thoughts

  • Hello,

    Im a female Taurus April 21, but i cant say im typical, im shy and very in my own world when it comes to my thoughts and feelings but my wrath when ive had enough is feirce. I hate not being in a relationship but wont be taken for a fool. Im very easy going but like my routines so much so people seem to think i have OCD. Ive had 4 relations with Scorpio males, one i married/divorced, way too intense for me too many mind games, i have also found piceces and aries a satisfying match but a Taurean male i can not abide the mess even tho im not tidy im clean and organised. At the moment im close to a Libra male but apparently were not a compatible match, was wondering if anyone else has had relations with a libra, how did it go? Also how do you go about finding out what your acsending and rising signs are, lots of you mention moons in differing signs ect?

  • Hello Tauruseans!!

    I am a Virgo & my man is a Taurus. We are soulmates/He has always called us "2 peas in a pod" from day one. He is very wonderful most of the time. He is very loyal, caring, supportive, he is my rock & pillar of strength. He is a quiet person, but when he does socialize he is very funny. He is a intellilectual person, he is very handsome & active. But when he has his horns come out he is VERY set in his ways, there is NO changing his mind. He can also seem lazy, but I feel that he is not a go-getter, he does it in his own snail pace. I have not seem his true anger & I don't think that I want to. He got up-set a few times & that was enough. He is a X-semi pro foot-ball player, so he is a big dude. So I wouldn't press him, but to me he is a big teddy bear, he is also like a little boy which to me is very charming.

    I would like to know from other Tauruseans how to get him out of his bad mood. Also how to make him move faster in a business sense. We have started a home business which he said he was in 100% w/me & he seems not very motivated in it. How do I motivate him??

  • As a Taurus man...I can safely say..that a Taurus will hang on to a relationship even if it is in it's dying throes.Taureans aren't good with change and need to be less posessive. And watch out if you anger us...cos we'll charge like the proverbial bull. Of all the signs..we're the most probably stems from insecurity...we expect alot from a person ...if we give 50%...we expect 50% in return. We're very devoted in a relationship....but I'd say underneath all that masculine sensuality..we're quite fearful...but then not all Taurus guys are totally alike and I think upbringing has alot to do with particular personality traits/beliefs etc etc. If you wanna get your man out of a bad mood...make him laugh and let him know how petty he's being...any "awakened" man will realise the futility of being in a bad mood...and failing that....if he's a typical Taurean and sex always work !!!!

    Good luck !!

  • I'm a Taurus man !!!! Although I'd say I'm really in touch with my feminine side and not a cliched boof head.

    I hate to admit this...but I think Taurus men are quite insecure...why else would they be: fearful of change,love routine, be extremely jealous and posessive and very stubborn...

    I think they just need to know that they are loved...I know that sounds kinda lame...but I reckon it's true !!

  • Wow I posted above about rising signs, have found out im Virgo rising and Aries moon. I have read about Virgo and realise I am probably more Virgo than Taurean which explains quite a bit, although some of the strong Taurean traits always ripple to the surface, Jealousy, stubborness and the love of expensive, materialistic items. I am now on a quest to understand myself a bit more.

  • I woulda thought a Taurus and a Leo a bad match...I wouldn't "go there" with a Leo !!

    Sorry !

  • Wise words indeed !!

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