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  • It seems funny to me in all my years of dating I have always seemed to pick capricorns or libra's ,I have had good relations with some and awfully bad with others.Two long term (7 years & 4 years)with cap's with the same birthday for crying out loud!I'm not sure why i'm always attracted to the very needy capricorns but it's the way it is.Right now I have one(cap.) and he is the most miserable man i've ever been with!I am so giving and feel others pain,while he could care less about the human kind.I love nature and even have rescued mesquito's out of my shower,why should they die,because i built my house there?I know it's a bit extreme but i don't understand why this capricorn is so negative?When we met 4 years ago I was happy and always smiling,now I feel like i'm dieing inside i don't listen to music anymore so no dancing.I don't have any friends because i moved from out of state and he keeps me tight on a leash,he was so sweet when we first met,I don't know why he's the way he is!Why find someone happy and turn them into a sad ,lonley person,is this what makes cap's happy?I'm very lost from my carefree life I used to have,I was so happy,but i was lonely too!I feel like I was tricked now I have giving everything up for him and I feel stuck!I just want to go back to the nature in Florida and stay with the animals who do there part in life without being told and held back from who and what they are!!!! I Love the freedom of cardinals,my family has always called me the wild flower,but i seem to be wilting fast!

  • Hello all - I'm a true taurus, born may 17...I try to be as simple as possible, but I have an aries rising, that complicates my mind...hahaha,,dont know if im coming or going,but one thing i do know,,is that,,,I am a nature lover to no end...I appreciate everything natural,,and feel in some strange way that I am apart of everything as a whole. from the dirt, grass, trees to the sky. kinda feel a special attachment to all animals, as if I was one myself...I am stubborn, hate confrontation, very slow, methotical, absolutely determined,,and all the other typical traits. I have very few friends, but I like it that way,,,I seem to only be attracted to capricorns, WOW,,,dont know what to say about that one...I just broke up with one yesterday,,,just was sick and tired,,,other signs would have thrown in the towel long ago, but i guess because "we tauruses, are sick with it" LOL,,,it took me forever and a day to realize....I have just met an aries man....Its almost too good to be true,,but then again we are still in the beginning stages...never dated an aries,,,so we will glad i stumbled upon this forum,,,now i know i am not alone....

  • I dont know who is our soulmate,,but since we have our birthdays in common,,,when u find the one, please let me know....cause I dont think that im that difficult to love....

  • OMG,,,this has truely brought goose pimples to my hide !!!!,,,,,thank you for your insight,,please keep on writing...I need to be nurtured,,,I wont say taught, because I too can do without school...hahahaaa...simplicity is my joy to life...

  • Oh Yes,,,I so agree with you...I feel like I wrote your comment....Enjoy

  • I have really enjoyed reading this forum! I am a Taurus woman (May 3), and yes, I have alot in common with all of you other Taurus women here. I have a Sag moon, Cancer ascendant, Venus in Aries, and Mars in Cancer. My personality traits are stubbornness (I mean determination), stick to a project till it's done no matter what, fiercely defend people I care about, stand up for what I believe in and never let anyone change my mind on issues once I have decided how I feel. I LOVE everything sensual, my home must be comfortable and inviting, I am down to earth. I have been told I am very stubborn (again, I mean determined), LOL. I love to smell and look nice and try to make the best of what I have. My bathroom is filled with lotions and perfumes of all kind. Interestingly, several of you mentioned you do not get along with Sag men......I am married to one, LOL. My very first love was a Scorpio, I was married to a wishy washy Libra (bad combo for me), was engaged to another Sag long ago. I totally understand why a Taurus Sag combo can be shaky. In my husband's case, he is right on the cusp of Scorpio/Sag, and possesses both qualities, but I would say he is more Sag.......the bluntness of comments, fiery temper, restlessness, but more in needing a change of environmental scene more than a different woman. In fact, we live apart part of the year so he can pursue his great love of sports in a warm winter climate. I give him his space, and he gives me mine because I am somewhat restless like he is (my moon in Sag). I am very loyal to him and my friends and family, but don't ever betray me too much or I'm done with you. I walked away from a life time friendship (she was a Sag) because this person walked on me once too many times and thought it was ok to yell out whatever she wanted, no matter how hurtful. Once I decide to go, I'm gone forever and will not give you the time of day again. I know that sounds mean on paper, but Taurus natives understand why we do this. One other Taurus quality I have is singing. I love to sing and people have told me I have alot of natural born talent, although I don't always feel it's good enough to warrant those compliments. I feel I could do better, another Taurus trait....perfectionism. I don't have alot of money, but am good with what I do have. I am not always tight, but do love to buy top quality for next to nothing. I have never been one to chase after men, and never had problems finding them, it's just finding the right ones. My current husband and I get along the best of anyone I have been with, and both of us are now in our later years. Signs I have much trouble with are Leo, Aquarius, and some Scorpios (two of my children are Leo and Aquarius), signs I get along great with are Virgo and Capricorn (my other child is a Capricorn). I do feel Taurus men are different in some ways that Taurus women. The Taurus men I know would not be a good match for me. Thanks for reading, and I would love to hear from some May 3 ladies!

  • In response to Deb1980, I love the comment about Taurus being the designated BS detector! You are so right! I can see right through a phony, and have no patience for them. My Sag husband is the same way. I do have alot of patience in other areas, but sometimes get pretty angry when my boiling point is reached. It takes alot to get me there, but if I do, you better leave me alone. I don't like arguing, although my husband says I do. I like to make my point, then get away, LOL. I usually get away to the mall to treat myself to another perfume 🙂 Sag men (and women) think they are smarter than us Taureans, and they are the ones who will argue to the death (my husband should have been an attorney). I only have a very few close friends, as I am also very picky.

  • i just love to see and hear from all my tauruses!!! i'm a taurus born 4/20/81, but i have a scorpio moon. i agree with all of yall. we are great friends, lovers,parents, and of course i do love to shop as well lol! being a taurus women and relationships has been crazy for me, and i think that's for just about for any female taurus. like i mentioned i do have a scorpio moon, and don't know to much about scorpio's, but if anyone out there can give me some input on who and what signs are good for me please reply asap! thanks.

  • Im a gemini and in love with a taurus it interesting because he came to me first then I fell in love in 1989. when he called me again in 2007. I was elated but now he found someone else and left me crushed .Now it intteresting because we both share the trait of stubborness . I'm hoping we will come together again one day crazy huh

  • Hello everyone...I'm pretty new to this but wanted to jump and add my .02 if u will 🙂 I'm an Aquarian female, Jan. 23 and it seems that Taureans are always drawn to me or vice versa. The thing is it never works out. We get along for a while but then things start to spin out of control. The more I read about Taurus/Aquarian relationships the more I realize its most likely a lose lose situation. Is anyone in this type of relationship...could you share your experiences? Again, I'm currently in pursuit of a Taurus and I'm torn.

  • Well. Holy Mother of God. I'm a Taurus, born May 8th. I have been best friends with an Aquarius, born January 22, for 2 1/2 years. Now I don't what it's like for her, but for me it's a tie between utter bliss and utter hell. This relationship will mostly take a lot of work on both of your parts. I often feel that she is too uncaring and self- centered. But she brings out this fun care-free side of me. I also get severely jealous of her. I don't know if that's just me though. I recommend going for it. Because even though she kills me at times, she'll always be like my sister and i'll never forget all of the wild crazy things we tried for the first time together. 😄 What's life without love and loss?

  • Hello waterbearer& coppersauce, finally I see Aquarius with Taurus I went out with him for 6yrs 35 yrs ago and we meet again. At first there was a spark and then a flame and now God please help me cause I don,t know what i am doing,LOL . He is all over the place at times loves nature can be very critical of humans ..I am a humanitarian type. One day He is extremly loving and the next day I am only his friend. Because we are in the in the mid autumn of our lives I figure we should make this work even thou We are so different .what we have in common is artistry, I write lyrics and poetry and he is my mad mozart piano player, this we love about each other.He can go from Hot Chilli pepper to lukewarm baby bath water,if you now what I mean, I am certainly living a life of adventure It feels like a box of chocolates .. YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO GET. ......Leonida

  • Hi, I am Taurus....born 4th May, with Virgo moon and Virgo rising sign. So earth, earth, earth. I'm very down to earth and practical. I would say I am determined rather than stubborn, but if people try to push me I will resist, dig my heels in and often go the other way!!!!! I can be veeeeery patient but at the same time, depending on the situation I can also be impatient!

    I listen to others opinions and take them into account, but I am definitely my own person and I make my own mind up. You can tell me that something is no good for me, but I still need to find that out for myself!!!!!!!

    Being Taurus, I am sensual, am very tactile, it's all about touch/feel and smell for me. I absolutely adore music, it's a huge part of my life, I'm always listening to it......all day every day and I would be devastated without it. Music seems to speak to me, it affects me on so many levels. My perfect day shopping would be out buying books (I LOVE to read), new cd's, perfume and lingerie.

    I am dependable, hard working and if I tell you I will do something I will bend over backwards to make sure I keep my word. One thing that does absolutely drive me insane is people who don't do what they say they will. I definitely have a thing about myself and others keeping their word.

    I love my friends and family and would do anything for them but I like my space. I need time out to recharge and those that know me well, know that I'll disappear for a while when I need to then i'll be back.

    I can't stand fake/false people, snobs or people who think they are better than others because they believe they have a better job/car/house/more money etc etc etc. Those people REALLY get up my nose.

    I am falling for a man who is also Taurus, born 2nd May with Cancer moon and Cancer rising sign and he's eight years younger.

    I love being a Taurus. 🙂

  • OMG! I am born on May 4th as well. I am a taurus with a Gemini moon and a Cap rising, born on May 4th. I'm pretty much a basic Taurus. I LOVE AESTHETIC BEAUTY!! Quality of life and materials mean everything to me. I am very patient, stubborn, laid back but can be very demanding and criticize people if they start to annoy me. I also value my freedom a big deal.

  • I was born on May 20th, I am Taurus/Gemini Cusp. I have a Virgo Moon and Leo rising. I can be extremely stubborn, especially if someone is trying to push me into something that I have not made up my mind on. I can be a bit standoffish until I get to know you, but after that watch I love nature, planting a garden to just walking or sitting outside.I love music, can sing to a certain extent. I love art, Love the feeling of something sensual on my skin or touch. I also love to dance. I can usually detect when someone is trying to BS me or is otherwise untrustworthy. I like being on my own at times, but can also handle being in a group. When I am ready to leave, I go. If someone betrays me,I am done with them. I have no problem walking away. But if it is someone that I care about I will give them another chance to prove themselves to me. But will be expecting the next betrayal. I do have a temper and when it is unleashed it is very explosive. I have a very low BS tolerance. I also can sense things, have vivid dreams that at times show possible events. That is all that I can think of right now.. lol

  • Thanks for your replies coppersauce & leonida...I totally agree that its like a box of chocolates LOL. I've found myself becoming more frustrated with situation because of it tho. Sometimes he seems so aloof (sounds more like aquarian) and it aggravates me. I'm getting to a point where I want to bail. Could it be impatience on my part? The only thing right now that's keeping me put is that when I attempted to let the situation go, he assured me that he's still interested and wants to be with me...if only his actions said the same. When we're together its beautiful, but getting us together can feel like pulling teeth. Argh!

  • Well I am a Taurus as well. May 14th, 1979. After reading threw all these and just by reading up on astrology myself, not all Taurus' are the same. I guess every sign and person has their own interputation of things. I think I am fitting to alot of the characteristics of the Taurus sign.

    Relationship wise from a Taurus....

    I have only had 2 relationships in my life. The first being my first boyfriend ever whom I met at 15 and he was a Taurus as well. Most would say 2 Taurus' together would be impossiable. Not so, He was my best friend, no 2 taurus' are exactly the same. So we were different in all the right areas I guess. We were together just over 12 years and just came to a point where we knew we wanted our lifes to go in different direction. We are still good friends to this day. But all and all we were and would have been better as just best friends. I am now with a capricorn man and I think we compliment each other endlessly. If you have one of those Capricorn men that make you smile so much your face hurts, you have a good one. As he with be the earth to your heaven. As one cannot exsist without the other. I read alot of bad things about a capricorn man, but honestly I think any typical traits of someone astrology related or not will change when you are with the right person. Someone who dosen't open up and share feelings will find themselves doing just that without even a thought if it is the right person. I don't know if we will be together for the rest of our lifes, but no matter what , you hope to and live your life as if it is going to be. I would say anyone looking for a mate and comparing signs, there are alot of truths to some aspects of astrology. But always take into account the person themselves. There should be basic things you expect from anyone no matter there sign. A relationship shouldn't feel like a second job, and if people would pay attention to how their relationship is in the beginning then you can predict how your entire relationship will be. Seems like most people go into a relationship with the idea of how it is going to be, not looking at what it is. Even when most people change who they are to fit who they think they should be to obtain someone. Being fake and untrue to ones self only last for so long and can be seen threw if one looks. I had a brief encounter with a Sagittarius, Would be ok as friends I think, but don't let one fall for a Taurus woman. I myself think they are the two worst possiable signs to even consider a relationship. Just my opinion. Well was just having some me time, up late and bored. That's it for me...

    Miss TinkerTaurus

  • Hello everyone –

    Just an old hippy here –

    I have Sun, Moon, Rising and Mercury in Taurus. I have been married four times…single again.

    I have other earth signs like Capricorn in my Mid-Heaven and Saturn and Mars in Virgo.

    If I can be of help let me know; I am a reader of The Urantia Book since the late 60’s. I template my metaphysical studies in God within and find that the Spirit of Truth within is more than capable discerning what I want to play with via my religion of the “I am” and give the glory and humor to Holy Spirit. Hey – I am here to be happy!! – Whatever works; I have used astrology since ’65. I love it! I also like all the occult because I know how to template it and grab the sanity from the insanity.

    It is an adventure and I have learned that I have great courage to tap that is tempered in reason (Law) and faith that is off the chart, and yet never fails to test my mettle in a way that commands a smile of appreciation for the opportunity to live and love eternally.

    Peace to all:


  • I am a taurus woman, born May 9 and trying to figure out a Aries Man, born April 15. When it's good, it's good! And when it's bad it's bad! We laugh together, have good conversations, he has my opinion on things. Why am I so drawn to this man?! Would love to hear from you!

  • It's me again, like I said before I am a taurus woman, May 9. I was dating a Aries man (April 15) for a year and some change, I love being around him! We both feel, we have alot in common, When its bad it's bad! We laugh together, have good conversations, he ask my opinion on things he is involve with. Through the bad times, and the arguments we have had. I still have deep feeling for him. I never dated a Aires.

    I married a Taurus for 9 yrs, dated a Pisces, he was good for me, he passed last year and a Scorpio,he seem to understand me, he said what he want to say! I learned alot from him. But I'm feeling this Aries Man , he becomes hot and cold. When it's good, it's hotttt! Why are i so drawn to this man? Can anybody tell me? would love to hear from u! Peace!

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