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  • My husbands A cancer,and I am a Taurus. I am stubborn we but heads sometimes.

  • Im a taurus, but i am very outgoing and spontanious. (that must be my rising sign, gemini)

    i love the outdoors

    i am very stubborn sometimes, but i dont hold grudges.

    i am usually attracted to leos? i dont know what it is.

    on the other hand i cannot stand saggitarius. they are just not relyabe and they cheat a lot

    theyre also not very good with money

    i have moon in virgo, which makes me critical of lovers

    taurus basically explains me since i love money and expensive (but cheap to buy) things.

    i love capricorns, leos, and virgos.

    im not to into water signs. but yeah =P


  • I know one; and I can't figure him out at all.......He can't make up his mine! I'm a Taurus, stubborn as hell. When I love, I love with every breath I take, however I can hate the same way I love. There is no in between, it's weather you love me or hate me. I am a very loyal women to anyone in my life, and very emotional. I take everything to heart. I am a one man's WOMAN!!! Because I can get emotionally involved, I cannot date more than 1 guy at a time. This guy is a few years younger and wishes to date other woman. On our 1st date we basically laid out the do's & don't, he understands that I do not tolerate infidelity and this includes dating other people so I asked him to define dating. I wanted him to defined dating, what he consider dating to be. I have been dated him now 6 weeks and we have had our first agrument. Keep in mind we have not been intimate with one another. Somewhere in between this agrument he says; e (U don't want us 2 see other people). I was taken back, and asked where did that come from, and asked him if he was seeing someone else. He exclaimed NO!! because he knew I woulded tolerate it. He claims to have alot of friends, female friends at that. When I questioned if he wants to see/date other woman he never give me a direct answer, when asked what he wants or is looking in me he replys that he cares about me, is interested in getting to know me and respects my feeling and then he jumps into another topic of conversation. Ever time I talk with him he leaves me more confuse than the last conversation. What do I do? I really like this guy and would like to get to know him but he makes it so impossible.

    I'm confused, please HELP!!

  • I'm a taurus, Told I'm stubborn. I think people miss interterput stubborn for strong willed. Yes can be moody at times. Like to have my space at times. Don't need alot of people around me been told I'm a loner. I don't know if other taurus feel this way. My birthday is 4-30 so maybe that has something to due with being this way. Yes I do like nice things. I am a interior designer so my home is furnished very well. I love working in my yard, my yard is an extention of the indoors everything is manacured. Sometimes been told I'm cheap. I would rather due things myself then to hire someone to do it. I just think if you want something done right you might as well due it yourself. Would rather have roses then carnations. I quess I like the finer things in life .Im sure other people do to. Yes I love money and material things.I have been told I'm expensive.

    As far as relationships go. Well thats another story. ( I have venus in Aries and Mercury in Aries Mars in Pieces Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn Uranus in Leo, Neptune in Scorpio, Pluto in Virgo,my ascendent in Capricorn Midhaven in Scorpio.)Don't seem to keep them long. I either like you or I don't. Sagittarius and I don't get along friends yes relationship no way. They always seem to know what is best. Can't deal with that. Cancer get along very well with. Was in a relationship with one for 3yrs. They are moody at least the one I was with was. It was always about them. Got sick of that and just walked away. Got back together after 10 yrs. well he did grow up somewhat. Not enough for me we are good friends that is about as far as that can go we have stayed in touch for the past year. Have dated 2 capricorns they both were very into there work not much time for play. Secrative they both are. the one doesn't let you in, keeps you at a distance. I'm that way also, I don't let people get to close to me until I'm really sure of them. The one wants to be controlling the other is not so controlling. Both are very nice guys. We get along well. I'm with a capricorn now my second one. Very loving man opposite of the first one. He shows his affection, is in to his work. I'm fine with that as long as he leaves a little time for me. Like I said I don't like someone around me all the time I have work to do also. I can say this relationship with this capricorn is working very well. We seem to understand each other and he has been able to put up with the different moods I get into sometimes. Overall this relationship with this Capricorn seems to be working excellent and it could be we are both older and know what we want. We seem to be in the same direction as far as a life together goes. No we don't agree on everything we do have are differences maybe its different enough to make it work.

  • Hello everyone, my name is Christine; I am a Taurus. I am 15 years old as of April 21st.

    I'm terribly intellectual, I'm very flexible in absolutely any situation, I'm very big-picture oriented, i'm very very sweet and nice, I'm so very deep and sensual, I crave love, I am so very strong-willed but never am I mean with it (if that's understandable), I always put others first but I can still manage to care about myself, I love reading sometimes more than anything, I love writing stories mainly from being so imaginative, I'm very creative but sometimes my creativity can be shut down, I hate being dissapointed but for me to be dissapointed means it must be terribly dissapointing, I am such a lover, I'm friendly with everybody even if I do not know them, however speaking if I am threatened I'm going to use the slang term "It's going down." hahah:), I'm lonely in my mentality, I'm one with myself, I have complete faith in my loyalty and faithfulness (for an example if was weirdly forced into a marriage for say with a complete brute who I did not love I would never cheat, I would accept my unhappiness and remain open-minded, always would I tend to everything necessary and I would still be sweet to him, but let's hope I marry with love hahaha:]), I accept being unhappy, I have odd mood swings but I do not usually ever let them affect the relationships and situations I have with anyone other than myself, currently as I write this I'm lonely and unhappy but I'm sure my happy days will come soon, I used to have a lot of friends but I began to feel as if some of them didn't put me as atleast at some level of priority and that we were not on the same page mainly from my deep mentality so therefore I am currently outcasting myself, I write the best stories when I'm terribly lonely, I feel as if I am misunderstood sometimes, when I argue especially for justice I will win because there is absolutely no way I will stop unless it is for the greater good, I am very wise and experienced even without legitimate experience I will take one thing and acknowledge that into a whole series of complex levels, regardless I have lots of experience though..I am no longer a virgin but I am not ashamed at all and I was in love with the guy, I am so very sexual I have such a strong libido, I really really enjoy luxury I value money, I cannot imagine living a life where I do not own elite luxuries because I always find a way to get them, sometimes I feel as if I was born with the mind of a 50 year old or in other words very mature beyond the high majority of my age, at school I give off a bad impression because I'm really into fashion and makeup..people mistake me for being stuck up then therefore treating me badly even without prior knowledge to anything about me, I'm really into my own looks..I'm "OCD" on perfection and at times I have such strong qualities of a perfectionist, I spend time on my daily, makeup, clothes, I truly am passionated by fashion and the runway and I do dream of modeling, I'm a good actor, I like being skinny..bathing suit mannequin perfect body skinny and I will not stop to get to that point..and this is where my stubborn qualities show because I will even go as far as starving myself just to get what I want, as much as i am into my own looks the looks of others do not matter the east bit to me i do not judge and i truly truly value whats on the inside, I have a very nice sense of humor:) I am very sarcastic and I joke around a lot, I'm an only child my father passed away when I was in 7th grade and my mother neglects me since I don't have her same mutual interests of arithmetic and science, therefore I am terribly unloved atleast that's the way I feel..a lot. I'm not sure I covered everything..? Ive dated a pisces and a virgo, and my one best friend is a saggitarius. Haha I'm so sorry this is so long I'm just so open-minded right now I'm just writing whatever comes to my mind. Oh and I always get the compliments of sexy and beautiful..but never am I called pretty 😞 what does that mean? I do have strong sex appeal but I don't think I appreciate it, I'm very indecisive, and lastly a lot of times I wish I lived a different life. XO, Christine.<3

    P.s. I was looking at one of my pictures and I do realize I have an earthy quality of aesthetics LOL

  • Hello May 7th taurus!!

    two of the most famous May 7 persons...are Johannes Brahms and Peter Tschaikovsky..

    two Cornerstones of 19th century European Romanticism.

    Do you like 19th century music?

    Another lover of nature

  • Yes,

    Pisces are very nice people. A female taurus will hold the upper hand....good women.

  • I am a Taurus born on April 26th. I am a homebody who loves piddling around the house. I love nature and appreciate expensive things, although I too like to spend little money. I have a Saggitarius moon and Saggitarius rising which has to alter my Taurus side a bit. I love being Taurus and believe that I generally fit the Taurus profile.

  • I am a Taurus, with a Cancer Moon and Capricorn rising.

    I would say we have a lot in common being a Taurus! I love nice things, but don't go overboard, guess that is the thrift part! With my cancer moon, I see my personality being outgoing and fun!

    And as a Lovely Taurus, I love hard, faithful, best friend type. Very sensual and sexual, honest, love the outdoors, etc.etc. etc.

    And yes we can be stubborn, but once we stand up to what we believe in we are a very powerful force! I am very patient, but once I am sent over the edge I loose all control and actually charge like a bull! The downfall I feel is that I hold my feelings in when I am hurt, I don't like to hurt other people so I suck it up until I finally blow. I always feel like the caretaker of people. And sometimes feel I am easily taken advantage of. But overall I love being a Taurus!!

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  • Hi Chinkyblondee!

    You are so very young to accept being unhappy but I do understand how life can be as a teenager and TRUST me it will get better. Always remember that you can be and do whatever you want in your lifetime. Don't concern yourself with so-called "friends" because you will meet so many interesting and kind people that will be a TRUE friend in your life's journey. Just be always be yourself and be a leader not a follower and you will see how many people will respect you for that. BE HAPPY is's just your own preception of it! the way I'm crazy about a Taurus guy that's how I came across your post...LOL! 🙂

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  • Hello all, I am a MAY 2 Taurus, if it makes that much diff. I have a Gemini rising which complicates me more. I am strong- willed and obstinate at times and patience is not my strong suit. I have very few friends as I am extremely picky. I have a hard time with authority unless I am the authority. I have also found that a Taurus makes a great bs detector. I think these qualities are actually part of my charm. I know what I want, not afraid to go after it and have no tolerance for unnecessary obstacles. On the other side, I am extremely creative which can only benefit me more. The only negatives I have found with me, is that no matter who I choose to date, with the exception of two, are all Scorpios. I still cannot figure out that deeply cosmic attraction between a female Taurus/ Scorpio man.

  • hey ima may 2 taurus to w/ the same rising too waving hello . im extremely impatient when it comes to ppl taking there time, moving too slow, or being late. But when it comes to my any difficulties me & my partners may have im too patient & will hang in there w/ them. i have few close friends too. the best connections (platonic & non-platonic) i've had with the opposite sex were with taurus men.

  • I was blessed with Sun, Moon, Rising and Mercury in Taurus. Nothing is more important to a Taurus than security through money. Sex can lure weaker Taurus’ into putting the cart before the horse. Taurus rules money and should focus on that. They should get pre-nuptials, even if it is a sugar momma. When push comes to shove, a Taurus’ love is not for sale. They have to believe you would love them to the death and live homeless in a cart if need be.

    We leave sex to Scorpio, our favorite. That said, the Scorpio should follow the Taurus. If tempers flair the Taurus will leave and visa versa. Taurus represents the hub of society that moves slow to counter anarchy. Some call that lazy, but no one is more determined to finish what they start than a Taurus. We think and then we move…not the other way around. To us, poise is never rushed.

    With a Taurus, the day the sex ends is the day the relationship changes for the worst.

  • I am a Taurus also and I agree with the comment about us being determined, not stubborn.I also feel more comfortable being around a small group of good friends as opposed to being around a lot of people.I am very loyal to my friends and I respect their friendship but at times these friends will ignore me to be around people who are less than loyal. It amazes me that they'll end up calling me to complain how these people treat them.

    I love to be around people who enjoy life and don't stress themselves out unnecessarily.

    Born: Apr.25

  • Hi, i'm a taurus born may 17. I am both stubborn and determined. I love the outdoors and I enjoy the beauty of nature that earth gives us. I love to help people by giving them advice and i also like to listen to them. I get mad easily but then I easily get over it. Im mostly always happy but if i get sad I try to keep my head up. For example i was with a cancer that i loved for 4 years and he broke up with me 3 days ago, at first i was very sad but then today i'm feeling happy and great. I don't let things get to me. i am very loyal and i believe that if you cheat on a person you will always cheat becuaes since you did it once, what is going to stop you from doing it again. I am also very faithful and committed to a relantionship. The only thing i am confused about is my love life. I dont know if i should stay with a cancer, carpicorn or scorpio. My bestfriend is a scorpio and she understands me in every way but i wonder if i meet a scorpio man would it be the same. I know that cancers are very emotional and moody and they give you alot of love but you can have alot of arguments. i also know that a carpicorn man can give you everything that you want in materials and they spend most of their time working and they really don't give a lot of love how you would wanted. That's the hard part because I want someone that understands me, loves me and that gives me everything i want. which sign is more compabllity with a taurus? what sign is my solemate?

  • I also am a Taurus and I love being a Bull, I can really feel what Vernon was speaking of I don't have any friends at the moment cause the kind of people that live around me are not my type, I'm nice as can be to some, the messy ones I just keep my distance...I love my peace and when that is disrupted then we have a big problem...I'm not so nice then but I'm glad to finally have some place I can talk to Taurus people who understands what it's like to be us and appreciate it not get used up by alot of people...Right now I'm engaged to an Aries man and I know he loves me but he don't really understand me from the Taurus side of things, I admit my stubborn side can be taken wrong but I'm still very good to him, he thinks I be being mean when I get upset with him cause he can do things on purpose and he knows that will aggravate me and I get an attitude with him but just the same we still get along great, we have very few mad times like this and he's the first Aries man that I have gotten along with without alot of problems, and he's been very faithful to me..I use to be married to another Aries man and he was the total opposite of this man....

  • Hi venomyz,

    Been a follower for many years now but never registered on the forums until now.

    It's funny, I was reading through the postings and found yours on here.

    I guess I just wanted to mention I too am born on May 7th, hahahaha.

    Have a good one,


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