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  • kpld:

    I was married to a scorpio for 20 years (he died). It was one long love affair. good luck with your scorpio!

  • HELLO FELLOW TAUREANS!!!! I married an Aries, WOW!!! talk about hot tempered intense arguments, I love a good argument!!! but like a true taurus, I don't back down when i know I'm right & I take no prisoners either, just state the facts, perhaps this is stubborn to some, but it truely is determined. on the flip side, I have been gifted with a great sense of humor, & quick wit , with a funny response in any situation. I am fiercely protective of those i hold close to my heart. nature is queen, I love to hang out in my garden, planting, weeding, & playing in the dirt. (barefoot no less) I too have a gift of knowing as you put it. it manifests itself thru dreams (daydreams too, just need a quite place) also when I close my eyes & concentrate on the darkness, I see what i call specks of white that move forward the closer they get the bigger they become, & like an 8mm film i see scenes & faces of people & places i have never been, at least in this lifetime. this has been happening ever since i was a little girl. I love the fact that we are ruled by Venus, the goddess of Love. My love is given freely, & is naturally unconditional.

    born: may 7th

  • I consider myself a pretty laid-back person (I'd say that nearly all Taurus' are this way but my little brother is a total opposite of me...then again, that's probably just our different personalities). I hate being serious all the time so even if a friend is spilling their guts to me about their bad day, I'll say something random like "Do a barrel roll!" just to try to make them smile or something (I really don't know where I got that phrase from...). My family sees me as being totally anti-social but in my eyes, being a late teenager, about to go into being twenty, I believe that those my age would probably lead me astray from the non-stressful life I'm trying to create for myself. In that aspect, Ive noticed that my stubborness really comes out when others ask me if and why don't I drink or like parties...I simply like to keep a clear head! Is it being a snob if I hate being around people who do drink (or do ANY sort of drugs) and like to go out to club and parties? I don't mean to be prude...^_^

  • Ya' know, it doesn't have to be a power struggle. An opposition isn't just butting heads; its also about pulling the poles in order to tune the string right and make beautiful music.

    I picked that out of H.P. Blatsky's chart during an astrology class long ago.

    I'm 29 degrees 54 min. Taurus, Scorpio Asc, Scorpio 1st house Moon.

  • That was supposed to be Blavatsky.

  • Ooh, I'm a Taurus, with a Libra Ascendant and a Virgo moon.

  • I'm a taurus.May 8th,my older sister and Godmother is May7th....We both hate injustice of any kind...I like to debate,of course I always think I"m right and sometimes drive my family crazy with my soapbox ravings,I'm a loner,but do have afew close friends..I am recently a widow after 32 yrs with a Piceas....Both of us had moons in capricorn...It was a great marriage...I miss him..

  • Hello and yes I agree that everyone, except Taureans, do confuse stubbornness

    for determination. Stubbornness is really only determination turned upside-down.

    I love beauty and art, the smell of air dried sheets and the feel of silk against my

    skin. We are the "sensual" sign of the zodiac. We are patient beyond anyone's

    expectation except another Taurus's. But patience after many years can explode

    like Mt. St. Helen's and everyone better get out of the way to avoid the

    And what I like is music the feel smell and thoughts that it evokes BUT the best

    on an average singers are Taurus as it rules the throat and neck.

    I also have three female cousins born after me on the same day 2-5yrs later.

    I love the woods and rivers and walking in nature. We are Mother Earth's

    nurturer's as we have always been eco-friendly. My birthdate is 5.16 ~*

  • Trevissa,

    I have to respond as I am a Taurean woman in love with a Scorpio man!! Hey the Taurus Scorpio match is one of the best so hang on in there. We are complete opposites but that is apparently what makes the match so special.....but u and me we would be in fierce competition apparenlty as in the females Taurus v Scorpio not good?? hm who knows maybe we would be pals!!! But dont give up on your Taurus man we bulls make loyal companions and we are absolutely faithful to the end.


  • I have sun, moon, rising and mercury in Taurus. I am almost 59 and was born in the San Francisco Haight/Ashbury District.

    I am stubborn to the extreme and never forget the big picture of survival and freedom with Jesus through the “I am.”. I am so stubborn that I often forget I am married to my ennobling work. I had to learn the hard way about money and spirituality living. It cost me four wives and three kids, my parents and extended family. Despite this, I would not change a thing. I am single, 13 payments from owning land in the best weather in America and have learned the value of freedom and simplicity. I enjoy not having to work for others and to be able to control my environment as best I can. I live a day at a time and look at land ownership, working from home or traveling debt free as the American dream for me.

    I learned a broken heart is no fun, nor is it worth the risk. It is more fun to live a spiritual life, with enough comforts, work for one’s self and let love find me like a magnet. I love people I see daily…I love life. My real security comes from life experience and 40 years of discovering and applying Urantia fifth epochal revelations. To me commerce trumps sophistry every time and that is how I live days. To me, life is a playground…a type of bridge to the next phase. I see it as a place to learn faith and courage and to make it a duty to be happy, not a destiny. Work should come from insight into one’s gift of spirit and in the end; life is but a day’s work.

    There is God love, which I survive with, and there is human love, which is a crap shot. Human love will teach how to not take ones self too seriously and to not be overly conscienscious, but most of all it is a witnessing of trustworthiness or character. I rule money and my opposite rules sex. Cooperation ove4r competition is key.




  • Determination = Stubborness. Nothing wrong with that...

  • LOL

  • You are soooooooooo right there........... Taurus and Scorpio mix is amazing cant be explained but completely unique so. opposites DO attract

    however in females Taurus v Scorpio can be very competitive and I have definitely found that to be true........

  • Nefratiti; I'm a Taurus and haven't had any good expierences w/Scorpio lovers....However,my niece is a Scorpio and we have been like sisters all our lives...We fought a lot when we were younger but we love each other dearly...She is married to a taurus..The spark is gone but the marriage remains....One of my best friends is Scorpio and she is exceptional.....Yours in Taurus....Joaniebird

  • joaniebird

    there is def something amazin about the Taurus v Scorpio mix no doubt at all something explosive... but very very special for me Scorpio male is my best match but again it all depends I am only a week away from being a Gemini..... we are all so different unless we are born on the same day at exactly the same time!

  • venomyz... you took the words right outa my mouth... i also share your birthday, the 7th of may. x

  • I am a Taurus.




    Singer, Love to sing and pretty good at.

    Spiritual, love GOD and sometimes I think that Im psychic I feel so close to spiritual things like a second sense sometimes my intuition.

    Emotional, anger easily..but I calm down quickly.

    Hotheaded, and mean to get my way...but you want know that

    Passionate, but sometimes distant and into my own thoughts

    Passionate in bed sometimes it's percieved as roughness 🙂

    Love the earth, sunshine, blue skies, and fresh air. Beautiful landscapes

    Somewhat artistic

    Make good money, but not good with managing money .

    Excel in my career and always voicing my opn about things

    Boldness, Determined to succeed.

    Love to decorate my home and make it comfortable.

    Not always good with men, but the ones that understand me better seem to be PISCES, LIBRAs, SCORPIO's, VIRGO's, CAPRICORNS, TAURUS,

    Not good with GEMINI (GOOD sex we have affinity for each other, but need work to be success), otherwise; AQUARIUS, SAG, LEO's. ARIES are not good at all for me.

    I love my sense of style and taste for fine and luxury. I also am down to earth and only require simple things to be happy. I love to be connected to my partner and loved and nutured by him and in return he gets the world.

    Yeah, I love being a Taurus

  • I do not care much for astrology. However as a Taurus bull? I do tend to be stubborn at times, when I do not agree with a point of view, or a "given situation" makes me uncomfortable, and I will refuse to take part. I am not afraid to break from the "consensus of the crowd". I do not like it when people confuse "determination with stubbornness", because they do not agree with what you are passionate about. If you believe in a cause that morally just? Then undertake the challenge as far as you are willing to go? But it is stubbornness if you do not cut your losses in a battle that you have little chance of winning when others do not share your cause. Sometimes it is not good being the "lone warrior". I am a "open-minded" Taurus, who is a bit creative, a thinker, suck at love though, don't make a lot of money, but I am pretty good am managing it, under a "tight budget". Hate being broke.

  • Hello Francophile:

    Cancer's love your solidity, but they want (no, demand) in their quiet way nurturing. They want the assurance that you (their rock) will always be there and they can be comfortable with you. Say no bad things about their mother: a BIG no-no, and they (like us Taureans) like to be home -We like the familiar; they like the security, although we bulls have to get out in our meadows and graze. Hope that helps.

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