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  • Virgo and Taurus...good match apparently !

  • I can only speak for myself, but I am a quadruple Taurus: Sun, Moon, Rising and Mercury..

    I was reading Alan Leo texts of progressions back in ’68.

    The Bull rules money, and for me money rules. I have to have it and so does everyone. Sex on the other hand is just as important, the ruling domain of Scorpio and the two complimenting each other.

    With so much Taurus and other earth signs, over 45 years of observation has taught me from experience that when one has so much Taurus, the planet Venus occupies in a chart can be a laser beam out of the dark. It can and will influence all the other planets in Taurus you have. Mine is in Aries, so while unlucky at love (four marriages,) I am a survivor that has learned about relationships. If Venus is in Aries…focus that energy into money and security.

    If you are lucky to be blessed with true love of another, focus on security (spiritual truisms,) and personal freedom based on trust.

  • Being a Sagittarian I have found Taurus to be one of the two most challanging signs (the other being Capricorn)to deal with.

    The Taurus I know are DETERMINED to have their own way in all situations, are materialistic to a fault, and mean-spirited when they do not have their way. They are stubborn, rather dull, not interested in much around them unless it includes money, possessions or food.

    Sorry....this has been my experience with Taurus....of course there are only about 3 that in know of in my circle of friends.....obviously the two signs are not drawn to each other.

  • i just wanna say taurus are kewl with me a Libra so we can connect on that Venus level....but forceful Taurus is right...i recently had a lil fling with one and he seriosuly was forcing sex on me after i told him no...and thats not kewl obviously...not sure if i will date one again...Maybe if he was good looking i probably wouldnt have told him no lol...but there are some hottie tauruses out there so if your one you should holla , you can force sex on me any time hahaa

  • What's everybodys viewpoint on an Aries and Taurus relationship? because I don't think Aries is a very good match for Taurus.

  • "The Taurus I know are DETERMINED to have their own way in all situations, are materialistic to a fault, and mean-spirited when they do not have their way. They are stubborn, rather dull, not interested in much around them unless it includes money, possessions or food."

    Add to this that all Taurus that I have ever known have a problem telling the truth. The ones I know have also spent time in jail, some for felonies. I will never get involved with a Taurus. This sign produces some of the wort murderers in history.


    Timothy Mcveigh,

    Sadaam Hussein,

    Vldaimir Lenin,

    Albert Fish

    I see no redeeming qualities in this sign.

  • I am a taurus born 24 Apr I am confident and outgoing - my husband is a taurus born May 7 he is sometimes unusually quiet and can be quite moody and withdrawn which makes me want to run away. I have noticed that taurus men are quite different in personality to the ladies.

  • Febgina I think your comment about taurus people is narrowminded and self indulgent. I think you were seriously disappointed by a taurus person. It takes all sorts to make the world go round be it good or bad.

  • taurus too me, if drawn out can be a good sign, just takes an amazing amount of patience, knowing when too step in, and when too step back. I can only assume all the afore mentioned murders defintly had something wrong with them way beyond being taurus. I have seen the stubborn, self aborbed side of this sign, I think sometimes they might need a bit of extra time too process their emotions, I have a taurus kid, I would be willing too bet she can hold her breath till her face turned all the colors of the rainbow, but she also has a spirited generous side, she would of her own free will, give her last cent too someone in need, like an ill child for instance, for all the talk of them being selfish, I must say I have seen them be givers.

  • Febgina,

    I dated a Taurus before and believe me, I would love to strangle him sometimes. But what stopped me from doing that are the good qualities in them. Yes, they do have good qualities behind those stubbornness. They are full of determination, caring, loyal and generous to the person they love. It is true that Taurus loves luxury and fine things in life but they work hard for it, they go for what they want.

    It is all about when adapting to their phase. Taurus needs time to adjust. While some think that they are slow, I rather say that they are careful. They are very practical about matters that are important to them and changes can put a stress on this sign if they are pressed.

    Give them the time they need, respect them for who they are, be honest about how you feel and you will have them as a friend who you can depend on for life! I do.

  • Shakespear, audrey heppburn, billy joel, andre agassi, bono, david becham, FLORANCE NIGHTINGALE, salvador dali, katherin hepburn. Just to name a few influential taurus's to think about next time you wanna bash on us.

  • And since when has loyalty, determination, preserverance, patience, quietness, calmness, been a bad thing?

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  • SO..i guess all scorpios are bad since charlie manson is a scorpio!? in all signs there is what is called "the lower type

    ' add to that the upbringing a person has had and alll other aspects of where the planets are placed in a oersons chart and you have the persons all around character and personality which makes us all unique, sure.the same traits are there , but to judge solely on the basis of the sunsign , all of a group is narrowminded, also the factor of male and female of the same sign can be different as well, it seems to be true that a negative attitude attracts the same attitude in a mate, try changing your attitude and you will attract what you want in a mate.............Just saying!!! best of luck to you!

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  • i am a taurus and very proud of it..... ever read things it says about taurians.... well heres one thats me to the point......

    The Week of the Teacher: Taurus 2 May 3-10.( im born may 5th )

    You have a message to share and are often involved in the development of ideas and techniques. You love to lead by example, generate discussion and talk about your ideas and observations. You are a mover and shaker and are capable of influencing others. You tend to side with the underdog and feel all forms of discrimination and unfairness keenly. You tend to have a strong and unyielding moral stance. You are known as a free thinker. You erupt in anger often and can be demanding and critical. You have a love of beauty and a charming magnetic personality which often leaves you with lots of admirers, however you do not like a great deal of attention or to be fussed over, you’d rather be left alone. In intimate situations you can be extremely passionate, and prefer romance to sentimentality but like a realistic and frank approach to love and sex. You like your partners to be strong and dignified. Strengths: Enterprising – Fair – Magnetic Weaknesses: Demanding – Critical – Inflexible . this is me to a T(except for the inflexiblity and being critical only happens when the person makes the same mistake time n time again with no change for correction)

    what it doesnt say is ... im /we very connected to the earth and feel everything kinda like spiderman(this freaks ppl out ) i think its very important for those who want to b w/ a taurus, to read up on us to understand us....... we are laided back ppl.... i love to sit under the tree to catch the breeze....

  • thx u mine was the cinco de mayo(a whole country celebrates w/me)

  • my best friend is a taurus!!! 😄

    honestly, she's like my long lost sister, i've never had a friend that totally balances and completes me like she has! i'm impulsive, and i lead with my head. she has a calmer, smarter, more balanced way of doing things. she is SO loyal and trustowrothy, and i have never felt so comfortable in my skin around someone! my family LOVES her, and want to move her in for the summer, she really feels like an extended part of my family! TAURUS ARE IN SHORT, AMAZING. 😄 😄


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