Hi Captain... Any insight?

  • Hi Captain,

    I am wondering what I can expect for the rest of this year? especially my love life and my career. My birthdate is april 8 1985...Thanks!looking forward to hearing from you again!

  • In general, your career is the one thing in life that will bring you the most satisfaction so you must ensure you follow your passion and your dreams in this regard. 2012 for you is all about focus and hard work. If you get distracted from your goal this year, you will not reach it. If you try to accomplish more than one or two goals, or if you try to take shortcuts or cut corners, you will fail.

    The rest of the year - In July you will retreat within for some much needed introspection and internal work. I strongly suggest you practice meditation, yoga, dance/movement, breathing or some form of spiritual/creative outlet during this month. Seek your answers within this month.

    August rekindles your drive and ambition but it will be like trekking through mud. Hold strong.

    October brings change and you end the year with new ideas towards your goals and ambitions. Keep your determination and strength, fill your own cup before aiding others, persist despite frustrations and ward off laziness – hard work is required of you at this time. It is a favorable year to return to school, or to teach, and to learn lessons of balancing the material/work world with your personal relationships.

  • Thanks for the advice, Captain! Time to focus on the job hunt. Forget the rest ;))

  • hi captain..

    hru?? im sorry but im still waiting 4ur reply..pls check on my topic as ' uncertain '..ur advise is well needed in this relationship....pls check our DOB compatibility aswelll.


  • Hi Captain.. I havent spoken to my BF for more than one week. Do you feel if this is the end of our story? Does he still wanna continue being with me? I am puzzled... maybe you can give me some clarification... Thanks

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