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  • A male was emailing me right after our first conversation, repeatedly. I mentioned we could maybe get coffee sometime. He emailed me the morning after our conversation. I did not get to my college email account right away and did not think he would email me so soon. I responded after two days (I had two emails from him) I said I am sorry it took so long and I have not had a chance to get to this account and here is my personal email address.

    The male responds accusing me of,"well you still have not respinded." Every time I responded he would accuse me with, "You did not, Still havent heard from you nd so on. After a week of emailing and him accusing, I said hello in class. He always sits behind me. I said hello and he just gave me this weird stare.

    I hurried out of class that night, it was around 9:30 at night. I saw him in my peripheral vision and he was directly behind me until I got about ten feet from my car. He was parked behind me.

    A few weeks went by. I was being a bit "attacked' by the class and had to defend my reasoning for saying, "for the love of humanity and justice' at an event where a roman catholic nun was preaching in our college but has ben abusing religion to get what ahe wants along with gloating to the students and denouncing them. She was also removing bible verses adn putting her own words in it. Exodus 25 is one, where she only cites half and the puts her own words in to win an argument or justify her actions. I mentioned my distaste for lies and manipulations

    He, Frank was all of a sudden very nice and played the hero guy to be by my side in class..I was happy to see he let-go of whatever ws bothering him with me.

    He was not in class the next week. That weekend he was not in class, he emailed me and said he wanted to go on the coffee date. Said, felt bad for you in class, you were a little out of it Iguess? I felt that I had to go so he could no longer accuse me and end any hostility he had for me that he showed in class and through the emails.

    He said he would meet me in tem minutes, but in just few he texted and said he was already in the coffee shop.

    I ordered a small coffee with cream and 2 equals. We chatted for about twenty minutes and I was already more than half done with my coffee and set it down. He statrted to talk about beng an imposter of roman catholic priest. I was stunned and asked him how he could do such a thing. He said, stop thinking, I d live a lie but I'd have a guarenteed way of living. I asked him how he thinks he would get away with that, did you read the bible. He said yes but glib. I asked him, what is in genesis or corninthians. He said, I dont rememeber. I asked him about rape victims and acid victims over seas, he said, F$CK them who cares..I asked him how can you not care? Then he just snapped and hovered over the table back and forth, yelling, you are a liar, you are a manipulator and just kept repeating it oveer and over until I stood up and threw my coffee cup down, some splattered on his chest. He had a smirk on his face the entire time.

    He first went on the facebook and jokes about it and gains pity and confidence from his followers and at the same time of the postings, the police report was being made. He then went and filed a citizens arrest becasue police would not charge me. He then went and filed a citizens arrest becasue police would not charge me. He says he got the game in the legal system and the only good thing is, I am crazy.

    No da, ada or judge signed the accusatory form, no police charged me. I got a letter in the mail box saying I had a warrent for my arrest but no police dept, judge, ada on the letter. I went to the police stattion, the did not arrest me but filed paper work and gave me an appearance ticket.

    ADA's are pressing this case? He gave a half truth and lied by omission, Frank claimed that I threw coffee in his face with no ligit purpose.

    I am trying to decide if I want to take this to trial. Frank has not stopped harassing me and got this twisted at my college with a conduct coordinator he ws having relations with, she fabricated documents and abused me through the conduct system, defamed, got me sanctioned and suspended. The colleges policicies even state they do not take actions on any off campus accusations. I lost so much money and honors status credits, my job, home...

    Any opinion here about this would be appreciated....

  • Do you have a good lawyer? Needless to say, this guy is bad news. Did you tell the police about the way he harrassed you on a daily basis via email? You can file things against him as well, and if you have the energy and means to do so, I would take it to trial as it may prevent him from doing this to other people. Up until now, maybe other people were afraid to take action, and you may be the one who can put a stop to this sort of thing. At the very least get a restraining order if you can.

  • Thank you. I cannot file anything against him until I get cleared. They offered the acd but that will stretch the harassment out 6 more months. Yes I told police my side and they never charged me with his accusation. His claim on Fbookand to the conduct coordinator and courts are all full of holes, half truths, lies by omission and contradictions. I have an attorney as well. Once I got the 'funny' document in the mail and the conduct coordinator mentioned she and frank talked about his desire to press criminal charges on me about a half week later the police were contacted, I knew curruption was going on so I got an attorney asap. I was almost going to go to court alone.

  • He is already getting involved with other women, I can tell because I went to hide my profile. I have an alert on a date website and it shows who views my profile, he did. The fbook comments I was sent via a person who cares about me and an armed body guard who I reside with has seen his profile too. The things he does to women, He hates them. He has a pejorative demeanor and aims to get them to want to gain his approval. He mind controls. I stood up to the bully/and psych harasser. He cannot handle not getting what he wants. My court date is adjourned. I adjournbed it to contemplate acd or trial. I want him exposed but I also want to move on with my life.

  • You should be gathering as much evidence as you can against this guy to back up your claims - and against Michele too if she is his ally. Keep all his emails and tell him that you intend to publish them on the campus so everyone will see what he is like. You can't afford any more legal involvement but you can stand up for yourself. Be smart - fight cleverly. Store up evidence, then strike. Carry a recorder if you can get one to record any conversation you have with him - try to get him to admit his lies so you have evidence for the police. Don't waste emotion here - be objective and you will stay strong. Expose him with cunning, not fear.

  • I do carry a recorder already:) I have all his emails but I think I can get in big trouble if I post them on the campus. I am already attending a different college due to the way Michele set up the situation. Michele gave me a no cantact order but not frank. In the no contact Michele threatens me with criminal charges if I have contact, so Frank can use it as a sword rather than shield. The case was acd, adjourned for dismissal and will be permanently gone in 5 months. Thank you for your time.

  • I also have pages of snap shots from his facebook that expose he is an aggravated harasser adn his intent behind his accusation to the sheriff and connection with Michele regading the accusation. I have microcassette recordings of consented recorded meetings at the college that exposes the abuse, lies and manipulation of the conduct system to push me away from the college sue to my knowledge of Frank and Michele. It is stated two times in policy hand books that the college does not pursue accusations that are based from oFF camous events. Michele has some under the radar motive to start the entire process and currupted for Frank.

  • I am not sure if you do tarot I am learning and drew this as intuitive guidance if I was to pursue legal action. I used a celtic with card 3 as long term future 4 as past influence 5 as past and 6 as near future and the staff as it normally is presented.

    Situation is 7 cups

    Graces or crosses it is 2 cups

    Distant Future is Fool

    Past Influence is Ace Swords

    Past is 10 wands

    Near Future is 8 cups

    Me in Situation is 6 cups

    Environment is Hang Man

    Hope/Fear is 8 wands

    Outcome is Devil....

    All made some sense until the Devil card.lol

    The entire spread indicates choices and moving on emotionally but then I get the Devil card as the outcome.....I understand my desire/fear is (8 wands) things still in the air and wanting for closure. The situation, is do I want to emotionally invest my time along with the costs. Possibly a new partnership rp job (2 cups/Fool) may be the better road to focus my time on or it may be in relation to the case...

  • No I don't do tarot readings but there are other people here who do.

    You don't need to actually publish your emails from Frank on campus - just threaten him to do so if he keeps on harrassing you. The mere threat of exposure will hopefully be enough to frighten him off.

    But be of good heart - during this time of Ascension, all those who have been doing wrong will get their punishment. So try to put this whole nasty situation behind you - they say the best revenge is living well.

  • I would never threatedn Frank, Frank does know due to what happened at the coffee shop, that I know what he really is. That is why he also acted in fear aggression to discredit me by making claim with half truth and lies by omission. I am over this and am thankful I hold healthy intents and psyche.

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