Captain, can you help me figure this out?

  • Hello Captain,

    I would like to know if you can do a reading on my relationship. I see a lot of good possibilities for us but at the same time I feel it could possibly be time for me to get out. He is a good person but things between us are stalled due to circumstances, which in my mind is starting to feel like it is just a pattern with him. I am starting to feel that all might be a mirage and this person just will not allow things to grow even though he says it will or might. My impression is based on his past relationship not completely on mine. There are circumstances affecting us both and I attribute things to that as well. Will things get better? is this person being honest? he keeps me at arms length when I haven't given him any reason to distrust me. Should I get out? His birthday is 09/19/1960 and mine is 12/05/1968. We seem to be very compatible in the sense that we are both very good communicators, have same values, things like that. Other aspects, not so sure, things are so slow between us...Thank you for reading this if you have the chance.

  • Sorry but I don't feel any longterm potential for a romantic relationship here. I feel that your partner will always feel he is the boss and the one who calls all the shots and should control the relationship. It is not an equal matchup and I feel that's how he likes it and wants to keep it. He is quite happy the ways things are and sees no reason to change them.

  • Thank you so much Captain. I have been trying to focus n the good, but I feel there is less and less of it. And you are really spot on. Thanks.

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