Two Sags "Special Friends"

  • I just recently befriended a fellow sag and we hit it off right from the start. Were alot alike in many ways but , different in others. For instance he's really outgoing easy to talk to, he exudes this incredible energy and loves to be out and about alot. I share those same qualities it just takes me longer to show them. I'm usually quiet ,a bit shy, and more of a homebody. Since meeting a couple months ago i've opened up alot. We have a physical relationship that some might not quite understand but, it works for us because we know theirs no strings attached and theirs no kind of commitment and we both can walk away when we want. I know it might seem weird but to us this is the ideal friendship and were enjoying every moment. Is there anyone else out there in a same sign friendship / relationship? If so how has it worked for you?

  • I can't help but roll my eyes when I found this post. I was in a similar "Special Friends" situation with a fellow Sag for over two months. The whole thing was truly an adrenaline-soaked, highly unpredictable and chaotic drama... >.< But on top of it all, of course, there was fun, passion, tenderness and everything... the kind of connection I have never had with anyone else before. I really don't know what to tell you. But if both of you are truly sag's, there is little chance of long-term, as we sagittarius like to stray, and unfortunately won't stray together... The important thing is to keep the friendship, because here is one friend that will always be like a mirror-reflection of your soul..

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