How do I get a Capricorn Man to reveal how he feels about me?

  • I'm in the early stages of a relationship (2months) Can someone tell me, how do i find out how he feels about me? He never tells me how he is feeling about our relationship. His birthday is January 11th 1967. My birthday is 2/28/62.

    I feel great when i'm with him.

    Would appreciate some insight please.


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    Cappies are such good partners to have family wise. If he is slow in telling you how he is feeling about your relationship than I would say that you need to ask him, if he does not give you the answer you are seeking than you can either : Give him and the relationship more time as he may be carrying a brokenheart from not to long ago around with him, or tell him that you will not be dating him exclusively, cappies do like someone that others desire, as they are competitive.


  • Thank you, Shuabby I will ask him, He is shy at times, thanks again.


  • Cappies unles they are VERY comfortable with you, tend to be tight lipped about emotional matters. His actions however will show you. If he is curious about how you spend your days, puts effort into seeing you (not necessarily everyday but consistently), does little things for you; then he is very much into you and you have no worries.

    I would just ask as Shuabby stated, they are usually very honest. Just try not to drag out the conversation : )

  • ok ....I have given him time and space, and it seems like he likes his space with out me, i'm really confused, I wish someone could help me with this.


  • Capricorns are so interesting. I was talking to one for nearly a year before I gained his trust enough to go out on a few dates! Currently interested in one now and he is driving my Leo self insane. I hope things are better with you and your Cap 228.

    I'm torn between giving him his space or trying to break through that shell some more... decisions decisions..

  • loeBethany,

    Well so far he hasn't said a thing, I 've noticed he has been seeing me less , i went 4days didn't hear from him, i sent him a text telling him he was breaking my heart, i then got a call later that day and he was acting like i never sent him anything he invited me to work out ,so, i thought well just maybe he might open up and tell me what's going on, so i went and he never mentioned the text i sent him.

    today i sent him another one letting him know how i feel when we're together ,an , if he wants to continue seeing me he needs to act like a normal person , i also told him week-ends are for lovers and if he continues to act the way he has , i would have to let him go.

    I also wrote that i felt like he was hoping i would end it so he wouldn't have to.

    Sorry for this being so long , it just happened today so im in shock mode and feeling hurt at the same time.


  • I'm sorry to hear that loeBethany,

    As a Capricorn I can only tell you the way I feel

    we capricorns are at least from my own perspective.

    Caps love having their own space. As for me I love

    having my own space too much lol

    You said you sent him a text and he pretended he didn't get it.

    I don't know if that's a Cap thing but I've done that before 😕

    I have friends texting me and I either answered hours later

    or pretended I didn't get it. I don't do it all the time only

    when I need my space or when I want to sleep lol

    If he's not trying to reach you it might mean that he's

    not in love with you. When a Cap is in love he/she

    gives everything of themselves. No need for you to look

    for them cuz they'll be there first. Maybe give him

    Some time to think about what he really wants. If he wants

    to be with you he'll look for you. Another thing that might

    be affecting his decision to persue you is that he might

    have a broken heart from a past relationship that keeps

    him trapped in the past.

    Behing that shell theres a big heart full of love to give.

    And a very faithful partner and friend.

    It is hard to get through the shell but when you

    do it's like opening heaven's door. Caps are very

    caring and protective if their partner.

    I hope everything goes well with you my friend.

    Don't be afraid. Do what you heart dictates.

    If you're not getting what you want out of your Cap

    then try what that famous quote says: "If you love somebody, let them go. If they return, they were always yours. If they don't, they never were."

    I'm this case you could give him his space. That

    would mean not calling or texting him for a few weeks.

    If he doesn't try to reach you at all during that time

    I'm sorry to say it but he might not be emotionally

    ready or interested in a relationship and like you

    said he might be doing it so you can end the relationship

    and not him.

    Be patient 🙂

    Lots of Love your way!!

  • I agree with Snowball543 🙂

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