• Wow! I can truely say that what ever the stars have going on up there, they have certainly put my life in a tizzy. I have not felt this held back and down since my husband decided to leave the family 3yrs ago.

    Here's to hoping it is brighter in the future 🙂

  • aqua,

    Wow indeed! We are in chaotic times at present. While it can be difficult, the one comfort found is to remember: Chaos before Creation.

    I get the sense that your every day life - mainly work - is terribly confusing and chaotic and that is causing an overspill into your home life. On the tail end of that, is there a significant person who is challenging you in some way? I get a male energy (your ex?) or at least someone who could be female who is very, er, "butch" (for want of a better word) influencing your decisions and even behaviour, or trying very hard to. Maintain your stance: Don't back down, and don't be swayed.

    You are feeling held back because you know there is something new coming, and like most of us, are a little bit impatient 🙂 That's okay; we've been waiting a very long time for these new changes the earth is currently manifesting and it has come to feel like being poised on the precipice with no way off it except to JUMP.

    It IS always darkest before the dawn, so mark time and wait - in faith - for what is coming.

    Yes, that is the main message I am getting for you: WAIT and stand your ground. You will be fine.

    Hope this helps!



    Easy for me to say

  • Oh thank you...there is hope 🙂

  • Hope floats ...

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