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  • Hi Shuabby again, I am so worried I have so much debt with student loans it seems I will never be able to pay them. I haven't been able to find a job don't know what to do. Would I be able to get a reading on my career and would I be able to payoff this debt? thanks

  • I tried to help you in your career thread but you didn't reply to my post.

  • dfrance.

    I feel like you will get a job to help you with this debt. I feel it is a waitress job in a very nice resturant where you could make high tips. You will only work it part-time and believe me it will put your mind at ease. I see a red and gold interior or the place you will work. The Letter T is strong in the name of the estiblishment. Don't fear if you have not been a waitress before, you will pick it up quickly and shine at it.

    Stop worreying now and go out there and find the big T.


  • Thanks Shuabby for the reading but I would want to find a job relating to my profession. I would like to start my career.

  • dfrance,

    What is your profession? Do you want to teach?

    I gave you an answer in regards to getting a job to start paying your bills.

    If you need an answer to when you will get a job in your profession than you need to give more information so I can focus on that.



  • Hi Shuabby I graduated with with my bachelors in health education but this is not the profession I want my future career to be. I am going to continue to go to school for my masters in health administration which is my dream job , but I really want to start a career or get a job for now anything relating to health to start paying some bills up. When do you see me getting a job relating to a health profession?

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    You should be getting a noticeable job in the health profession soon. I feel a hospital near by you that has an M in its name ,you should apply there, also a medical center that is not to far away like ten miles. You will be very happy with the job and I feel that you will want to return to this medical site and work at a upper manangement position once you have your masters.


  • Thanks Shuabby I have been applying to hospitals near my area since I don't have a car and I haven't gotten a call for an interview.

  • dfrance,

    I know how very hard it is to wait, but it teaches us to have patiences and to pray more.

    I wish I could tell you the date, time and place, but that is not a given to me, as I would than be taking away the power you have within you to make choices for your life.

    I just know that you will get good news soon regarding an interview and I want to hear back when the light at the end of the tunnel is seen.


  • thank you Shuabby very much

  • Hi shuabby I have an interview next week. Is it possible I will be getting the job and would this be the right job for me?

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