Aries man -pisces woman

  • Please, help me out here and post all of your experiences and opinions about this combination.Any comment is wellcome and greatly appreciated.Thanks

  • I am a pisces involved with an aries it is great when we are together but we are never on the same page i want to let go but he absolutely will not let go he says i am his baby and thats that and i find i keep going back to him so i decided to stay in it. he is fire and i am water and it is the hottest relationship i have ever been in and now that i have accepted it we are so happy still on the wrong page but happy. if a pisces is not clingy and is independent the relationship will work but if the pisces is clingy and needy the aries will walk so good luck

  • Hi hamlin22222, thanks a lot for your reply, I appreciate it.

  • Okay...

    Im Sorry to disagree Hamlin, But I am a clingy Pisces.

    My man is a very independent Aries. We are Fire and Water and we make a damn good cup of Coffee

    My man tells me almost daily that I am living in my own world. We have had the Hardest relationship ever, But there is no one better for either of us.

    When we started dating, only two years ago, it seemed that there was absolutly NO way we could make it. Our relationship was chaos and in no way stable. We didnt understand eachother. Everything He did I took WAY TOO personal, like he was shi.tting on my feelings intentionally. And everything I did made him feel like I was trying to be his mother, trying to punish and control him...

    This is common iguess between fire and water... it makes sence just thinking about those elements. water has a forceful current and fire has a destructive flame.

    But today we are so happy that we can be here for each other.

    My aries knows he can talk about himself all day and ill just listen and ill do anything he needs of me. In return he makes sure to think of Me when he begins to act selfishly.

    He's taught me to TRY not to feel so offended, to keep my emotions in check and be less insecure.

    Ive taught him to TRY to have patience, to think before he acts, and Not be such a when it comes to other's feelings.

    We now are proud parents to a two month old Leo baby Girl. She has leveled us out so much, and we have found such a new appreciation for eachother.

    My Aries works hard to take care of us, and He allows me to do whatever I need for Me and the baby.

    It was very hard for me to accept that He truly loves me like i love him. It was like I always was ready to give up and that made him angry. I never had the guts to do it and I never let him go. He was always ready to leave when I said to because He took me seriously, but when He'd Try I begged him not to leave. It was a mess!!

    One day he began to call me his family, "i have to take caer of my family before anything"

    "I cant just do that, i have a family"

    "Youre my family babe, dont you understand?"

    it took a while to trust him... until him I thought i trusted everyone... sometimes i still have to remind myself that I trust him now.

    But all that fighting... it was like looking at the test before you read the chapter, you know what to look for when your reading so the assignments not so hard. Theres no way you an fail now. And we will never stop teaching eachother new things daily.

    My Leo, my little Air... She is amazing... Fire, Water and Air!

  • I wrote about aries man here

    and nope, Leo is fire sign.

    fire = aries, leo, sag

    air = aqua, gemini, libra

    water = scorp, pisces, cancer

    earth = virgo, taurus, capricorn

  • Hello. I am a pisces woman who had been in a relationship with an aries man for 6 years and we have 2 kids together.

    I had moved to a new state, and met him through chance. It was funny because we never had talked about a relationship and I told my mother I was going to marry him...

    Its been a very turbulent relationship. Its always on his terms. In the beginning it was always when he wanted to see me. I never called or pressured him. I just dont do that but i was always there when he felt the need to be in a relationship with me

    However Im a low key kind of person, I dont worry that Im missing out on things going on. He always felt he needs to be in the action.

    He manipulated, lied, and cheated on me. Then always came back, and stupid me I took him back. To this day he says he loves me so much, but I am too sensitive for some things. I had to act more of a mother to him. It was like I had 3 children. He doesnt like to talk about his feelings, which irritates me.

    We do work great as a team.

    He has been my rock at low times

    He has taught me to be stronger

    Intimacy was great.

    He is very smart, clever.

    He has helped me become not so shy.

    We are broken up now.

    Just my two cents.

  • I'm Aries born 3/22. I was in a great long-term relationship with a Pisces. We were happy until i became too self involved to be there for her. She waited patiently, but i never really came back. Aries guys, don't fear the water, immerse yourself! Pisces ladies, don't be afraid the Aries fire. We need a good shock sometimes, to help us see what's truly important to us.

  • I meant to tell Pisces ladies to not be afraid to douse the Aries fire.

    Always remember...

    Fire and water makes things steamy!!!

  • laffatdeath,

    That was a nice post! I am a Pisces woman (02/24) and is/was involved with and Aries man (04/12) I was patient as well while he did his disappearing act, and then all of a sudden he is MIA for 5 days, no answering texts no nothing. So I sent him an email and broke things off...he replied with something like I was too emotional and all of this...I left the door open, but thinking now I need to move on. Although I love him, I think he just isn't ready to wear the manpants!


  • Well an update on my Aries man/Pisces woman issue...we actually talked and worked things out. He is a little distant right now, but I think I might have bruised his feelings somewhat by breaking things off. I am sure it will take time for him to let me back in, but he may never, he may now forever keep me at arms length ~shrugs~ hard to say. It could be a test for me to make sure I don't do that to him one likes to get wounded in the love arena.

    As a Pisces woman, I am usually pretty good at the walking away and moving on thing. But this Aries man has my head spinning and my heart wrapped around his bad for me I think ~laughing~ darned Aries fireball!

  • pisces26 that's very sad to know. I never had bad experience with aries males but I never was in a committed relationship with them. I wish you well for the future. I hope you will be healed from this and move on without baggages from the past.

  • Pisces Men and Aries woman...good for a steamy fling but no foundation long lasting relationship

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  • do not agree i was with a piceas man for 17 years, we got divorced but are still the best of friends since then i met another one we had also a good connection.. i think piceas and aries are a good match. the piceas man knows how to keep a firey aries under wraps which isnt always a bad thing.

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  • I'm with you on all of that! I was married to a Pisces male for 25 years, and we grew apart but I still care for him I guess. He is the father of my children. Then after the divorce, I found another Actually we already knew each other for a long time...(never anything romantic between us during our marriages.) Never thought about us ending up together. But we did, and we have been together for 3 years, living together. I love him with all my heart, and have never had such a "steamy" relationship. However, I'm feeling like he might be slowing down, or losing interest. But he is still so good to me! maybe it's just a phase...We are 45 and 49 years old. I'm sure that it's natural to slow down sexually at this!

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