We have broken up! I need help with my latest Celtic Spread Please

  • I had in my heart the question: How does he feel about me?

    We have a hot and cold relationship and since I have a history of choosing "emotionally unavailable" guys I want to know if this guy is someone to cut loose forever.

    This was the result of my cards:

    Position 1 or Basis: The Lovers

    Crossing: The Hermit

    Position 3 or Foundation: The Devil

    Position 4 or Recent Past: Knight of Cups

    Position 5: Queen of Cups

    Position 6: Reversed 9 of wands

    Position 7:The Fool

    Position8: Queen of Wands

    Position 9: Reversed Kind of Cups

    Position 10 or Final Outcome: Queen of Swords

    I was totally confused by the appearance of the devil. Can someone help me interpret please?

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