Tips for Navigating the Ever-Changing Landscape

  • a message from Selacia

    Living during this cycle of history comes with a unique set of challenges no previous generation faced. This is true in general, and it's even more applicable during the amplified energetic cycles of 2012.

    The cycle that started last weekend - with a three-week Mercury retrograde and other discordant planetary aspects - is adding intensity to your interactions and activities. If you have felt more stress than normal, these erratic energetic cycles could be one factor. Mercury retrogrades happen every year, of course, but this year they are joined by a plethora of milestone energies that are catalyzing revolutionary changes across the planet and within each person. As you may have noticed, almost as soon as you assimilate one energetic level, the next one arrives!

    Tips for Navigating the Ever-Changing Landscape

    Be mindful as you go about making plans, interacting with people, and starting new projects. Take extra care, as many things may not go according to plan. You don't need to understand astrology to be impacted by cycles of harsh or erratic planetary aspects. Knowing a bit about energy shifts like those occurring now, however, helps you to be better prepared. With more awareness of cycles, you can more skillfully respond to the ups-and-downs of your own moods, other people's erratic behavior, and the chaos that comes with sudden shifting and unknowns.

    Monitor your thoughts, catching yourself if you succumb to negative thinking and worry about what might happen next. Make the effort to stay positive. Remind yourself that you are experiencing a temporary fluctuation, and that the sun indeed shines just beyond the gloom-and-doom picture now appearing to be real.

    Develop more patience. Whatever level of patience you have developed to date is likely to be tested more now. Even if you are the most patient person on your block, you will have moments of angst when the world around you seems turned upside down. Some challenges you recently viewed as relatively minor, or at least manageable, may feel like a big deal now. They aren't - not really - so remember to apply patience and a higher perspective.

    Everyone is impacted in your interconnected world. Discordant planetary aspects of this cycle are impacting humanity at large. This includes you and everyone you meet. You may be having a wonderful day, feeling inspired and confident about whatever is on your plate to handle. Other people, however, may be having a much different kind of day. An encounter with a stressed customer service representative can leave you out of sorts, unless you stay mindful of the bigger picture. Remember that not everyone is consciously awake. Also, even people with an awakened consciousness can have a bad day. Therefore, make the effort to be kind and allowing, teaching others through your own kindness a more gentle way to be.

    Know yourself, know the territory. To successfully navigate the current radical cycles of energy affecting humanity, it's helpful to understand how those cycles impact you personally. Having an awareness of your own planetary influences will help you know what times are likely to be challenging, why, and what remedies you can apply to smooth the ride. When you can apply antidotes in the moment when you are challenged, your life becomes more manageable. After all, you are a divine changemaker, learning to move into your true power to create. You are not a victim of circumstances - planetary or otherwise.

    Self-inquiry during stressful moments is a powerful remedy. When you feel anxious, angry, or fearful, the first place you want to go is within. When others around you seem stressed, the first place you want to go is within. The answers you want are there, but they don't come automatically - you must inquire. Only by cultivating your inner resource of wisdom can you respond in the highest way. When you access your inner wisdom, you save yourself needless heartache and missed opportunities. The more you cultivate this priceless tool, the more benefits you will receive - including a more peaceful way to respond to all kinds of situations.

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