Please help regarding life and love advice.

  • Hi all. I actually have two questions, and I would be very grateful if anyone would offer me some advice regarding both of these situations.

    I have recently fallen on hard times, and I've been having a lot of problems with family, and as a result have moved out, feeling that it is time for me to start off on my own. And, I would like to try to deal with things by myself. It's very scary, and I feel like I am not emotionally capable of thinking clearly as of late. Could some one give me advice regarding the best course of action?

    Also, lately I have been worried that my boyfriend has seemed a little distant as of late, and I am not sure if I am just projecting my worries on to him, or if I should actually be worried, and if so, what should I do about it?

    Thank you, to anyone who is kind enough to offer any kind of advice. Thank you.

  • Hi IMElizabeth,

    I did a reading for you, I pick up on feelings to help make decisions.

    your feeling dull and unprogressive

    it’s like you put your trust into someone and it didn't work out

    but you’re ready to feel skillful

    you are able to juggle two things at once, remember that take a lot of energy

    after some anxieties that you have just been thru you are ready for success

    and yes you are ready for the mental activity, make those plans

    the plans can work with hard work

    use your intuition and imagination

    cards switch to a new feeling, your having a problem connecting with a friend

    I get the feeling you’re not listening, or you don't want to hear what is being said

    with that comes disappointment

    Well two different items came up, work that plan and it will work out. The second one is try to see the big picture, I get the feeling you put the blinders on and can only see in front of you. Take a step back and view everything all the possibilities to make a good decision... I get I'm not listening... I can’t hear you... feeling. You’re a thinker so don't close out possibilities... then work it out...

    Hope that helps,

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