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  • Hello Trudy 11,

    I am a filmmaker going to school, working full time and doing videos. Ive struggle to manage all of the stress and chaos in my life as well as struggle to maintain emotional balance (bipolar disorder)

    I really strive hard to achieve my goals but it is burning me out and my emotional problems leads me to go out of control at times.

    What do you see in my life in regards to my current job, success in film and love?

    How do I keep from losing control?

  • Hello Trudy11Eleven!!

    Welcome here 🙂 1) May I request a reading with regards to my love affair with JB? What do you see as the short or long term potential outcome for this relationship? 2) What do you see with regards to the resolution of my pending divorce and the judge's ruling on asset/debts? I just want to get on with my life!! Am I focused in the right areas?

    Thank you so much!

    Light & Love surround you,


  • Hello ',

    I would like a general reading.

    Thank you for your kind offer

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