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  • Hi trudy you can disregard my previous reading thank you. But can you do a job reading.

    Thank you

  • dear trudy

    thank you so much for doing this reading and providing me with such a positive response .

    although intellectual issues are there to be taken care of by i am happy to find this reading positive overall. yes, this relationship is kind of new and we are struggling to find our individual spaces in this relationship and setting boundaries . you must be knowing already what it is all about . we have gone through major challenges recently and you are right we are evolving to bring balance in this relationship . he is a romantic but has hard time expressing himself. i used to be romantic but craved for one person in my life who could express better than i can ... alas !!!

    now that i have grown to be more strong and emotionally more controlled i feel there is no need to sulk over it as all what happened has happened for our highest good and yes i could proudly say that i have learnt to take care of myself emotionally as well as mentally better than i ever knew before. this is a new start for both of us and i am glad that things do seem to keep growing for better for us in near future .

    i am too keen to know what is in future in terms of challenges in life. i have had pretty scary cards appeared for me in readings pertaining to my future so i am kind of worried a bit. if you see some challenge appearing for me in future i would like to know what kind of challenge it would be and what area of my life will be impacted by it and yes , the outcome :)) also i have been told that i will be dealing with a legal issue going forward . if you could tell what kind of legal issue would it be that would be greatly helpful .

    thank you once again for such wonderful reading .

    blessings and love


  • Hello hiighpriestess!

    I am glad that you enjoyed the reading. I have family in town this weekend, but I am hoping to maybe get the other half of your reading done tonight. 🙂 Readings will go faster once we're back to routine around here next week. Hope everyone here is having a good weekend!

    Blessed be,


  • Hi trudy,

    If you have time in the next round could you do me a reading in regard of my future? As im taking a big step with a home loan and my life. I would like to know if things would work out for me financially and regarding my life. Thank you and hope you all the best for you practise as i see you are doing great!!!

  • Hello Trudy

    First, welcome to the site and thanks so much for your offer.

    When you can, please tell me what the cards say about my relationship with Dennis.

    Enjoy your company!

  • Hello everyone,

    I am about to do a couple more of your readings. But I thought I would add: Those of you who have asked already, would you like to rephrase your request as a specific question for me if you haven't done so already? That makes for a much more accurate reading. Thanks!

    Blessed be,


  • Dear Trudy

    I am rephrasing my request (for possible inclusion in round 2!): What do the next two months August and September hold for me? I have been told that September could spring a major surprise for me, so just wondering. i already have been through a sort of emotional spin cycle in May,June and July:)

    Thank you very much for doing this

    Love and Light

  • Hello amused,

    Would you like to phrase that in a question for me? It will help me connect to you more. Something like "What challenges are in store for me over the next year?" or "How will my life change over the next 10 yrs?" ...Anything you would like to know. 🙂



  • Hi Trudy,

    I would like to rephase the questions on page 2.. I just applied for the new jobs at a big accounting firm.. i am wondering if I can get a job offer from this firm? If not, do you see if I can get a job sometime soon? will i get this job on my own or through a referral? As for my love life, do u see if my bf proposes sometime soon? Thanks for your help. Blessings !! xx

  • Hi Trudy11Eleven

    I'll rephrase my question also. Dennis and I have been in a relationship for almost 4 years. ( we are both 11's ) We had a very rocky start so I am hoping things have improved. I would like to know if this is a good relationship and anything else you can tell me.


  • Hi Trudy11eleven,

    I would like to rephrase my questions too. What are in store for me at my current job in the next several months? I'm being passed up for an annual review since I haven't been on the job too long. Will I get a raise/promotion at this current job? Regarding love life, I would like to know how is my personal relationship going to be in the next few months with this guy that I like and any advice you can tell me. Thanks so much again for your time. Blessings, arieslass

  • Hi Trudy11eleven,

    Hmmmmm, what challenges do you see for me in the next 6 months, particularly regarding selling house & moving & will there be a new man & love relationship in my life? Any advice welcome & yes, honesty too. Thanks Blessings, Amused

  • Hello,

    I would like to rephrase my question. Regarding love life, I would like to know how is my personal relationship going to be in the next few months with the person I'm with and any advice you can give me concerning this relationship.

    Thank you and many blessings!

  • Hi

    i would rephrase my question then.

    how is my relationship with this guy and how he feels towards me? Thanks!

  • hi trudy i would like to rephrase my second question for you . i want to know who is this person i am going to meet soon in life? he is supposed to play a significant role in my life. i want to know what kind of feelings this person will have for me and what will i feel for him? also what kind of relationship will we share together and if it will be long term or short term ? basically all necessary questions regarding next soulmate and relationship with him :)) please do let me know if you are okay with this question ? else i'll rephrase it again for your convenience :))

    thank you so much again for offering .

  • Hi Trudy,

    I am number 7 of round 1 and will rephrase my questions.

    I lost my job 5 months ago and the guy I moved to CA for over a year ago (he turned out to be a liar, and a cheater!) I am on the fence weather to move back to the midwest or stay you see if a job opportunity is coming either place, a move back home, a new love interest. Is the relationship with Bill over for good....we were together for so many, many years. Also, do you see anything about my finances and a possible settlement coming in for me this year? Things have been pretty dire for me lately.

    Thanks so much!!



  • Hi Trudy

    thank u for the 2nd round

    I will rephrase my questions ,

    1- Its regarding to work, I have to go back to my old one, do u see any new job coming soon or me keep doing what Im doing now?

    2-What will happen in my love life that I dont know, will I receive news from this guy?


  • Hi, Trudy! I am new to the forum. In fact I just found it today. Is it too late to request a reading? If not can you please help me with my situation? I am married and reconnected with a past love after more than 25 years. I would like to know if my past love still has feelings for me, and what hope is there for a future together with him. Thank you

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi Trudy. Thank you so much for the kind offer. When you get a chance could you do a reading for me? I've been with my boyfriend for about 10 months and it has been very challenging. I really love him and I need to know if he loves me. Is this relationship going to last? What does he want/need from me? Should I show him my feelings? Thank you so much for your help.

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