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  • Hello everyone,

    I am brand new on this website, and am looking to start practicing giving readings to more people. I've mostly read for myself, but have also read for some family and friends with great success. I want to start reading for more people that I don't know to get some good practice. I will accept readings a handful at a time and then post when I am ready to do more. Since I'm new here, I will ask, do people usually do the readings publicly right in the forum? Or is there a way to do it privately?



  • Hello Trudy11Eleven, I'm also new but from what I've seen going through some threads readings are mostly done in the forum, but I don't know for sure.

    I've asked for help with a reading on another thread, if you'd like to have a look? This is the link for it

    I've received some help already (thanks to Captain and Daliolite) but I'd welcome any more comments as I'm still very confused about the spread.

    All the best.

  • hi trudy11eleven .. you are very welcome over here. and nice to see you are offering free readings.

    you can practice on me if you like to. i have been looking for some answers already .

    could you please read how things are going to stand in my personal relationship in next 4 months ? and what kind of challenge i am headed for next in life ? thank you for offering

  • Welcome Trudy11Eleven,

    I'd like a general life reading. Thanks



  • Hi Trudy11Eleven, thanks for offering the free readings. You can practice on me if you like. I just want an update love reading. Thanks!



  • Hi I would like to know if my partner is going out of town with this other woman? as to i have a feeling

  • THank you for your offer by the way

  • Hello,

    Tank you very much for this offer. I would like to know how things are going to stand in my personal relationship in next 3 months.

    Thank you!

  • Hi Trudy11!! Welcome to the sight!! I would so appreciate a tarot reading....especially on if it shows a long distance move, any love prospects or a job!!!!

    Thank you!!



  • Hi Trudy 11,

    I would love a reading to see if I have any love prospects I will be meeting soon and who they might be.

    Thank you for being so kind to make the offer to read for us.

    Love and Light

  • Hi Trudy11Eleven

    I would like a reading from you if you have time 😉 Its related to my love life... I wanna know how my bf really feels about me as he's very reserved. And whats our future at this point? Do you see if he proposes sometime soon? Thanks! blessings!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Wonderful! Wow, so many replies. Okay, I'm pausing this thread until I finish with all of you who have requested so far. So anyone requesting after this post will have to wait for the next round. I want to take my time to really connect to each of you. I will reply to each of you starting with the first poster! (I do have a toddler, so I can't promise instant results, but I will be as quick as I can. lol)


  • Hello AthenaTarot,

    I read over the other thread. You have had quite the set of changes brought upon you, haven't you? I myself recently moved to a new state, so I sympathize. New beginnings can be both difficult and exciting. My initial impulse upon reading about your spread, before reading the rest of the thread, was that you would love to have the whole package with this guy. Falling in love, committing to each other, maybe marriage, maybe family, etc. Regardless of his feelings for you, he may not be on the same page with you in that regard. He may not be ready for settling down or committing yet. Another way of seeing things is that part of you really wants to be settled and in love with this guy, but at the same time you have been thrust into this situation where everything around you is new. It's a new beginning for you, and there are so many possibilities to explore. I agree with the others in that the Wheel is telling you that you can't control everything right now. You have just stepped through a doorway into a new part of your life, and what happens now is partially up to Fate, and partially up to you and how you decide to handle things. The most important thing right now is that Star. Hold onto hope, hold onto your goals, and keep moving forward and believing in the possibilities that lie in your future. Find something to grab ahold of and keep your chin up as best you can. Things will get better. It is when we are feeling the lowest that we have nowhere to go but up! The guy you love may choose to pursue a relationship with you, or he may not. But you need to focus now on what is in front of you. See what Fate puts in front of you or allows you to find as you explore your new situation, and keep focused on your goals! Go out and meet new people. It's not about forgetting the friends you moved away from. It's about opening your arms to embrace new ones.

  • Hello hiighpriestess,

    I am going to do your two questions as two separate readings. I'll do your first question now and your second hopefully tomorrow! I just did a reading for your relationship in the next 4 months. I pulled 8 cards from the Thoth Tarot. (I tend to favor larger spreads at times.) Here is what I pulled:

    1- your relationship now: Knight of Wands

    2- your relationship in 4 months: Princess of Disks

    3- what will be difficult: Knight of Disks

    4- what will be easy: The Sun

    5- the main theme or issue to be worked on during this time: 9 of Cups (Happiness) reversed

    6- how you will see it in 4 months: 4 of Disks (Power)

    7- how your partner will see it in 4 months: The Lovers

    8- future outcome: Prince of Wands

    My take on this: Well, my first instinct is to say what a lovely spread! It appears to me that this relationship may be either new or still has that glossy sheen that newer relationships have before they have really gone through the muck and the mire together and become somewhat settled or routine. Would that be accurate? It looks like this is an exciting relationship right now, and that over the next four months you will have some challenges but nothing too bad. It appears that you may be a bit overly optimistic at times as a couple, which is a wonderful thing but can sometimes lead to neglecting more mundane things, like working out finances together, putting together a budget, thinking in realistic terms... all the boring stuff that "responsible" people do. 🙂 It seems there will be no shortage of fun and good humor between the two of you, but the lesson you will need to learn over the next four months is that ebb and flow in the happiness of a relationship is perfectly natural. You cannot be on Cloud 9 all the time, and sometimes the fall from such heights can hurt. It may be something as simple as discovering that your partner loves to leave their dirty socks on your favorite chair or never puts away anything they take out. It could be larger, like finding out your partner likes to hang up on you when you're in a fight or always likes to be right in an argument. Whatever it may be, don't fool yourself into believing that these sorts of things spell trouble. These are just normal growing pains of a relationship, and they serve you well in bringing you back down to earth a bit and learning to communicate as a couple. After the four months is over, things could be looking very good. You may feel safe and secure in this relationship. Just be careful not to become possessive, controlling or jealous. It looks like your partner might really be feeling like they want to commit and settle down with you. The two of you will have settled into a more calm and comfortable relationship and be working on building up trust in each other. Overall things look very good indeed if you two can keep your heads about you. There is a lot of fire and earth in this spread, so I would say remember to find a good balance. There may be periods where you both get very passionate or fiery in either a good or bad way with each other. Try not to let yourselves fly off the handle. Remember to come back to earth. Try to keep each other grounded in reality, and enjoy all the fun this relationship will bring! If there's one thing this spread is NOT, it's boring!

    Hiighpriestess, please let me know if I am on the money, completely off, or anything in between! Feedback would be wonderful.

    Blessed be,


  • Hi Trudy11Eleven

    welcome to the forum, it's always nice to have more people wanting to pratice.

    I know you are now closed for new treats, but if you start a new one can you please do me a reading, its about love life and work -what can I expect or is in the horizon for me?

    thank you

  • Hihi!

    I know i am late. But i am willing to wait for next round.

    would like to have a love reading. thanks 🙂

  • Dear Trudy

    Please count me in for the second round:)

    General reading,anything that comes up

    Thanks for your kind offer

    Love and Light

  • Hi Trudy and welcome!

    Hope you can count me in for the next round.

    Would like a reading on love/relationship prospects.

    Thanks a lot!

  • Hi trudy11 I would like a love/ career reading. Thanks

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