I am confused... relationship advice? Blmoon can u please help me?

  • Hi Blmoon,

    I hope you can shed me some light on my relationship...

    I am really confused about my bf. At this point, I even dont know what to do with him. the thing is I broke up with him in May, and one month and a half later, he contacted me asking me to get back, wihch i did. For this, I think he does wanna be with me, and love me. But since we got back, I feel like he's still the same. working a lot. not giving me enough attention, things like that.. which shows he doesnt really love me that much. I tried to communicate with him, but since he;s so reserved, and he said i was thinking to much blabla.. I didnt really get much infor from him.. I am wondering what's going on here? does he really love me or not? Please.. I need some insight.. Thanks!

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