Dear Captain

  • Hello there? how are you? I was wondering if you could do a general reading for me. My boyfriend is living in an apartment now, and Iv been staying with him. I havnt technically moved in yet, but I havnt slept at home since he moved in so i kinda sorta already did lol! anywho, i would like to know where things are headed, im almost done with school, have new job on the horizon, my ma still doesnt like my boyfriend, she probably never is there anything i need to prepare for the future?

  • You are in a confusing transition period of change - not quite one thing or the other. At this time, it is best not to make any big decisions and just to go with the flow until things have settled down more. I feel that October will be a month of clarity for you so don't do anything major until then.

    For your relationship to work, you are both going to have to learn to compromise. You Vettech must learn to give your man the freedom he craves and not get too possessive or jealous or suspicious when he goes out or away for a time on his own. You will never completely tie him down because of his freedom-loving nature but you can make him want to return to you by being relaxed and calm about his absences. He is a flirt yes, but not necessarily a cheater. He just likes to feel he is attractive. And when he is at home, he must learn to give you the attention and devotion you desire. This is the only way the two of you very different folk will stay together.

  • thank-you, and what upcoming jobs? my boyfriend isnt happy with his current job at a local driving company, the boss is doing poor business, ignoring needed repairs on the rigs, and favoring the other employees of the same ethic origin.its dfficult for my man to find local work cause he doesnt have any over the road experience. so he is seriously considering going team with his roommate. right now iv been staying with my guy at his apartment since he moved from my moms couple months ago. so if they go over the road, ill be at the house with his friend's girlfriend and one year old boy. my guy feels bad about the idea of being gone alot but he feels there isnt much choice, its been difficult for him to find companies since he has a felony from when he was young. he wants to better himself and get to a place where we can get our own place to ourselves. his buddy,girlfriend are lazy, dont do a good job watching their boy,etc.. my guy and i are responsible, and keep our living area clean and decorated. his friends girlfriend is bipolar,schizoprenic, rude,lazy. im ok with her when im around her, but i do all the cleaning,etc.. i put up decorations but she puts them up so her boy cant break it, make a mess. where we believe we shouldnt have to have an undecorated home cause of a child, she should just watch him! my guy cant stand her, and both guys tell her to get off her **s and help me. anyhow, what do you see in the future as far as these possible changes, and the possibility of my man going over the road? i dont want him to go but i also understand survival is vital, and going over the road is likely going to be the only way he will ever be hired into a good local company. i have done research to help him find companies and almost all of them want at least 1-2yr experience over the road. SO FRUSTRATING! Since we have been together we have been broke/poor so we havnt been able to go places/do things that we wouldve liked to do. now if he goes over the road, he will have $ but now we wont have the time to do anything. with me working and going to veterinary technology school, the weekdays wont be a big deal so much, but weekends will be lonely,boring, and hard without him. ill be done with school in a couple quarters, and i just cant wait til we can enjoy a real life together. we both love each other and for the 1st time in his life he is settling down, and ours is the longest relationship he has ever had! which is about a year and a half. when you say there will be clarity in october, in what sense? will it be good or bad? how long before Dan and I can get what we want in life, closer to our goals?

  • I don't know what you mean by "over the road"? Interstate, overseas?

    The idea of him having his own business is a good idea, but he should not partner with his friend who will not pull his weight. He should find someone trustworthy. If he can show how viable the business is on paper, he might get a bank loan so he can set it up himself.

  • over the road means interstate, and no he is not starting his own company. Maybe in the future he would like to, but i dont know. He and his buddy are trying to get hired by a company, and they want to do "team driving" meaning they ride together, and taking turns driving. this way they can cover more miles faster. and possibly this arrangement may give them more home time. My man and I have terrible credit so getting loans arent likely. i do have college loan for the program Im in though. so are you clairyoant or tarot reader? Could you possibly help answer a few questions for me? Will my boyfriend get hired with an over the road company? and if so what kind of home time do you see him getting? how will this effect our relationship? Once he is settled in with a company, how will he like/dislike the idea of being on the road most of the time? how will we each cope/deal with it? because most local companies prefer experienced,veteran drivers, he and his friend dont stand much chance getting into those places until they have over the road experience. So he is planning on putting his time in, eat crow for awhile and then hopefully get a good local job. again he has a misdeamor felony from years ago so that also limits his options. if he does go over the road, how long do you see him doing it b4 he can go local?

  • I feel like your BF is in the wrong job, that if he stays with the trucking business, both his professional and personal life with you will suffer, especially if he is away a lot. There is something to do with lawnmowing, farming, floristry, builder's labourer, gardening or landscaping that would work better for him. Does he have any attraction to or talent for working with nature, flowers etc? There's something very physical like that just waiting for him.

  • I dont know if he has any interest in that. right now trucking is the only thing he is qualified for. he spent time,money and alot of hard work to get his commercial drivers license. he says he enjoys driving very much. he is into anything/everything that has to do with trucking. he just needs to get experience over the road before he can get a local driving job. i know our relationship will suffer for the time being. So how will being over the road effect our relationship? Do you have any details about the future? will we get through this together? will he enjoy trucking over the road? or will he be unpleasantly surprised, and discover he hates the life of a trucker? he hasnt considered any other kind of profession, he doesnt have a car right now and he is stubborn about taking the bus. especially here in the city of cleveland,ohio. he is a country boy and isnt thrilled about living in city. will he make more money with this new company(carolina cargo) then what he is making now? his current boss is awful,unfair and doesnt run his company properly, and my man and his friend get ripped off, get the crappy paying loads etc,, anyway what are your predictions for the future?

  • I don't see trucking as being good for your BF nor for your relationship or your future together. Your man needs to be more flexible about his ideas for his career.

  • Yes trucking is a challenging career for everyone involved. A couple can survive anything if they stick to it and not give up on each other, which Im not planning on doing. Good things come to those who wait. He did mention yesterday that he would like to start his own trucking company someday. Like his boss has now. The man doesnt have to drive at all anymore, he lets his drivers do the driving and he runs the show. So do you forsee my man getting into an over the road company? or will something surprising come up to change the plans? Will he end up enjoying/hating over the road driving? i have questions regarding my own life, but ill do that on a seperate post here in a moment. thank-you for being so helpful/supportive. You are so easy to talk to and I really appreciate it. 🙂

  • Ok Captain, Im back lol. Right now Iv been hired on to a new homecare company, and I have orientation next week, its has taken 3months for this company to get me situated! ughh! but at least things are moving along finally. Im also in veterinary techician program with a couple quarters left.I havnt officially moved out from my mom's,but i havnt been there in the last 2months since my guy moved out of there and into the apartment that he,his best friend, and his friend's girlfriend and one year old sons lives. so when the guys leave it will be me,her, and the kid. what do you see in my future? near future? im planning on moving in here, the rent my mom charges me wont leave me with enough money do anything, especially to pay back all the backpay i owe my mom. iv been out work for alomst 7months now and my mom is covering my insurance,cell phone,etc... now when i start working i need to catch up on my debts in addition to the current expenses. living with my guy will be alot cheaper, and he is even helping me financially as well. so this will ge me more money to pay her back while not digging myself deeper being at mom's.

  • Having other people between you and a job that takes your BF far away will not be good for your relationship. You will find it difficult to live with this other woman and child. You and your BF should get your own place as soon as possible. You two need to be around each other more by yourselves if you want the relationship to thrive. I feel your life is now going to be moving faster than your BF's life and that may cause some conflict and distance between you. But don't slow down - you are now going where you want to go.

  • the apartment is in my boyfriends name, but right we just cant afford to get our own place. you said that my life will start speeding up and that it will cause conflict. what do you mean by that? that he will be jealous of me? how will my life speed up? so will he end up going to over the road? will he hate it/like it? and if does go over the road, how long will he be doing so?

  • There is still uncertainty about your BF going interstate for his job - but it would not be good for the relationship as he would use it more and more as an escape from the pressures of a relationship where you would be more successful than him.

  • do you mean as an escape because he thinks im more successful? that my success would put pressure on him? he never seemed bothered before about the fact im going to college. and the field im going to school for doesnt pay very well at all. so chances are he will be making more money then me. as a matter of fact he has been helping me financially and he said he will make sure i have enough money when he is on the road, cause i cant do it by myself.

  • Yes he enjoys the role of protector and benefactor - it plays to his ego. But when you move from struggling student to successful worker, he may feel threatened that you don't need him any more.

  • Im not going to let that happen. I will always need him, and he knows how much I need him. anyway do you have any future predictions? can you see into future? clairvoyant or tarot? The company he applied to has accepted him, so he will leave in about a month. will he like or hate being over the road? will his plan with this company follow through or will something come up between now and then to change things? as for being financially dependant on him, well we have been together for about a year and a half now, and up to recently it has been me that had more money. so it has been me that has been rescuing him financially all this time. but now he has a job/career and knowing that veterinary technicians work for peanuts he will likely be my financial hero from now on.

  • Well, you seem to know how it will go, so stick to it.

  • I have no idea how it will go. thats why i need your insight on future/prediction. he is planning on going with this company but will he end up going? will he like it or not?

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