Psychic Readings and Deliberate Creation...

  • There’s no such thing as a prediction of THE future; only a sensing of the energy that exists at the time the prediction is made. All predictions are of the present, not the future.

    So when a psychic tells you something about the future, what they’re doing is sensing the most likely probable energy that exists at the moment they’re making the prediction. And if that energy doesn’t change, then it has a high degree of probability of manifesting physically. But if it does change or actually YOU change, then it will go down another path.

    So it doesn’t mean the psychic was wrong if it doesn’t come to pass, it means you changed the energy that was sensed at the time the prediction was made.

    A genuine psychic can tap into your energy and know 'sort of' where you are going. If you find a psychic who is very good and they understand that energy in the NOW is a projection of what your future is, then it is not difficult for them to tap into what the greater probability will be. BUT it is only a probability. that doesn't mean however you should ask for a reading every week to see if your future has changed. Rest assured - if you make changes to your thinking and lifestyle, your future will change too.

    The way to utilize the psychic best is if it is good news, then embrace it and anticipate it. And if it is bad news, then poke around it with a stick a little bit, acknowledge what you don’t want, let it help you identify what you do want. Then begin giving fuller attention to what you do want.

    When a psychic is first starting out, it can be very difficult separating one person’s energy from another. And so sometimes the person being read might get a dose of what the psychic was picking up from the last one. Or even a little bit of what she/he is living in her own experience.

    Psychics can help you when you are really stuck or 'blind' to your situation. Yet you are always far better off interacting with your own connectedness if you can. Develop that to the fullest! Get really really good at following your own heart, your own gut feeling. Your connection with your own Inner Being is THE most important one of all. Anything else is far, far, far, far down on the list.

    Channeled from spirit guides Abraham and Bashar.

    Psychic readings can be tremendously beneficial in two ways:

    1. They can help you better know what you really want.

    When you hear that you’ll marry that person, or move to that place, or take that job, as soon as it’s spoken by someone else to you, you may know straightaway (based on how you feel or your gut reaction) whether it’s what you want or not. (Kind of like tossing a coin to know what you want based on whether you find yourself hoping for heads or tails.) You may not realize your true desire until the psychic says the opposite and your stomach said “let’s not have that.” Sometimes spirit may give the psychic something just to spur the person being read into understanding or action.

    1. they can give you another reason to believe and have hope.

    When the genuine psychic tells you some wonderful news, that is a big reason to believe it will come to pass and that you are right on track towards what you want. If it's bad news, then you will know whether it’s time to tweak what you’re vibrating or thinking. You can be a deliberate creator - so if the news is not what you want, then change your life accordingly to attract what you DO want. The psychic may even be able to tell you how to do it. Deep down however most people know what it is they should be doing. They just need confirmation.

    It’s easy to want to outsource our guidance to someone else, but really it’s best when we learn to activate that power within. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t much to be gained by visiting a psychic. You just have to realize that, while a psychic can often point you in the right direction, you are the one who has to do all the work of changing your life.

    So many people go to psychics hoping to hear that a random stroke of luck is miraculously going to make their life easier without them having to do anything to bring it about - like winning the lottery, having the perfect partner just arrive at the door, enjoying good health without having to exercise or eat right, getting a promotion without asking, or finding the perfect job just by some beautiful effortless chance. But that never happens. Seemingly 'lucky' breaks have to be worked for - there is no such thing as 'overnight success' as any celebrity will tell you. You must change an attitude, a behaviour, a fear, and give off the positive vibes that will attract the very thing you want. Being negative never attracts 'good luck'. NEVER! So while you may get a possible direction from the psychic, you have to decide if that is the way you want to go, and then you must catch the bus or buy and drive the car there, avoiding distractions, detours, potholes and crazy hitchhikers and obeying all the spiritual laws to arrive safely. You must never lose hope or faith that you will arrive. There is a lot of responsibility and determination involved with getting where you want to go. You have to be prepared to work hard for your goals because no one else can do it for you. or SHOULD do it for you.

    Become a deliberate creator of your life NOW!

  • I once had a psychic tell me about a future husband I was going to meet in a year or two before turning 21. She told me this would turn into a marriage because I would get knocked up! Well, I took care of that, and decided that as much as I wanted love to enter my life, a child would not be beneficial entering my twenties.

    It's been years, and the way my life is going, I'm glad that such a burden is not yet for me. I've gone gaga over men, but not one of them I would want to be the father of my children!

  • That is one of the benefits of seeing a psychic - forewarning enabled you to avoid a fate you did not want. Nothing is written in stone - we all have the free will to change a possible outcome that we do not like.

  • I had a psychic for ten years during a time in my life when I was young and needed one. I not only received readings but she taught me in a silent way how to be a good psychic myself. She was much older and a Reverand at a spiritual camp. We shared the same birthdate and had a great bond. I still love her dearly and know she is still with me. I visited her once a year for a birthday reading. And only if it was a very rough year I went six months later. I never went more than twice a year. That's one wise thing I learned. You do not need repeated visits. A good psychic you truelly connect with gives you all you need for at least six months and mostly for the year. I had been to other psychics---they are not all for you---when you find the one you know it. You know it because you always go away feeling as if something healed. And they are accurate but the timeline is not exact. I have had things I forgot about come true years later just as she said. And I learned that spirit tells you what you NEED to hear. Sometimes we are stubborn and can't accept advice so they may say something that is like the reverse psychology parents use on kids to get them to do what they should. Spirit is our wise parent who knows us better so the times my psychic told me a few things that were not true---much later and wiser I knew exactly why--how they motivated me to go a different path. Otherwise, my psychic was very acurate with predictions. Sometimes spirit would say something was in the future "if I wanted it". So I think it's a combination of all Captain says. Some things are destiny--some are choices. Destiny may just be the faith spirit had in us to begin with so it's a given. When we leap up is the challenge---free will is the possability of learning sooner rather than later AND if you miss one boat another comes along----there is a participation factor. You must grow and to grow you must do a lot of things you do not want to. There is no soul judgement if you miss one round you will keep being given another chance. My psychic told me we go through seven year cycles and each has it's challenges and if we conquer that we leap up another level. If we didn't get it we just repeat it all with similiar patterns. Many people come into our lives at perfect timing just to help us. There are many pacts made in Heaven between souls before birth. They pop in and out as needed. When my psychic moved away I was devistated! I felt lost and almost angry for being abandoned! Quite aware how selfish that was! But when someone takes on the mentoring role it does keep us childlike. When I heard she passed away I was very loney for her. Part of me knew that this phase of my life was right where it was meant to be and yet I hated it---spirit was pulling me towards selfreliance and I was comfy were I was being guided by my psychic--even though I am psychic. I got weak a few times and gave in and paid for readings with someone new----and I was always disapointed. I finaly did as Captain describes---stopped dragging my feet and just went bravely forward--doing the scary thing I so resisted--trusting myself and taking knowlege and putting it to work. This is where a lot of folks get stuck. There comes a time for gathering knowledge and there is a time for putting knowledge to work. Putting knowledge to work will ALWAYS be scary and demand something from us--always. All crisis is an opportunity for growth. My psychic helped me see that---that was the healing she gave---no matter what pain I came to her with---through her-- spirit showed me the vision of possability---how something good can manifest from my suffering if I could see it their way and remain faithful and maintain it long after I left my psychic's little room with my recorded reading in my hand .I have been very blessed to have been guided by her. And I truelly believe our first meeting was no accident.

  • Hello! I see this is an older post, but I wanted to leave a note letting you know how much it helped. I have seen a psychic twice in the past four months. I have been going through many difficult transitions, and I felt like I had to see her for clarification. I had driven by her sign many times and always thought about it. I got to point where I could not make sense of anything, and the thought crossed my mind at a random moment when I had time, so I called ans set up an appointment.

    She didn't ask me anything before the reading, not even my name. She started out telling me my history and was very accurate. She then told me what I was currently experiencing. Then made some predictions for my future... nothing too specific, but just enough to get me focused on the right things. So, everything you all have discussed here has just confirmed my whole experience. She was very accurate... some things have already started to manifest. Others are open to interpretation... pending what happens in the next few months.

    All in all, she has helped put me back in touch with my own spirit which I have been cut off from for a very long time. I feel a special connection with her, and I believe she was meant to be a special part of my life. I want to be spiritually connected again, and I have started back on that path.

    I just wanted to share my experience. I an grateful for the opportunity.

  • I'm glad your experience was so positive! 🙂 The psychic must be a good one.

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