Shuabby, I have a question re reading for you.

  • You said that i would find a male friend that is just a friend and he is a Leo., also you said i would shake off current friend?

    I have a male friend, i think we are just that and he is a Libra..

    What are you seeing, that i will out grow this friendship for another, or on will just be more important, because we get one another?



  • Hi Scully,

    You do get each other and in time you may touch the fire of passion and start an affair.

    Libra always fans Aries fire. There will be another man coming into your realm suddenly and he will be a water sign and you will be attracted to him. He is charming and you will find yourself asking questions about if you should start dating him.

    Hang in there as you will not be alone and have a choice between two men to make within the next six months.


  • Hi shuabby,

    I always go by first gut feel, although Libra friend is nice, i felt he doesn't have enough fire in his belly for me.

    We met up again tonight, and we chat more openly on a emotional front, he see me as a friend and visa-versa, i doubt it be more than that, but i feel open of it could change but doubt it.

    So now a fire and water sign men be coming my way? well that be interesting.

    I happy to meet people and if make friend that's great, but do keep that window open of opportunity for something more if it's meant to be.


  • Hi Shaubby,

    I was wondering if you can help me, i have been try to make my diet better, but it has just increased my weight, and upset my stomach, i always ate healthy, but i increased more better foods and it's had oppersit effect


  • scully21

    I am not a medical intutitve. It may be that the new foods are to high in acid content for you.

    I would suggest that you consult a nutritionist to help you.

    Best of luck,


  • Hi Shuabby,

    Wou;d you be able to give me a career reading please.


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