Coincidence vs sign from Universe

  • Hi There have been times in my life that I've noticed things that make me wonder if it is a coincidence or a sign from the Universe. How do you know? It seems to be happening more often this year. A recent example is when I was looking at a potential house to buy & I noticed there was the same hope chest that I have- & one of the boys living there has the same name as my son.

    Coincidence or sign?



  • There is also a third possibility in this case - that your subconscious mind was looking out for so-called 'signs' that you should buy the house and deliberately focused on some things that meant something to you in order to get what 'it' wanted - a home.

  • Captain, I agree that could be the case. Wondering if you believe there are signs from the Universe or just coincidence/ subconscious mind at work?


  • I personally don't believe in coincidences. I feel a successful life is one in which all the messages the angels and guides send us are understood and heeded.

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