Aries Woman Needs Help With Cancer Man

  • I am an Aries woman and I have been talking to a Cancer man. We have known each other for 4 years. We don't always see each other, maybe once a week if that. In the time we have known each other he has told me about his life little by little including his divorce a few years ago. We have always joked around and he can "dish it out" to which I dish it back, then we laugh.

    He is a wonderful father to his kids, a sympathetic ear when I need it, and always makes me laugh. However, he can also be very In your face when it comes to some things, and has a take no crap attitude from anyone. I think this may stem from his being hurt in his divorce and he has built a wall to protect himself. He says that love and relationships are all crap. He is caring at least with me, but is not the typical cancer that I have read about. Unless he is different behind closed doors, which I have never been around.

    Around the end of May he asked me what i was doing for Memorial Day and I told him spending time with my mom who had just had a procedure done. He then backed off for a while and the joking around was light. He came around again and we then became friends on Facebook. And for a while he would put silly comments on things that I posted. All fun. But after a while he backed off. Now for about the last month his joking has become more sexual than usual. I joke back and its fun but I don't want it to be all about just that.

    And now about a week and a half ago I was sick. So I posted on FB that I was "sick and you could dress me up but couldn't take me anywhere". So the next day when I saw him he said "I wouldn't take you anywhere with all that crap wrong anyway." To which I responded "then you will have to wait until I am better." He got real quiet. And then he was like "I'll just post something funny on your page." Which he did later that night. The weird thing is that when he walked around to say goodbye to me, he had a look in his eyes I had never seen before. They were very deep and he actually looked like he was going to cry. His eyes were kind of misty. Why?

    Since then, I have not seen him. His job has kept him busy, and when I go online on FB, if he is already on there he will go offline. He hasn't said anything or sent any messages. Nothing. I figured that if he wasn't interested, or I did something wrong, that we know each other enough for him to at least be honest and upfront with me.

    I feel like I have offended him and hurt him. But I do really like him and am very attracted to him. I would like the chance to spend more time with him and get to know him more.

    Should I reach out to him and make the first move? Do you think I should apologize to him?

    Do you think he may feel the same way about me?

    If he does then why is he acting this way?

    I do understand his trepidation about being hurt again by another possible relationship, and he needs to make sure whoever he brings around his children is acceptable

    I am very confused. And am not quite sure what I should say or do when we finally do see each other again. 😞

    Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

  • This is the astrology section so you need to give both birthdates for a reading.

  • Mine is 3/31 and his is 7/7

  • Sorry forgot the years: 77 and 71 respectively

  • Astrology predicts that this relationship can actually work for marriage or a long-term love relationship (if both of you want it and are prepared to work for it). The keynote here is an attraction to the unusual and new - to quirks, peculiarities, and revolutionary traits. Whether it be a shared interest in clothing, body ornaments, interior decorating, dancing, music, etc, it should not be surprising, for the relationship itself has a certain charming quirkiness. It also has strength, and although it has a taste for the offbeat, it usually rests on a bedrock of stability. As a couple, you should be popular and in demand and, as such, can be a real force for change.

    The lifestyle you two choose may well prove a basis for living together or marriage. Since you Brokenram are an interesting and extreme type anyway, there is a good chance that your Cancerian will find you intriguing - but the chemistry must be right and you BR must be open to the kind of domestic security and nurturing qualities that your friend can offer. Although extremely independent, you may be able to fill this need in a way that doesn't significantly limit your freedom. Your friend has an unusual, even bizarre personality and he does have a need for suffering, but he often hides behind a facade of normality or has a (seemingly) everyday job or lifestyle. He tends to equate money with love and may put on a false show of wealth to impress others or worry that no one will love him if he is poor. He deeply wants other people's approval yet he may choose to live alone and be miserable rather than face the demands that he feels others make of him. He really really wants to be in love and adored by someone who will return his passion - yet he fears being controlled by someone who is insensitive to his needs.

    Similarly you tend to fear being controlled, and often may present an outward persona (active. aggressive) that is at odds with your real inner state (quiet, even withdrawn). A relationship that allows the two of you to recognize each other as soulmates behind the masks you wear for the world may be well suited to both a love affair and marriage. But you both must be willing to show your 'other selves' to each other in a spirit of trust and openness. Otherwise you will both fail to recognize the other person as your mate. The problems that occur here usually arise from misunderstanding - your friend may mistake your independence for disinterest, and you may wrongly take his preoccupation with his rich inner fantasy life as rejection. Sharing domestic responsibilities and having children, however, may cement the relationship. You BR will have to learn however to be a little less selfish and more sensitive to other people's needs. And your friend will have to release his dependence on fantasy and accept that no one or nothing in the real world is perfect.

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