Need Help Interpretating

  • I'm a newbie to the art. I bought my first deck yesterday - The Truth Seeker's Tarot. A lovely deck, but the book doesn't help me at all.

    So, I did the Celtic Cross spread and this is what it looked like:

    1- Ace of Pentacles

    2- King of Swords

    3- Queen of Swords

    4- Prince of Swords

    5- Princess of swords

    6- Ten of Swords

    A lot of swords! I'd appreciate any help I can get. I feel more lost then when I started...



  • it looks like the pack needs a good need to prime your cards....keep them with you for a few days just look at them now and again .... its best to shuffle by spreading them out on a table and "mix" them up this way they will become more random and some will be reversed giving the reverse reading there are some good books to help you study .....try learning the aces first as these are the essence of each of the suites......enjoy looking through them ..... and slowly learn their meanings in different and peace M X


  • Thank-you, I will do just that. Do you suggest a good book?

  • sorry i can't help with a book my memory has gone to bed without me .....w.h. smiths had some in last time i went. try looking on amazon and in the library....sweet dreams.....its 2:15 here in uk....good luck xxx

  • Thank-you. Yes, 2am is late. Still early here in Canada 8pm. Where abouts are you in the UK? My best friend is from Belfast.

  • goodmorning CJ i live in england the county of lancashire.......but am from an irish family.........its a sunny day here i should be out sunning myself......going to get a herbal bath and then join the rest of the human race.......hope you kept your cards under your pillow ....i forgot to mention that when i got my first pack in 1995 i didn't have a clue , treat yourself to a nice book you will find one to suit you.....bye for now xx M

  • Good Morning,

    I'm Irish on my dad's side. No, I didn't do the pillow thing, but will tonight. Hope you're having a lovely day. I'm off to the book store : D



  • Book Update:

    I just purchased a used book - Mastering The Tarot: Basic Lessons In An Ancient, Mystic Art

    By Eden Gray

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • I love Gail Fairfield's "Choice-Centered Tarot," and think it is particularly excellent for a beginner. I have a lot of books and have studied a variety of interpretations of the cards, but this is still my favorite.

  • Thank-you for the recommendation. I just finished doing my first own reading. I think it went pretty good. I still need assistance on one card, but not too bad for my first time. I will definitely check this book out. Eden Gray's book wasn't too bad, but while I was using it; I figured there was something better out there.

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