Please help with tarot reading!!

  • Hello everyone. I just did a reading for myself but because I'm so emotionally involved I don't think I can trust my interpretation. It's a love reading (what a shock!) and I don't usually use tarot or astrology for this but I'm really suffering and lost and need an indication of what might be the best way to proceed. I have to admit that I'm in love with someone who I think likes me back too - in fact I know that he did till not long ago but I'm afraid he might be going off me - I've moved and now we live in different towns (not too far though). Nothing physical has happened yet, but we still talk and have been trying to arrange a meeting. I really feel like this would be a crucial relationship for me and I don't want to lose him. But he's incredibly reserved and I can't stand the waiting anymore. It seems like astrology and tarot are telling me to be patient but I have been for a while now, and want to start getting over this if it's not going anywhere.

    The reading is as follows:

    4 cards. Card 1 (one side of the situation), Card 2 (other side to the situation), Card 3 (the 'path'), Card 4 (synthesis of the situation).

    1 - The Empress

    2 - The High Priestess

    3 - Wheel of Fortune

    4 - The Star

    I think I'm the Empress and he's the High Priestess. Overall I think it's telling me to either (to put it simply): stop dreaming about it and forget, or have more patience and it'll probably happen. Of course I'd like for the second one to be true but it might be wishful thinking. He IS worth waiting for without a doubt, but if he doesn't like me then I'm suffering for no reason and should start trying to move on.

    Would really appreciate any insights, really suffering here. He's not only some love interest, he's one of the only truly great friends I have.

    Thanks in advance!

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