Religion and i ching

  • is there a path or religion that honors the i-ching as a valid tool?

  • The i-ching has been inspired by the philosophy that is called Taoism. I myself have found taoism very interesting and inspiring.

  • thank you. I will check it out. are there any books or websites that are particularly helpful for learning about this path?

  • I found the link

    Although I did not get the links to work.

    I myself like the way taoism explain the wisdom that we need to lead our lives the best way. Any book about how taoism explains leadership is something that might interest me then? I am just guessing, since I have only read one taoist book. I have one book about leadership in taoism, but I can not fully advice it to others, since it is a bit incomprehencible to me. Although it was what made me become interested in Taoism. The book I read is called: The Tao of power - Lao Tsu`s Classic guide to leadership, influence and excellence.

    On the back of the book it says that the same author has written the "highly successful I CHING WORKBOOK" wich is "remarkable for its clarity and precision."

    The book that I have that is about leadership, has really to do with personal leadership. How to gain respect, how to not spend energy on unneccesary approaches, but rather gain energy by being humble and practicing non-action. Even if it does not talk about God, it explain things that are equivalent to the wisdom in the Bible. That makes it an interesting way to find wisdom with another approach or another way of teaching the excact same wisdom. In my view.

    I wish the western world would teach taoism to their children together with the other religions in school. Taoism is really wonderful peaceful wisdom in my view.

    If you google ( taoism, you get a lot of links. Espesially the link to wikipedia ( would be something to see.

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