Need a Tarot Reading because i dont believe on Tarot

  • Hello everyone, i met such lovely people on here , still i would to try to Tarot as i dont get why people that have an issue with partner or family will prefer to ask Tarot then to ask their partner directly

    Could someone be so kind to do a ready for me "about Love". I never had a reading before

    Thank you

  • Hi star2u,

    here is a general reading, I pick up on people’s feelings to help them make decisions about themselves.

    time brings healing, have patients and continue onward

    you have a feeling of conquest

    but winning didn't fulfill your need

    that feeling is making you feel restless

    and it was just recent that you had a feeling of winning or triumph... goes with the card above

    and your victory took courage

    that feeling is allowing you to be released to move on... just remember there are other predators in the waters..

    be mindful of who is offering help...sometimes help is being offered by other people for their own reasons

    you will feel relaxed around friends

    and you will have happiness after anxieties

    and a nice guy appears in your coming future

    This wasn't meant to be a love reading but that is what you are feeling...

    reading some of your other posts, there are people with talent and they do readings to help. When I do a reading, it is to help that person who is reaching out. So if you can reach out and help someone or give them a smile when they are feeling down, how bad is that to help?

    So if I read your feelings correctly you recently had a break up and are still feeling some anxieties but will be ok... you have to keep away from someone trying to offer help....because it’s his needs he is thinking about not yours... and you will feel better about yourself and that will bring someone nice. Trick is to feel positive about yourself and know what you are looking for.

    hope that helps,

  • If you don't believe in Tarot, why ask for one?

    And there are a lot levels of despair. You may feel them differently from another person. We all have problems, but don't always have the same perspective or common sense.

    Not one person is the same, and therefore, their reaction is not the same. You may be direct with a person, but they may not be direct with you.

  • Hi Tarot nick, Thank you for your time and reading

    I been alone most my life

    lately through when i meet someone i can feel and see throw

    i meet people all the time that want to be friend as i don't have any friends at all and not close to family

    but right now in my life i feel i don't want to give, i feel i don't want people around me, i feel i want to stay alone

    i want to focus to find myself and to sort out my life

    The more i get close to people the more i get attack and drain, unappreciated, judge

    it make me feel down

    I never had a tarot reading, i got to this site because i love astrology

    i guess your reading brought hope to me really, i just needed someone to tell me that all will be ok as honestly inside i feel panic about life and feel down that still after all i done and to have left my parents at 10 and do all for myself i have small idiot that still living with parents that dont know what i went through judging me, criticing me and put me down without no real reason

    Strange at the moment i am writing to you, a girl that i use to know and i find quiet draining as she find everything negative is txt me like mad

    she want to see me and offer help etc...

    i refused as i need to reconnected with who i am, my strength is in me , that fire is in me, i can sort out my issues by reconnecting with who i am and unfortunately i don't want to be connect to anyone during this time

    strangely this girl is insisting to see me but she just too draining when i see her.

    Thank you for your reading , it take it in my heart

  • Hi star2u,

    Good for you, so maybe your triumph was realizing that you need to be happy, that is finding yourself. If you are not happy with yourself, it makes it hard for others to share. The good thing is you will find that piece and that will open you up to good things to come. It's up to you to break that chain that binds you, it's not easy and takes lots of work. The feeling of accomplishment when it’s done will change you. The trick then is to build new links that are positive so you can pass that to other people. To me that is why people post on here on these sites... bring hope and pass hope... and when you’re ready you will too maybe not here but the people who you touch...

  • Thank you [Tarot Nick] i made many connection in here, i havent had two people i help here that came to see me in person. it was very touching

    In this time in my life i feel deeply hurt

    i feel hurt , rejected and not good enough for some

    i dont have family or friends, not a normal life to meet a normal guy

    i feel pain

    anger and heart broken

    with all i did i am still not good enough

    i been fighting to have another life from my drinker mum, always been focus for what?

    so i can meet men that run me over, they always love someone else but not me

    Partner with Taurus upset me so much but in same time move so much in me i cant get it out my system

    i dont know anymore who i am

    i fight every day with people, for thing i find unfair

    i fight like a man and i get call a B....

    but i have no one to stand for me therefore i need to do it on my own

    at this point on time i got nothing to offer to anyone

    i need to find myself again

    loss job, have made me insecure

    i feel if i don't have a job i cant be love

    oh the great news is, for the first time i am actually ready to have a man

    before i wasn't

    i was the man

    more now i feel the need to be protected by a man

    can i ask by Tarot reading what is my link with Taurus men, what i going on there

    what is this passion i feel? can you do me a reading about this please

    this is so strong

  • I think the more important question is what about you?

    It is nice to feel protected but if you can’t look in the mirror and feel peace the rest is just a band aid.

    Above I talk about breaking the chain... you had a role model of what not to do...It's time to break the chain and that starts with you. It is not easy to do, but it can be done. It starts with hope... which you have, then you need to have a plan, think it thru and then you will start feeling better about yourself, once you get there you will be think of how can I make myself better, that will start positive thought and that will grow.

  • Hi [ Tarot-Nick] Hum i just noticed something we have the same name Nick despite i am a girl thats my name.

    You are absolutely right about looking to oneself thats what i am doing right now and thats why i feel this need to be on my own to find myself

    I started making plan

    1. find a job

    2. working to get new skills

    3. Redecorating my bedroom,[ my bedroom project is to put around things that remind me who i am.

    In my last relationship with the Taurean man, he attacked me so much verbally, put me down all ways

    acussing me to lie about my life as i have quiet unsual life experience

    the thing is i have no many people that can prove what i have done and i dont have pictures of most the things i did

    all i know is i did them

    I am very aware too that thing went bad with this guy because i felt very insecure and not safe but i followed my instinct to leave the situation as i did not feel safe

    i do not want to invest in relationship with a man that make me feel he is in love with someone else , that dont respect me and that i feel put down for every thoughts i have

    Thank you i am working on myself, i attract a lot people to me and many are draining my energy but lately i noticed how much of my time goes on them and what do i get as positive satisfaction

    sadly 🙂 i have no one around me that bringing me positivity but are draining my energy therefore

    right now i am working on to build a new circle of people

    but for now i need to be alone

    Right now i have accepted my break up but i feel there is no line between us, no line at all

    I need to be more happy with myself and leave the relationship alone as it;s a very challenging one

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