• Hi all,

    My current partner has expressed doubts about our relationship recently, and I am wondering where things are going to go. We've been together for about 15 months and lived together for about 12 months. We get on very well in most ways and so far have had no real issues. I'm happy to go with the flow on this, as at the tender age of 50, I don't want to get hung up on will we get married, will we be together forever, etc. Yet his expressions of doubt are getting to me a bit and I'm unsure if I can handle these doubts. Can anyone see where this might go, or if I'm worrying unnecessarily, ie, is this a rough patch and we'll get through it? I am very happy with him and truth be told, am disappointed that this is happening now.

    Thanks very much!



  • It's not you - it's the settled life that is unnerving your partner and making him restless. The "is this all there is?" syndrome. He feels like he will never have the chance to do any of the things he did when he was single and uncommitted. He needs to find himself more challenges where he is, not take off for farther shores.

  • Hum... relationship work better by communicating straight to the one you are involved with, if life was this easy then asking someone else none of us will get any issue to deal with or to face

    Anby difficulty you meet, you meet them because God knows you can deal with them and you got what it take for the challenge, life is learning process and not a guessing game you watch from far and ask question without not getting a dirty hand,

    Relationship request people to communicated when they love and they fear

    especially when their fear

    no one else in my view can face the question for you

    if it was this easy will all will do it TO-DAY.

  • Thanks Captain, again 🙂 We talked it through last night and I think we'll be fine. It's one of those things I guess that comes along to test you, and we are sure of one thing: That we each love the other. So we'll go from here and see what comes.

    Again, thanks for your thoughts, they're much appreciated as always.




  • I hope all goes well for you. 🙂

  • star2u

    Of course things will go better when you communicate with the one involved. Sometimes though, it can help to ask those who can "see" so you might handle the discussion/s with the one involved a bit better than otherwise.

    I need to ask you, if you have no real faith in psychics, why are you on a psychic/tarot forum? When someone posts something like this on a forum such as this, they are not asking for "advice"; they are asking for insight and guidance that can't be given by sheer advice alone. In truth, if I wanted advice only, I'd go to a trusted friend, counsellor or agony aunt.

    Thank you anyway for your input.


  • Thanks Captain, as always 🙂

  • Hi [Moon50] it's not i dont believe is i have not experience yet, i got this site because i was looking answer about a Gemini man and since i met many people that i helped in my own way and i guess 🙂 i forgot to look closely to the name of the site [Tarot] i dont know what tarot is lol

    But i stayed here as i want to help with what i have.

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