Feeling lost, please I would need a reading

  • So about a month back I got back in touch with a guy I used to know, he contacted me on facebook and we got to talking and things developed with us. He told me he liked me, I told him the same, he told me about some feeling he is developing and our communication got to the point where it was every day for some time.

    Then I felt something is going on with him, he was talking to me a bit distant.

    And one day I sent him a text asking how he was. He replied saying he is feeling a bit crazy, needs to sort things out in his head and that IF he doesnt contact me in 2 or so weeks that i do not take it wrong.

    Then a week passed, no contact and yesterday I saw his ex girlfriend went to visit him ( to another city)

    So I guess the 2 weeks he said he needed was beacuse he knew she would come see him.

    Now what I am wanting to ask is, can someone please look into if he is going to get together with his ex or what is going on with him?

    Do you see him contacting me again ?

    and should I give up on this man and move on or is there hope fur us to start something real ?

    Thank you


  • In this man's sea are too many fish. He does not get attached. Anything with him will be a rollercoaster ride of opening up then shutting the door. He also uses other relationships to fill in the blanks. He is confused and does not see his own issues. Also, you need to know that everything you wrote him has been read by someone else. There is a lot you do not know and it serves no purpose to put energy into solving him. Yes you will hear from him--during another empty space in his life. He is not a keeper and will only bring you more of what you are feeling now. It's not in your favour to hunt for love on the internet. What you are really looking for is outside--in plain view and with a man who validates "what you see is what you get".I'm not saying that it's impossible to find love on facebook--it's highly unlikely. And is not the place to be needily looking as being needy for love has too many blind spots. If you spent a month with this man for real in the NOW you'd get it. Move on---you will not be alone for long. Someone new will enter your life in September. BLESSINGS!

  • thank you blmoon.

    I was not hunting for love on internet though, i know him in real life.

  • You know him yes but no. Online you enjoyed a side of him that seduced you. If you really new him you would not be so confused right now. It was not meant as an insult and I did not mean to imply you were just trolling through facebook looking for love. What I meant is if that if his facebook face he seduced you with were all he was about you would have hooked up before--that's the difference. If someone suddenly looks better talking online then in real life it's not going to work ofline. I may have gotten too general withe my remarks as you are not alone! It happens to many others and is the nature of socializing online. Look forward to September! BLESSINGS!

  • I do not mean to sound offended or offend you but some times circumstances dont let you view the other person in that light.

    We did somtimes hang out and I was then inlove with another man so I did not view this one as a potential.

    also about him showing to other what we spoke?? who did he show it to? was it to make fun of me??

    I do agree I do not "know" him, neither does he know me, as online talking with him can never be to get to know some person.

    He was also in a relationship short while ago so another reason we didnt talk before.

    I was not looking for this, he was the one that contacted me and kept it going

  • He did not show your conversations to anyone. Someone snooped. I am feeling a lot of anger building in you and will get out of the way. You have a right to be angry--acknowledge it and find an apropriate outlet. Trust your gut--that's the part of us that protects. Let your ego know that you are no fool--but this is good practice to deal with future situations. You get the feeling he encouraged you right? Yet it doesn't add up so here you are caught up in trying to figure out what is real. He DID encourage you and yes there was an underlining seduction. A betrayal. His excuse was to be confused--sounds honest? Yet you find out there is more to that story. His intentions were not conciese to him. He doesn't get himself. When you deal with people like that YOU end up feeling responsable because they take no responsability. He has a trail of women behind him that feel like you do. This is a lesson in balance between head and heart. No one is all bad or good but we can't just listen with our hearts. You enjoyed the heart to heart part but REALITY is what it is so the head must step in and say--look, yes this and this is wonderful BUT this man has issues and he's not even close to fixing. The female who read your messages to him is so desperate to hold onto him she is as confused as you and is devoted to figuring out what pulls him away. No one pulls him away. HE can not sustain long term closeness yet can't stand being alone. He has the problem and so he unconciesly knows to get a woman to not look too close and see his dark side he goes overboard with the seduction. Forget about him for now and take care of yourself. Find an outlet for your anger or it will manifest in unexpected ways. If it makes you feel better just e-mail him and tell it like you feel it end of story. But do not expect him to truely acknowledge the truth. That's really the place most women get stuck with their anger is validation. This kind of man will not have anything to say that will make it better. He may lie but you'll always find out the truth. You are too smart for him. Life is not about mistakes in a bad way--but learning. You will meet many kinds of men. Expieriences like this teach you to trust your head. Let me know how September goes, otherwise I'm done talking about this man. Buy yourself something nice! BLESSINGS.

  • Thank you Blmoon!

    I appreciate your input very much. I will be glad to let you know about September.

    I am going on a vacation now and I feel it will be a good vacation for my mind.

    You are right about the anger, that was my feeling today and it was very strong, I did calm down.

    I felt I need to just but him aside, where he used to be before all this.

    And I feel I just need to take things in general more lightly, dont get so attached so fast.

    I get too attached and cling on hard.

    That might also be the energy I give off at times.

    I need more happening in my life I feel it.

    Again, thank you!

  • A vacation sounds perfect! Hope you will be near some water. Something about water makes everything better!

  • dear Blmoon.

    There were no new men in my life in September. Things with this man were back and forth.

    We are now "friends". But I do not consider him that.

    He will be a part of my past very soon as he is making other choices in his life and obviously does not want me to be a part of them. He seems to be floating back to his ex who I dont know if she will want to or no.

    but his attention is for the time being on her.

  • Honey--there was someone new in September but where were YOU? You must shut a door before another opens. You can't live two lives and kinda make a change. You need to let go of something first. BLESSINGS!

  • Thank you.

    My mind was in my studies and I traveled so I was occupied with that. No new meetings happened

    But thank you.

    Blessings to you too

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