Question about Deja Vu

  • Hello to all that reads and responds to this. I was just wondering does it mean anything if you have deja vu a lot? I usually have deja vu at least 4 to 5 times a month. Sometimes I can feel it coming on and then it happens just like I dreamed about. Asked some of my friends do they go through this and they said not really. Was wondering if anyone has any idea what this means. Thanks in advance for your thoughts. Peace and love!!

  • It just means you remember more of your past lives and their various situations and moments than many other people do. (That's if you believe in reincarnation). Your psychic centres are opening up, allwoing the memories to seep through. We have all lived many other lives so it's no wonder we often find ourselves in similar situations to the past.

  • Hi captain,

    How does that work, i always thought it be a predication to the future.

    I remember as a child walking into a room and all the same chairs set out , i felt i been there already, i often have them, the most recent.. i was at work, and me a colleague where have a break, we got up she drop her fork, and it was like a sequence, i been here before?

  • I feel it's about remembering a similar situation from a past life. We tend to repeat situations until we learn their lesson. There may be some unresolved past issues with your colleague.

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