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  • I gave my first reading with stones today. I had never read for anyone other than myself before. I can't believe how fulfilling it is to know that your reading has helped someone. It was amazing.

    I've only been practicing divination for a few months now, and I've just recently started researching shamanism and things of that nature. I've always been in tune with nature, I believe it's part of my heritage as a native american woman. I think that healing is the route I'm destine for. Divination is only the beginning. Today was a success, and I hope to have many like it.

    Tell me about your first time, whether it be as a reader, or the one asking the questions.

    Oh, and as a side note; Tips are encouraged, but all my readings are free.

  • May I ask for a reading?

  • May I request a reading too?!

    My first readings were for myself,using tarot cards. Unlike most others I was able to read better fr myself than others .Now it depends on whether I have a connection with the person im reading for.I find it easier to read for sympathetic empath friends:)

    With most people,I just convey what i got from a rreading of oracle or tarot cards, irrespective of whetrher it makes sense (to them) or not.There are many talented people here who can share their experiences with you.

    In healing, i found reiki useful in more ways than one. And i can relate to crystals.Hope to share more with you:)


  • both of you can email me at for a reading. I'll need your full name, d.o.b, any question you wish to ask and some information about yourself. it doesn't have to be deeply personal, but if there's something you feel the need to share, I assure you that everything you tell me will only be between you and I.

    ~~From there, I will explain how the reading will work.

    Thank you.~~

  • may i ask for a reading as well,kristy if you dont mind?

  • Please use your heads people! I know people love free readings and do get plenty here but there is no reason to go to another person who you know nothing about and give them personal information! BE SAFE! These folks are using Tarot for free advertising!! You have to ask yourself some questions. Why doesn't this free reader just answer here if she is being generouse. The free readings on this site are in the open and never request your e-mail adress or personal info.Reputable psychics who charge do not have to TROLL the blogs for customers. If they are good they are booked up. People come to THEM.

  • I don't do my readings here because reading can be personal, and I don't want those I read for to be uncomfortable. I'm not advertising, I'm giving away free readings because I want to help people. This is my first time offering this service, and I understand that you may be skeptical because of the dangers that are out here in the internet, but please, I'm not hurting anyone. I hope that you understand.

    As for those who wish for a reading, feel free to contact me, I'm giving you my email address as well as my full name with trust. I only ask that you do not abuse it.

    peace be with you.

  • Sorry, but not buying it. You already encouraged tips and I could give an e-mail and make up any name I care to make up and say it is true--really? How would anyone know?. That big question mark on your shadow head says it all! It is not safe to e-mail strangers. I have given many free readings here and have never had anyone complain about being too personal. Spirit knows exactly what to say and would never do harm. Look up the Tarot rules here. It clearly states to be safe and not exchange e-mails.

  • I totaly agree, I personally could not understand Why someone would give me a reading then six wks latter I needed some futher info affiliated with the first reading and I was refused unless I went to her e-mail site.I DID NOT DO THAT I agree with bloom.

  • Hey, I get it. You find me sketchy, and I cannot change that. I find it admirable that you took the time out of your day to remind people of the dangers that "lurk beyond their screen." But don't attack me over it. It's not somethin

    • that I'm trying to sell to you. It's just a simple service that I would prefer to offer in private because I personally wouldn't want something like that in the open for everyone to see. I'm not going to offer anything less than what I would want.

    And yes, I Encourage tips, I do not have to justify that.

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