Dream interpretation please

  • Hello,

    I have a recurring dream where I can not turn on the lights in my home. I'm going from room to room trying to switch on the lights and nothing. It happens often and I don't know what it means. Can anyone interpret this for me becomes sometimes it's very scary.

    Thank you

  • light vs dark. what is the difference to you in real life. what I.m asking is for you to understand that light is the opposite of night or darkness.

    when you turn on the light, you are able to see what is in the room. even down to the details of what is in the room. when you enter the room, you are then able to move around the furniturn, tables, etc to avoid risks or injury to yourself.

    when you enter a room and it's dark, do you move around easily? comfortablely, and without hesitation? would you be scared or are you comfortgable navigativing in the dark.

    in a nutshell you are operating your life in the dark, and it's difficult for you to see what is going on around you. regarding other people in your life, you are having difficulty with someone in your life, and another maybe taking advantage of yu.

    get some shunshine and spend more time outdoors. take up some hobbies like gardening, arrange some flowers in your house, and bring in more light in your life.

    you can continue to turn a blinds eye to someone else mistreatment of you, and it won't help you at all. you will continue to struggle, and why you do this to yourself is not anything ic an understand, but i feel you are lost, as your name implies.

    you spend time in a night club or a bar where you meet groups of people. it mabye time to make a fresh start, and by that i mean new friends, new hobby.

    you are welcome.. jazz

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