In love with a taurus

  • Im a gemini in love with a taurus, everything I read says it will take alot of work, but we have huge chemistry, but he moves a snails pace to do anything...anyone else deal with taurus and how you make it work?

  • I am also dating a Taurus, but I'm a Cancer. I find it a struggle the pace he sets plodding along in his own world. Do you find yours is often quiet, deep in his own thoughts? So far allI have found that works is to leave him to his own devices he tends to come about when he is good and ready. Trying to drawn him out is impossible almost like it is confusing to him why I would want his attentions when he is busy with what ever it is. But when he does come of his own accord he is attentive, and genuinely caring. I have also found you are on his mind even when you don't think you are.

    I am eager to hear any insights anyone else might have, until then all I can recommend is patience and lots of it.

  • I'm a taurus woman and for me everything I do has to feel just right and authentic? because i put all of myself into a love. Moving easily through a relationship that means a lot to me does not happen. i'm weary (and can be cold) of dishonesty to my trusting loving nature but only in the beginnings when my eyes are bigger than plates at whoever I'm seeing. but past that if I know the guy for a minute and we are comfortable around each other, i feel like my s.e.x. is secure (it better be) & it's like I expect him to see everything else my way because my values have real life or death meaning dammit and this is why! I'm not just a great lover LOL -and because secretly i know he really craves my sensuality (what we crave in love is very physical with any toro i think!) i will accept that overall, love the adoration anyways as long as its true to me and fall silent in the future when my "deep" thinking hits cause the depth and emotion I feel behind my values will never be understood! 🙂 it will just make me a billy badazz!

  • Thanks for your replies...Ok more questions about Taurus...I believe him to be very sincere, is this true of Tauruses? When he says he really loves me I believe him. And good to know that even though he is busy he probably is thinking about me. My Taurus is very sensual and great in the bedroom, actually the best ever, we have amazing chemistry together, but I think this is the case with Tauraus, right? What about stability? Any insights in how to make him feel like he can really take a chance on me?

  • thanks for the advice on taurus..I was born June 20th and my mom was induced so I really could be Cancer and I feel like I border on both...mostly gemini though. So you think Taurus is sincere? I have learned alot about patience, thats for sure...I think he has tested me like no one ever lol...

  • I am a taurus and I have dated a gemini before and I have to say, despite what astrology says about us being incompatible, I think a gemini is my SOULMATE!!!! We got along so well, I have a gemini moon so the communication was perfect between us. He was the best guy for me. The only problem between us was the long distance. We were together for 3 years.

  • I am currently dating a Cancer man now, and talk about problems there. LadyChicory sounds just like my cancer guy! As a taurus I am known to be introverted and doesn't open up to people very well, and the frustration goes with my cancer guy he is the same way. That usually leads to a lot of awkwardness of who's going to initiate first.

  • Hey Squabull no problems with initiating he definately loves being intimate with me. My problem is his singularity of focus, I feel frustrated, when I am not the focus of that attention because there is no way possible to drag his attention away from what ever it is.

    We already we seem to have fallen into a routine which can be comfortable but I am more spontanious, and very touchy feely. How do I get my Taurus man to be more attentive when we are not in bed? I know he cares, it's not just cexual but I want more small attentions of affection between us. Any sugestions?

  • I just recently re-united with an old boyfriend he is a Taurus and i,m Aquarius he was always very romantic, it was the best part of him and he still is but he drinks and his moods can change very quickly, right now we are not doing very well in the relationship because I want him to stop this crazy behavior. As a result of my request he has called me at least 10 times in a day telling me he loves me very much but he has to let me go. Now the problem is he is not listening to me at all as I am the one who told him stop some of this drinking or I am done, What is wrong with this picture. any comments would be appreciated thank you. Oh by the way I am 65 & he is 63. We dated for 6yrs 35yrs ago.

  • never believe they are very sweet talkers..i had a relationship for 4 long years and he robbed me of everything they are just looking for fun no doubt they are good in bed and charming and loving but they wear a mask under all this .. he said he ll marry be called me here now i am jobless, heartless lost my confidence while he secretly got married to someone else..they are pure blooded B*****

  • Hi I am a leo feline married to a Taurus. When we first met 20 yrs ago, I was drawn to this Taurus because he had a great personality, funny as ****. I had no interest in dating him, as I was not sexually attracted to him. I was upfront with how I felt about him, I told him I just wanted to be friends, and he stated that was all he wanted as well. However, that wasn't all he wanted, he wanted to spend every waking moment with me, bought me gifts, which I always refused, because I didn't want to mislead him in any way. I enjoyed all of our time together as it was always fun, and we had the most intense conversations about everything. What also turned me off was the fact that he would brag alot, and I dislike braggers. That to me was a total turn-off. No matter what I did to push him away from being attracted to me, the more he wanted me. As time went by I eventually thought to myself as to who in my life treated me with respect, love and affection, and his name popped into my head. So I thought to myself, how will I ever know if he was the one, if I never give him the chance. So I gave him the chance and here we are today 20yrs later and married.

    Although I find he wants to keep me caged inside spending time with him, I realize it's just because he loves me so much. But I pretty much do call the shots in the relationship. I feel he is always so insecure with himself and that I am like a trophy to him, so he does treat me like gold. But I tell him as it is...if he is unhappy with me at any point to just tell me and we can move on in our own directions in life. I don't put up with his bully behavior, we reason on many things because that is what a partnership is about. But believe me he tries to control me in many ways. For instance I've noticed he always seems to dislike my friends, I make new ones and he dislikes them. I've come to realize he is jealous of my time with my friends, family, work, whatever. I told him life is about balancing time with every area of ones life...He needs to do the same...I can't always spend every waking moment with him. I get bored and that is not healthy for our relationship. I always encourage him to go out with friends, family, whatever. He needs the space too. As the saying goes; "absence makes the heart grow fonder." I think this is quite true for any horoscope.

    Everyone needs to learn about themselves first, what u want out of a relationship, and don't compromise, unless u are looking to the outside appearances. Sometimes what we are looking for doesn't always come in the pretty package we think it will. Sometimes someone will grow on you, and because of what gifts they have within their heart this will completely outshine the outter appearance. Plus you can alway help someone with their appearance. As I find leos tend to be trendy/stylish individuals. That's part of the feline allure.

    Connect first with the taurus's heart, and don't even expect to meet up yet...give him and yourself some time, but stay connected by the telephone, emails, etc. This will connect with him intellectually, spiritually. They are romantic partners. Even if he keeps wanting to meet with you, don't...this will keep his attention to you, let him ponder over you. Let a few months go by...then call him up one day out of the blue, put him to the test to see if he is willing to drop everything for you that day. I bet he will. You definitely have to get the ring in the bulls snout, and you will only accomplish this by holding back on the physical intimacy. Only then will he completely be ready to work at a more solid relationship and from my experience, my Taurus doesn't even have a wondering eye for any other woman, he says I completely fufill his every desire, and you can too. I never even got intimate with my taurus for about 4 months, then I gave him a kiss when he dropped me off at home one night. Needless to say he was so happy that on his way home he was stopped by the police and he told the officer that he didn't care, give him a ticket, he was the happiest man alive! lol

    Just make yourself believe that you are desirable, and act on that, and I don't mean by dressing sleazy and such. I mean to feel confident in yourself, have some self respect, be choosy, u really do know what you want out of a relationship. You don't NEED a man to make you happy, all you need is YOU to make you happy. I see so many woman make this mistake that they come across that they are so needy. Men don't want to be with someone who is so needy. They want someone who is completely happy and satisfied with their lives. Then the man will add to an already positive person his presence, and all that he has to offer. If you meet a man who is a user and an abuser, he probably was allowed into your life by YOU, and you were signalling that you could be used and abused. Dirt bag men can pick up on an unstable personality, or neediness, they have a pretator personality, and are seeking such weak woman out. Learn how to filter those negative men out of your life, and the first step is getting to know YOU first. The second is don't settle or make excuses for a man's bad behavior traits to all your family and friends and more importantly YOURSELF. They are not sexually connected to this man so therefore they don't think with their heart, they are capable of seeing things about your man without any connection to this man, that you know about him, but choose to let go of until it really becomes a problem with the relationship. If u do choose to overlook the red flags for lame excuses like he loves me and tells me, then u are/have nobody to blame except yourself when the partnership finally comes to an abrupt end and possibly wasted several years in a bad relationship.

    We all tend to blame our partners for things that WE knew were present when WE CHOSE to continue the relationship. So the question is when are WE going to learn to change the way WE think and do? Don't underestimate your power as a woman, and this might be my ego talking lol as I am a Leo lol, but that is what makes every man attracted to you, our power of positive energy within our happy, content lives, and who knows what other prospects and opportunities will arise for you...good luck, pls follow this advise, u will see results, but do give it a month before you start to see results with a man. Let me know how it goes..Take care of YOURSELF, and everything else will fall into place.

  • Hello Messanger, There,s really nothing to add to this beautiful and Intelligent letter you have posted for all of us to see, I for one totally agree with all your comments & advise. THIS IS THE KIND OF WISDOM MANY OF US FAIL TO RECOGNIZE ,,, WELL NOT ME I LOVED IT AND I HOPE EVERYONE HERE TAKES THE TIME TO READ IT . Leonida

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