• Blmoon, you stated about three weeks ago in regard to my question about predictions from now until the begining of next year.

    " August will be a rollercoaster but it will pass so do not take anything too seriousely in Aug,"

    I am you mean that August will be an emotional Rollecoaster for me?

    April 21,1973

    Thanks In Advance 🙂

  • I detach from readings so am not in that connection--will have to reread. But what I get at the moment is that a lot will be coming at you but do not buy into it---so others drama will pulling you and you may get caught in that energy which magnifys other events. You know how if several things go wrong at once we suddenly think the worse and that energy builds and more things come and we end up making mountains out of molehills. Usually, when spirit gives a full forcast they choose to guide you through rough spots and validate oportunitys. It's best not to think too much once you get these forcasts but rather tuck them away and when the needed time comes you'll know. When you are in the thick of August you will know. My impression of august for you is to not lose hope or overreact to anything--do not be get stuck in any kind of despair or fear. As it will ALL blow over and work itself out. Tis is a gift. Think positive rather than trying to figure out details as where we focus must tends to manifest. BLESSINGS!

  • Thank You Blmoon; I will listen to what you have said.

    I will keep you updated as to what happens in August

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