• Hi Shuabby

    Can you try and see what I will be doing in a couple of months relating to work?

    Im currently at a job that I love, but I have to go to another one in a couple of weeks (but I dont want to go back, 😞 ) , and also i applied for a different one that will keep me connected to this one.

    My supervisors are trying to keep me here, but sum how they have not been able to, they say that they don’t want to lose me, but nothing happens, maybe this is not meant to be…

    Thank you

  • mariapisces,

    At times we have to let go and move on even if we feel that we don't want to.

    You will like the next job better than you think you will, as there is something to learn in the doing of it for you. Also, there is a woman that you will really like as she has a new feeling about her , like she is new there.


  • Thank you

    I will wait and see what happens...

    Many blessings Shuabby

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