Virgo Woman/Scorpio Man-Any potential here?

  • Recently met a Scorp dude. I'm a Virgo female. We hit it off right away. Nice rapport. Nice conversation. Both very relaxed in one another's presence and highly enjoy each other's company. Haven't known each other too long but right away I sensed that he could be a good friend and about two to three days in, he called me "friend" before we parted from each other for the night (just hanging out).

    I'm a pretty typical Virgal; Shy, modest, reserved, quiet, not emotionally loud etc. He, a typical Stinger; outgoing, emotional, intense, sexy...blah, blah, blah. Thus far he's been pretty kind, goes out of his way to help me, and is quite protective of me. I sense he's a very loyal person as well (like all scorps)

    He asked me one day to have lunch with some people and I told him no (was too shy) and he quickly gave me a look of dissatisfaction. He asked me to have lunch with him two days in a row but I didn't (secretly I was starting to crush on him and my feelings were getting stronger and stronger) because he is a typical flirt and goes to lunch with many girls. He hung his head when I told him that I couldn't but I did this--kept my distance, to avoid getting in too deep.

    He is an artist and has an upcoming show and asked me immediately upon meeting me if I would attend and I told him yes. I also helped him with his website a bit (for a day or so) and then told him that I couldn't help him anymore because I just didn't want to. He frowned. Told him to get an intern/assistant (I don't know why but he strikes me as a bit of a user)

    He mentioned one day that he wanted to go to the zoo around where I lived (soooo not the type of guy that would hang out at the zoo so immediately my eyebrow was raised) and started asking me about when was the best time to go yadda, yadda, yadda...told him I didn't know, and he just looked at me clueless, and we just left it at that.

    Ok, so finally getting to my point here, one day he asked me to call him and when I did, he had absolutely nothing to say. The convo lasted all but 2 minutes, lol. Why? Granted, a week before that he did call me and we pretty much confirmed that we missed each other and the only reason I called him the following week was because he kept asking me to (my friend tells me it was an ego thing) and once I did...nada!

    At this point, the relationship seems more like big brother/lil sister but we did some light flirting and I noticed that his eyes get real soft towards me when I speak to him in a more womanly tone and carry myself with more confidence. He doesn't know my age, but I look at least a decade younger than I am (Virgos in da house! woot! woot!), and he's at least 8-10 years older than me.

    He called me again a few weeks ago and this time we talked for a minute. Just general stuff. His co-worker also told me that he missed me, and he invited me to his job to watch the fireworks for the 4th (not necessarily with him I think) but I told him no. I mentioned I wanted to see fireworks but I wasn't about to go to his job to do it.

    So, having said that, from what you've read, am I taking this too far? And it's just a friendship? I know Scorp men tend to relate to the female populace very easily so, maybe I need to relax? lol I know he definitely sees me as a friend.

    I think I'm gonna just leave him alone because my feelings are starting to develop for him and I see how many women he flirts with and how many of them practically throw themselves at him and I don't want to get played. I know Scorp men are known for playing games and the whole phone call thing just spoke volumes.

  • You two don't seem to have enough in common to make a good close relationship. When you are not physically present with each other, you find nothing to talk about on the phone. I feel it is more a physical attraction with you representing a challenge for this guy's ego - something to conquer and get into bed. Once he 'got' you, I feel he would lose interest. Two people need to connect on many different levels and share things in common for a healthy strong relationship to be formed. I do think this is just a sexual game for this Scorpion. The reason he wants you to contact him and then has nothing to say is his way of testing how much control he has over you.

    I think it's a good idea to leave him alone.

  • Thank you TheCaptain!

    I will certainly heed your advice for I don't think we have much in common either and I had a feeling it was more of a test.

    I really appreciate your help!


  • You rejected his advances too many times probably...

  • Thanks Tokyotapes!

    Didn't mean to. I guess I was just a bit confused. Bah!

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