Boyfriend ignoring me?

  • My boyfriend has been distant for the past 3 weeks after our vacation and I don't know what's going on. He called me once a few weeks ago and his voice sounded sad. He used to text me all day long, but now its once a day or every other day to check up on me. A few days ago he said he missed me via text but i just dont feel it. If he missed me, why would he continue to be so distant? Is he going through some sort of depression or is there someone else? Perhaps he is no longer interested?

  • I feel like something on the holiday was said or done (that might have been insignificant to you) but that upset him a great deal. Did you talk to any other man, for example?

  • Hi Captain,

    I spoke briefly to his male friends when we were at a wedding.. but he was there most of the time. It has now been 3 days since he contacted me.. several weeks ago I asked him if everything was ok... no response. I can't resolve a problem if I don't know what is wrong.

    Captain, or any other psychics... can someone please tell me what I can do and what's to come of this?

  • It doesn't matter if you know what it is - if he won't talk to you about it, things cannot get better. It's for him to either get over it and discuss it - or not.

  • Dear Aries, Have not thought the best way to know whats going on is just to ask him? how can someone else possibly know for him what is going on , especially people that never met him

    i find this whole thing so strange, is people so scare to communicate to each other this days they got to ask someone else why someone is behaving the way they do when it can just be so simple to ask the guy you are dating, no??

  • star2u - As stated in my post above, I have asked him and received no response hence why this question is posted for psychics in a psychic forum.

  • Just tell him you are ready when he is to discuss whatever is bothering him, especially if you inadvertantly upset him. Then leave him alone to work through it.

  • sure but but one can drive himself crazy this way. i just dont get it how can you believe someone else can give you the answer then him, you suppose be together and communication is big part of relationship, jumping to conclusion or making your own conclusion through someone that never met the guy i dont get it

  • Hum... relationship work better by communicating straight to the one you are involved with, if life was this easy then asking someone else none of us will get any issue to deal with or to face

    Anby difficulty you meet, you meet them because God knows you can deal with them and you got what it take for the challenge, life is learning process and not a guessing game you watch from far and ask question without not getting a dirty hand,

    Relationship request people to communicated when they love and they fear

    especially when their fear

    no one else in my view can face the question for you

    if it was this easy will all will do it TO-DAY.

  • Captain - I tried your suggestion after he finally sent me a text a few days ago telling me how he played golf everyday for the past week. Infuriated that this was his first text to me after several days, I ignored it and texted him back the next morning. We are supposed to go a trip this weekend (which was last discussed a month ago) and he needs to speak with me before Saturday to finish planning it. If he doesn't by then, I will take the hint he wants me to leave him instead so he doesn't look like the bad guy. I just need some closure as to why he is doing this because in all my relationships, it was clear as to why I left or vice versa.

    Captain - would you please be able to do a compatibility reading based on our birth dates?

    His: 10/28/78

    Mines: 04/16/85

  • This relationship is likely to be vibrant and imaginative, though punctuated by occasional blowups. Both of you are extremely passionate people and your relationship, often carried on in secret by at least one of you, can reach high peaks of desire and consummation. This however comes with no small level of emotional turmoil since your BF may not commit to you or consider the relationship to be exclusive of other people. You are likely to find yourself dominated and controlled by your BF. He likes you to be the one to chase him up as it proves to him how under his spell you are. The relationship can stir your deepest emotional layers, APA, making it hard for you to work, and creating trouble in other areas of your life - completely throwing you off balance. Your BF is much more comfortable with this relationship's firestorms. He is no stranger to emotional turmoil and drama, which is often a constant background for him in his creative or professional work. His speciality is controlling his own feelings while calling the shots in the powerful emotional world he shares with you in the relationship. He will control the inner workings of this relationship, making you dance to his tune - and do the same in all his other relationships as well.

    If you two should marry, he would keep you on a tight rein which would frustrate your need for independence and your need to do things your way. He probably doesn't like your magnanimity or your tendency to bring home the latest interesting person you have met. He is good at making money go a long way so he would see your spending as wasteful and counterproductive - where you see the big picture, he hones in on the details. Though some of his attempts to make you more attentive and realistic will be helpful, too much blaming and criticism will have a negative effect on you. Outbursts of anger and even violence have been noted in this combination, especially if you try to free yourself from your partner's control. This can be a challenging, exciting and stimulating relaitonship when it is going well, but the flip side is that it can also be frustrating, upsetting and in the extreme, dangerous. It will burn brightly for a while at first, but then it will likely be snuffed out by its turmoils and differences.

  • Thanks Captain for the report, it was everything I suspected already for our future. I appreciate it.. I broke up with him yesterday and have moved on.

  • I wish you well.

  • Thank you, Captain. There is a man I'm talking to 2/26/80. Would you please tell me our compatibility? Again, my birth date is 4/16/85. Thank you so much.

  • Compatibility-wise, because you and the Pisces man are so very different, a love affair or marriage is not usually on the cards. As members of the same social, community or spiritual group, you two would make a great team, combining your energies in idealistic pursuits and helping others. Platonic relationships are usually the most satisfying and lasting in this combination. There can be a strong streak of unreality here.

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