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  • Hello Captain Ive seen a lot of your post and im curious if you can help me out on the relationship side. Im looking for insight on my current relationship with a Capricorn woman. I myself am a Sag. Our birthdates are 12/04/1981 (mines) and 01/19/1985. If you need our names please let me know. Your insight is greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.

  • Is this a romantic relationship?

  • Yes it is we are married

  • It may be a combination of free will and serendipity that determines whether your relationship will work out or not. Learning to read the signs of the times is of crucial importance to the stability of your marriage. The circumstances under which you two met are often as important as how you react to each other. Did you impulsively rush right into an emotional involvement without giving it much thought or was one of you already in another relationship? Did you both show enough patience and care and ponder what you were doing? Acting responsibly would have helped create an outcome more favorable for all concerned. Any rashness will be much regretted later. You are both capable of flying off the track and dissipating your energies in debilitating, though pleasurable pursuits but at least the choice is there.

    On the surface, this relationship has all the ingredients for instability. Anger and exasperation with each other is common in this combination. Yet if your relationship has gone off the rails, there is still a good chance of getting it back on track. The natural flamboyancy and extroverted qualities shared by the both of you can be constuctively channeled into highly grounded pursuits - if you both want to. Any projects you work together on can benefit from your combined imagination and personal initiative.

    But unless there is a strong sense of purpose to your marriage, it will tend to drift apart. Engaging in community activities, running the household and sharing domestic duties, common interests, even small-business pursuits may be needed to keep the relationship on an even keel. Don't let your wife become so consumed with her career or work that she neglects the marriage. And don't you let your need for freedom take you away when things get tough. It will take both of you to make this relationship succeed.

  • Well we were quite young when we first got together. We decided to get married because we wanted to but I do feel that maybe we were too young but thats over and done with. We have no children but we are wanting them. Do you see anything there? Also Captain you hit the last part right on the head. My wife is beginning to be consumed by her new job and its starting to anger me. Im trying to be cool about it but I am going to take your advice and not let her get too wrapped up. Your advice is awesome I really really appreciate it. Im sure you hear it all the time but you are a wonderful person. Thank you.

  • With your wife so consumed with her work, it would not be the right time to have children. She needs to be in a place where she could put her family first.

  • Understood thanks for your insight once again!!!

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