• I have an issue with my job as it currently stands. There is a full time position coming up, but the work is extremely demanding physically (I suffer from sciatic quite often) and I don't know if I should apply for it or not, as I'd have to do the job full time for twelve months before going for a job share. I am currently part time and sometimes on-call - the on-call aspects getting on my goat a bit after nearly three years - so I am a bit confused as to the best course of action. If anyone has an insight about this for me, I'd greatly appreciate it!



  • I feel your doctor has good advice about how you can look after both your health and the new position.

  • Healer Louise Hay says that the emotional cause of sciatica is a fear of money and/or the future. By taking on this job, you will be confronting both fears and maybe conquering them.

  • Thanks again Captain. I worry about full-time work as I'm also very houseproud and have a lot to do around the farm outside of work, especially during winter (two wood fires). It will be a while before the job comes up for application, and I can't presume I'd get it as a few will be going for it apart from me anyway! I have read Louise Hay's book (You Can Heal Your Life) and admit to worrying about money quite a bit. One part of me wants to be financially secure by standing on my own two feet financially, while the other wants the time to fuss around the house and have it sparkling.

    Ah well ...



  • You know that your house represents you, don't you? Why do you feel the need to always present yourself as spotless and sparkling? Do you ever just let yourself relax when around others?

  • Oh, by "sparkling" I mean tidy, clean and organised (ie, I hate washing not being done, etc). I am not particularly "sparkling" outside the home, trust me! I do relax around others as well; I don't worry about being perfect or any of that with the group of people I currently work and socialise with - I did enough of that when I was with my ex husband and my family. But I do like my house to be nice, not a sh*t fight, so hence the worry. Add to that my upbringing - a very fussy, houseproud mother, and a lot of that rubbed off it seems! But lately, I find that relaxing in a general sense is almost something of the past ... ah dear ... Methinks I am me own worst enemy 🙂

  • What do you think would happen if you relaxed? That things would go downhill or that people might think you were slack? Do you feel other people are depending on you?

  • Both, but as to the latter, not so much depending on me, but expecting that standard as I've come to from myself. My partner couldn't care a toss if the house is clean/organised, yet he's very good domestically anyway, as well as a few other things ... wink, wink 🙂 To be honest, when with my ex husband I worked four days a week, brought up our daughter largely alone (he was in the Navy) and did just about everything domestically even when he was home. Old habits die hard, don't they?

  • You must learn to delegate or you will run yourself ragged trying to do everything.

  • Too true. Today I took to my bed for what I thought'd be an hour's nanny-nap and woke up nearly four hours later! Guess that's a sign I'm overdoing it some. I also woke up to find my partner washing my car. Guess he thinks I'm overdoing it also. Why do we women sometimes do this to ourselves? Beats me ... I think some of us gals are martyrs.

    Thanks for all that! Getting me to stop overdoing things can often be like pulling teeth 🙂


  • We all of us have a need to be needed, to be indispensable to others. But maybe you could attend to your own needs more?

  • Definitely. I've not been good at asking for help, then overload myself. Am slowly getting past that, but as I said before, old habits die hard 🙂

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