Confused by Gemini - help!

  • I met a Gemini man over a month ago online and we hit it off right away. I knew he was into me because he called/texted me constantly, wanted to know everything about me, and was talking like we'd be together forever - and that was only in the first couple weeks! We wanted to take things slowly but it was anything but, so he said we need some time apart. Being a Cancer I had a hard time with this and probably pushed him away by texting too often during the break. We were apart for a month when I texted him and asked if he'd call me that night. No reply. I called him, no answer, left a message. Still nothing. I asked him flat out whether he needs more time or if he is done and STILL nothing. So I sent one last message telling him I'll back off and for him to take all the time he needs and when he's ready I'll be here. Of course still no reply. I don't know if this means he lost interest so he's ignoring me or if he's confused because he doesn't know what he wants and he just needs more time. I know when he broke up with his last girlfriend he told her he'd rather jump in front of a freight train than date her again! I didn't get that line, but what I got was nothing so I don't know what to think. Did I lose him for good?

  • it could be any number of reasons he is not responding, it happens if you know what i mean there but also he could have been a scammer getting info from you to proffit from. better take precautions if you handed out too much. hope it nots that.

  • Definitely not a scammer. I've probably considered every possible reason a million times, which is why I wanted to get other people's opinion. I've heard Gems pull these disappearing acts, but not for a month. And he has never ignored me until now. That's just not the person I know. I'm so confused...

  • Hi Cancer717, Ok i am going to speak to you from experience and by living similar experience with Gemini man i met online and start the same way then you, he ask questions, we hitted off big time etc.... all wonderful then him disppearing and dont know why

    Gemini men love online dating and they are very exited when first meet you and will say anything and everything wonderful, they will come very strong to you and they will know how to get your knock in.

    The promise of a perfect connection and a brighter future is Gemini perfect move

    The thing with Gemini is they cant keep this for long, soon they break and show their real colour by mind games

    They pull away and dont explain why

    They kind make you feel like you actually did something to make this happen and you stay knocking , feeling guilty, confuse and just cant get close to the true reason why this wonderful person you had such great start with , " Just vanish" and are now blowing cold

    The truth why he does that is it's possible this guy has a girlfriend, or wife at home and his busy right now contacting other girls online and get them all knocking like he did to you

    I had it happen to me and it was not pleasant and this lasted for 2 years.

    Online is good but can be dangerous for some as people can pretend to be someone they are not

    Fall in love is good too but before you fall in love you need to watch and investigate who you fall in love with as some will use you, simple

    I read from a book the other day that woman make their own hell and problems for themselfves as a man will say something, or promise just a small word and the woman will finish the story in her own in her mind

    thinking she has something with a man she bearly know

    I hope it's not the case but just try to think more and look at the reality of the situation

    sometimes you dream about love so much that as soon someone show you attention you fall for it and your own dream become your own curse as your eyes wont see the situation clearly as you hoping deep down you find the perfect love

    The perfect love doesnt hurt you and desert you without a word darling

    guilt can get you knocking, love can also get you knocking but when you feel for someone and you feel you are losing them, Guilt can create a panic reaction in you that can blind your eyes to see the truth

    The issue is not you

    You have not txt him too much, you txt because you trying to get close to him, to know him, to have something with him, this is normal

    You panic and wanted to show how much you cared and you txt, called, you were scared to lose him

    but all you did you did it because you feel something for this guy

    This is your way to show your heart now if he doesnt like it then he is the problem not you

    I really feel this guy is hidding something from you, look at it clearly, someone that care for you, will not behave this way, you will not behave this way

    someone that care for you and feel connected to you will not make you feel miserable by keeping quiet

    Women assume that men are scared of feeling, that they are creature that doesnt understand their feeling etc...

    Men know where to call you and to find you when they want to

    Men love to chase but they hate to be chased by a woman

    so maybe you should just back away as if you chase him and telling him too much about how you feel he may get scared that you trying to put tie on him, Gemini hate that

    Also if you show him all now he may get bored or feel you got nothing more to show him, learn to be mysterious, to attract curiosity and to make him want to see more

    so back away and look what is happening and find more about this guy

    but listen it;s not you ok, you can do all this and he keep cold

    gemini like to go hot and cold, you get use to it

    one advice i want to give you as i did this and find the truth is

    i met my gemini online

    what i did is to create another account with another picture of woman and name and contacted him, see what his doing online and also try to get him to ad him in his facebook

    when i face the truth it was nasty, so be careful

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