Pisces woman and Virgo man

  • If someone has a moment I was wondering what light you can shed for me about my relationship with a man whose birthdate is Sept. 8, 1968 and I am a Pisces.

    Thank you so much!

    Love and light!

  • What is your exact birthdate?

  • March 7, 1974

    Thank you.

  • This relationship generates tremendous creative energy, being capable of expansive thinking, innovation, and reaching for lofty goals. It is an energy that arises out of opposition - you two are so different in personality and attitude. Your partner tends to be good at dealing with planning, finances, and management, while you supply the imagination and often the theoretical or technical know-how to any project you embark upon together.

    In a personal relationship, the two of you can get lost in each other. There are so many mysteries in your hidden personalities that you can become obsessed with personal exploration, losing contact with everyday reality. Your love affair can be deep and emotional. There is a real danger of you both losing your personal identities and merging in an all-absorbing relationship that takes every bit of your energy and leaves none for other parts of your lives. You may need to spend time apart in order to reassert your own individuality or become involved with outside activities and people more.

    Marriage or friendship here can be more objective, and conducive to individual personal growth. As a married couple or close friends, you can be an extremely active social unit within your circle of friends and beyond - it is not uncommon for this combination to assume an important role in the development of community, church, charity, volunteer, or athletic organizations, where your service-oriented sides can be fully expressed. You both tend to give of your time and energy freely and not seek any sort of enumeration for your services.

  • The Captain,

    Thank you for that insightful response. We have been dating for a year but I recently broke things off because I was losing myself in the relationship. I needed to take a step back and "find" myself again. He and I are very opposite and I was feeling like what makes me me was getting lost in the relationship. That which he loves about me was getting smothered because he was being more assertive and stubborn. He is trying to make things right and desperately wants us to try it again, but I fear I will go back and the same thing will happen. But then I also don't want to give up too easily.

    Thank you!

  • Visit posts in "The Heart of a Virgo Man"

  • Thanks AriesBurnsBright. I'll definitely go read those posts.

  • TheCaptain and AriesBurnsBright,

    I've been on vacation and got back and started reading the posts for Virgo men and they are not very favorable, are they? I broke up with my Virgo man about two months ago and he has been working very hard at getting us back together. I broke up with him for many of the reasons listed by others about Virgos. But he is also very convincing and I at one point believed him to be the man of my dreams. He is trying hard but I'm still resistant to going back. But, like I said, he is very persistant and is working his way back into my life and heart. I'm just scared to go back and find myself heartbroken before too long. I don't want to be the person that gives up too easily however and I do love him but when is enough enough? Very confused right now...

  • Let me ask you - do you feel threatened in any way by this man, physically, emotionally or mentally? Because if you do, this relationship will prove dangerous for you since you have a much less aggressive nature than he does and he may overwhelm you and walk all over you if you let him get any closer. But if you think you can stand up to him, fine and dandy.

  • Thank you!. No, he would never intentionally hurt me in any way. He can be very insecure and sometimes does and says things out of insecurity. He doesn't intentionally hurt me with his words but they can be hurtful at times and I don't think he even realizes it but that's what worries me. Granted, I tend to sometimes be too thin skinned for my own good...

  • Or is it that he is aggressive and insensitive? I have often found Pisces people tend to blame themselves when it is really someone else who is at fault.

  • Those are certainly not the first qualities I think of to describe him but he can be at times. He's really very perceptive and intuitive, can be selfish and stubborn but tries hard to correct his ways when he steers off course in attitude.

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