Transitioning -requesting a career or general reading

  • hello,everyone....

    i was hoping that someone would be so kind to give me a reading...i am currently at crossroads and am going through a period of growth and transition and yes,i can feel and sense that in every fibre of my body..i have realised that my passion lies in the area of the media and the creative arts eventhough i dont have adequate training yet..i am still in my very early twenties and know i can study and catch up well in it...i am afraid and doubtful if i will find the right opportunities and people but i would still like to pursue it..can anyone tell me if i will be ok by choosing this path..a clairvoyant reading would be great.. a tarot reading would be great..your help and guidance would be greatly appreciated..

  • The Universal rule is that if you keep pursuing your dream without wavering, you will eventually get it - or else you will discover that it was not your true calling after all and you will discover what is. A person makes their own opportunities in life, she doesn't wait around for things to just happen to her before she acts. Go after your dream or you will always have unfulfilled hopes and dreams, the dreadful "What if?" scenario.

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